What States are NOT recognizing EC Grads?...


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hey everyone..so far as I read through the threads about CA, and MD, anyone else here knows which are the TEN states that do not accept EC grads?...and another thing...I believe that EC is changing their curriculum by adding exams and clinical components to be up to par with the NLN...I really think that EC grads will be accepted everywhere in the country eventually ...especially with the shortage of nurses we have...all of a sudden the other states want to scrutinize EC..please...this is like a monkey see monkey do issue!..LOL...anyways im still rooting for EC...whatever...XoXo

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as a matter of fact they just recently received only one of 7 excellence in nursing awards from the nln...and is there 10 states that don't accept ec? i thought it was only 2, then they was some that required clinicals or other experience.


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well what i meant was that these changes were done due to the nln, i know they are accredited, but i think they have changed to hopefully have thes states that are currently NOT accepting EC grads accept them..in my opinion...XoXo


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oh yeah and there are threads that claim there are ten states, i have heard of Colorado with experience in the field and Alabama was one of them who supposedly does not accept EC..oh well i really dont plan on moving to any of those states..i just hope that a reputable program such as EC doesnt go under such bad scrutiny from other states...this is the best route for me to go through thus far...XoXo


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When I first heard about Excelsior (back when it was Regents), around 30 years ago, there were only two states that did not recognize their nursing graduates. All this hoopla about them not having "clinical" and that being used as an excuse to discredit the program and not allow students to proceed, is recent. Since Excelsior is not a traditional nursing school in the strictest sense and has never purported to be one, but has always identified itself as using testing to validate knowledge and skills learned elsewhere, I hold the opinion that there are other reasons behind the bandwagon to discredit Excelsior. The people being hurt by these changes are those who could benefit by what Excelsior has to offer. What a shame.

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IL is one state that does NOT accept the EC grad. The reason is that per the IL Dept of Public Regulation, the classes and clinicals must be CONCURRENT. I don't look to IL accepting EC grads anytime soon.

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what is an EC grad? i have never heard of this


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excelsior college graduate


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what a shame...i agree...XoXo


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California no longer accepts Excelsior grads; if they entered the program after 12-03


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Does NH accept EC grads? And how about the rest of New England?

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