What do you do to take care of yourself???


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I love to read too, and started reading very young. I took a book with me everywhere I went when I was a kid, and still do it often as an adult. You should see me when a new Stephen King novel comes out...I get all giddy...

All the exercise/eating healthy stuff has already been covered, so I'll tell you how I treat myself in other ways. When I'm stressed, I watch my favorite comedy sit-coms and cartoons, and they always cheer me up. I spend quality time with my cats! I also learned to let go and spend some money on myself. I occasionally give in and let myself get that $5 Venti four shot soy mocha Starbucks coffee I'm craving. No more cheap shoes that give me pain, I buy quality. Same with bras. I'm top heavy, so I spend $60 for Enell bras rather than settling for those bargain bras in a box.

Of course, these specific things may not apply to you, but I bet there is something out there that would make your life easier and more comfortable!


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meeting up with friends for breakfast or lunch is good time to reconnect and vent if necessary. If I am alone , retail therapy even at the thrift stores AWAYS makes me feel better. A little bit of chocolate never hurts either. Try to get outside, even just for a walk , is amazing how much better you feel after even 30 minutes. Look at your neighbours flower gardens or whatever. There is alot out there to appreciate and be thankful for!!

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I seriously don't have time. I work nights, 12hr in the ER and I am the single parent of 2 children one who is very ill and the other is 13mo. Also I live with my disabled mother and take care of all shopping, bill paying and errands. I have been trying to paint my nails for aprox 4 weeks now. I am lucky to get a quick shower. Also I have severe back pain that does not even let me sleep more than 4 hours despite Rx meds. I barely survive work and the rest. I can't afford to pay a babysitter so that I can go work out even if I could do it with the back pain. I have spinal cord nerve root damage from the spinal block done to deliver my son. I have a lot of gray hair at 33 and I can't even find time for a quick hair dye rinse. As far as eating health pleeeease. Sometimes I will go for 36 hr or more before I realize I hav not had time to eat. Although I never loose weight, in fact it is a constant battle. I tried to quit smoking and drinking caffine, but I was falling asleep non stop. I drive 2 hr to work each way on top of everything else. I don't mean to be complaining. I am hoping that maybe some of you have some ideas, that might help! Oh and also I am at the point of going under financially. Any ideas??? I can't think of anymore. Believe me I have tried.:banghead:


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Oh, tiredbraveheart.sorry that life is so hard for you right now. Things may ease up when your wee one gets a bit older...hopefully for you! is there hope of your mums condition improving?? Sending all my best vibes to you chicken....hope you get a wee bit of "me" time sometime soon.

Diarygirl....pursue the belly dance thing...it's such fun, and really works out your mid section! I do it, and love it!

Apart from that, shopping, reading, (yes I too am a total bookworm..will read Anything!), walking the pooch, a hot bath with loads of candles-, glass of wine,- and a good book, and MUSIC!! any music makes me feel good, lifts my soul!

oh, and the most important thing..the sharing of time with my hubby and kiddos, hearing the laughter and the constant chat...love it, that makes me feel cared FOR!


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This sounds juvenile but i color with the grandkids. simple little thing i learned as a kid. we have a lot of fun. plus i to my best to have a least 10 minutes if not more with my devotions every day

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Aww, Nanna, coloring with the grandkids sounds so cute!!!

I have also been trying to read my bible and pray more!!

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This sounds juvenile but i color with the grandkids. simple little thing i learned as a kid. we have a lot of fun. plus i to my best to have a least 10 minutes if not more with my devotions every day

I am with you. I do that with my daughter when I can get a little time. I used to play the piano. In fact I wanted to be pianist and go to Julliard. But I had my daughter at 17 and she was born sick. I used to spend 10 hr a day playing, it soothed the soul. I have not had time to do that since my daughter was born. It was a pipe dream for a poor kid from Missouri anyway. I accepted that. Hopefully some day I will at least be able to have time to play. I had a form not long ago that asked what my hobbies were. I realized I had none. It really made me feel very odd and sad. I had to say none. This is starting to sound like a pitty party. Sorry it is not intended that way. Thanks for the kind words and wishes. One thing about sitting on rock bottom only way to go is up!! That has become my mantra. Maybe spending a little more time with God would help as well.


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I like one of Muffie's suggestions [banana]let toxic crap goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo [/banana]

Ironically, I find it very hard to do... but that is my new challenge for the next year. And if I can manage that (in addition to taking vitamin suppliments) to take care of myself, I'll take on another challenge...

TBraveheart, is home health an option for you for either your child or mother, so that you may have some "me" time? Perhaps you could get a couple of hours to put that rinse in your hair... or color with your daughter...

I am sending thoughts of encouragement your way. I know it can be majorly tough to be a single parent. b

ps: I too love to color with my little one!


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We used a cheesy old exercise video (Richard Simmons) to wake ourselves up and refocus at work during downtime. It was fun and had a positive effect.

Hello to all

Great thread, exciting to see nurses talking about taking care of themselves

The single most important 'thing' we can do is simply put ourselves first and make time for self care

For me personally at the moment its yoga - WAY better than therapy and cheaper!!

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I am no longer allowing Management's mismanagement to become my emergency. Period.

Because my Manager failed to fax me the information yesterday I needed in order to complete an admission, it's not going to get done.

I'm through stressing and being held accountable for their mistakes.

I feel better already!


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What a great thread! Why is it that we are so willing to put ourselves last? I have always put everyone before myself, even people I didn't know! This is how I started taking better care of myself and it cut my stress down considerably.

As I was approaching my 40th birthday I spent some time thinking about what I thought at 20.... what did I think my 40 would be like? Well... this wasn't it; a stressed out hag. So here is what I changed:

~NO! I say no. That doesn't mean that I don't do things for other people, but I stop and consider the impact it will have on me to say yes. It was so liberating!

~I stopped apologizing for everything. If I don't want to go somewhere or do something I don't apoligize for it. None of us should feel like we have to apologize for putting ourselves first.

~I resist the urge to explain myself. Again, if I decline an invitation I simply say "Thank you for asking but I won't be able to come."

~and as mean as this may sound... I purposefully rid myself of "friends" that were sucking the life out of me. Not without explaination mind you, but I had a few friends that I spent more time on their problems than my own.

And I run, run, run. And after my run I drink a great big Diet Coke with no guilt what so ever.

TiredBraveHeart... my thoughts and prayers go out to you. You are obviously overwhelmed. Remember... you matter. Taking care of yourself is necessary if you are going to keep going, even if it is only 15 minutes a day listening to piano music or playing yourself.

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