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NYSNOWBUNNY007 has 5 years experience and specializes in Step-Down NICU/PICU.

Taking One step @ a time with GOD before me

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  1. LNC at Duke

    Hello Nurses, I was wondering if anyone ever completed Duke Universities Continuing Studies LNC program in less than six months. If so how were the modules? Did you find it time consuming or was the workload manageable. I plan to start my MSN with PS...
  2. Peds ccrn review please

    Thank you for your responses janfrn and meanmaryjean, I greatly appreciate it!
  3. Peds ccrn review please

    Hello Fellow PICU Nurses, I have searched and searched for the best PEDS CCRN review course and I have hit a wall each and every time. I know everyone has a different learning style. There are so many companies with a Peds CCRN online review course a...
  4. To former or current Duke FNP distant Students

    Absolutely , Good Luck!!! I will keep in touch!
  5. Fellow Travel Nurses

    No offense taken... Thanks for replying... I went down a few time (Katy area) and everyone is so nice (stark difference from New York) lol... I went on a few interviews and everyone seemed happy... As we know it's always roses at interviews and I agr...
  6. Fellow Travel Nurses

    Hey NedRn... Here in NY is the same thing ... Nursing in General has become a vicious cycle .. However for a better quality of life and cost of living Texas looks pretty good ... I seen and heard a few things ... Can't be worse than Dallas with the w...
  7. To former or current Duke FNP distant Students

    No lancermav_RN I was hoping to make the 3.4 gpa cusp to avoid taking the GRE, I moved my application to Spring. I am currently studying to take the GRE soon. Thanks for your answers!
  8. Fellow Travel Nurses

    Hello , My husband and I are both RN's he works in Neuro ICU I work in Peds ICU. We are looking to relocate to Houston with our 10 year old son and we are both considering taking a travel assignment to get a birds eye view of the facility we would w...
  9. To former or current Duke FNP distant Students

    Thank you so much for your information BluDevil, DNP and lancemarv_RN.
  10. To former or current Duke FNP distant Students

    Hi, It's been a while since I've posted in this forum, I have a question for any former or current Duke SON FNP distant learning students. I am current considering to apply to Dukes Online FNP program and I'd like to know how often must a student tra...
  11. April 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Think he just realized we use date back in High School...Are we still waiting for clearance from Dr Johnson for his Vasectomy?
  12. New Grad moving to TX...are there jobs?

    I currently live in dutchess county NY (moved up there from westchester county) Ive been an RN for about 2 years am currently working in a childrens hospital where we recieve children from nicu to picu units...my husband recently graduated as an RN ...
  13. Moving to katy in 6 months

    hello, I will be moving to katy in about 6 months....I have two years RN exp..1 yr home health and 1 year in acute peds, I have bls, acls, and pals certification and soon to take a certified nurse pediatric exam in the fall...I am also currently in ...
  14. A ? For DFW Nurses!

    This is the reason i decided to stay in NY for a little while longer...to get the experience I need and by the end of next year I would have my BSN..I love the Dallas area however this whole Group One issue is another deterrent...I dont know if I wan...
  15. CPN and CCRN for Peds Clarification

    LOL! ...thank you meandragonbrett...I did see that one is more generalized...Its interesting that the CCRN certification is broken down into sooo many specialties...I always thought that the CCRN was another examination specializing in just general c...