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  1. softstorms

    Whatever "professionalism" is, it's driving me nuts.

    It is what it is. You either have a place in nursing or you don't. I define it as a "FEEL GOOD" job. If it makes you feel good most of the time.....then it is a good job. The cudoes never come when they should and the thanks never happen. If you need that.....then step back and look around for another job! We have become very "client" oriented. But never lose your basic insight to why you are here. NOT FOR YOU, BUT FOR OTHERS!
  2. softstorms

    Help? Broken hearted & sad...

    If you are meant to be a nurse, you will be one! Funny thing is, after that...it will never be about you again. It will always be about the pt. So, if you intend to think only about what you want and you need...then don't becaome a nurse. If on the other hand you want to care for other people and help them....GO FOR IT! Being a Nurse is never about what we want, it is always about what the pt. needs.
  3. softstorms

    I need some professional advice on this situation

    What did you think nursing would be? I have worked in hospitals and nursing homes. I never knew what it would be like. No matter what job you look for, all will have some of this in it. You have to define...what is better! All jobs you seek will have something you don't like.
  4. softstorms

    I HATE CHANGEOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    The best way I have seen it done was to have a nurse from each unit come in for a night and just work on Mars. Pay the extra hours and have some one do them! We have tried giving assignments to nurses, but it has not worked ( they have admissions and critical pts.) So, give up the money and pay your nurses to come in and do them! Less errors, less stress, less money.
  5. softstorms

    Med pass..rant

    please define the term "charge nurse"? you have someone to help? or just supervise
  6. softstorms

    Med pass..rant

    LTC...Long term care= one nurse for 44 pts. You are kidding me?
  7. softstorms


    As I said, it is a loaded question. As a nurse in Ohio we had a union, as a nurse in S.C. we do not. But, that aside, I have a friend who has been an LPN and just got her R.N. She thought all the years she worked as an LPN should have given her more than what they offered her as an R.N. (with in the same company) They offered her no more than any new R.N. would get fresh out of school. She is so angry that she wants to leave and go elsewhere! But, most places judge you by your new license, not your old one. No matter how much responsibility we have as LPN's....it is not an R.N. It is like starting over. I worked as a CNA for 10 years before getting my LPN....should I have been paid more for being a CNA prior to being a LPN? Nope, was based on me being an LPN.
  8. softstorms

    "putting the whole picture together"

    You got thru nursing school, you got thru the test. Now you are on your own! Use what you have learned! If you where a Med student..there would be a time you had to cut into a real pt! NOW IS YOUR TIME! You already have the skill and the knowledge,,,,,use it. Ask questions when you have to and ask for help if you need it, but....YEP...it is your game now! Trust in what you know to do. You can't be a student forever.
  9. softstorms

    Mistakes at work.

    Best thing I can say......DO NO HARM....and you did none. Some will laugh...by memory of what they have done...or what they have not done yet! After 20 years of nursing..the thing I know best is that I never know what will come this day. I have to LOL at you, because we have all "been there...done that" Move on and welcome to our world!
  10. softstorms

    My back is against the wall... what should i do now?

    Please check out the state laws within your own licensure. What do they say about nurse to pt. ratio? Even here, in S.C. it is 1/44 for a long term/dementia unit. Stay if you have to, but look around and move on! Never put your ability to use your license to care for people in danger,,,,it is not worth it! Best Wishes
  11. softstorms


    WOW, loaded question....IT DEPENDS..on a lot. We always think we ae worth more than what we are...and it will be defined by how they judge new hires. Keep asking around, but be prepared to start at the beginning and work your way up.
  12. softstorms

    managements new idea for call-lights

    It comes down to One-on-One...they can't offer it, but they want to make it look like they have it! I am all about making my company (hospital, acute care unit) look good, but in the reality of it.....we just can't do it!
  13. softstorms

    Do you personally know someone who has lost his/her license?

    Hard Question! I have known many who come into question and have not been in the line of fire. Others...who have been ..very open...and still not been questioned. I am really sorry to say it may be a game of numbers and politics.
  14. softstorms

    New lpn in need of help!!!!!!

    You need a mentor! If you work alone on this shift..then there are other people working on other units. Ask for help! If you ask and no one helps....then hang around after your shift in the a.m. and tell them you need to know these things! They don't know you need help..unless you ask them!
  15. softstorms

    Unreasonable family members in the nursing home?

    They all think they are paying for HOTEL HILTON!!!! And when Mom,Dad, Sister,Brother,Child or Friend.....goes home? Who Ans. the call bell then?
  16. softstorms

    the lpn /rn thing

    As an LPN who is now going for my RN on line (please don't laugh) I know about the world you speak of. I have found my world (long term care-converted to rehab) a very challenging world. I know I will never be the Trauma nuse on E.R......but I want to be more than I am now! TPN!! in a rehab/long term care setting? YES! I want that training and knowledge! As a LPN supervisor, I do almost all of what the R.N's do who work beside me! It is time I stepped up and ask for the job I do and get the pay! LOL