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Hi, I was wondering what your scheduel is like.

Do you have to do clinicals? or something related to working at a hospital in the summer?

Like classes in the fall/ spring

then summer is hospital?

Just wondering because i am applying to schools and wanted to get a heads up what its like out in most schools.



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I have classes on Monday and Wednesday from 9-12, clinicals on Tuesday and Thursday from 8-2. You'll spend a lot of time studying, reading doing paperwork for clinicals. A lot of students work their summers as nurse externs. As for summer classes, some take microbiology at this time or any other class needed. Our school doesn't offer any nursing classes in the summer. I hope this helped you out. Good luck! :specs:


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I have all of my pre and co-req's out of the way like A&P, Micro, etc. so when I actually start the Nursing program this fall I will only have to take clinical and my Nursing classes.

I am going through a two year ASN program that is offered Evenings/Weekends for adult students so I will have clinicals every Saturday from 7:00AM to 3:00PM and one night a week I will have "Lab" that is about 2.5 hours long. Rather than go to class for the "Lecture" portion of class I am hoping to do the Internet Program where you get all the notes, etc. online, study and then schedule yourself for exams when they come up, rather than have a set day and time each week to attend lecture at the campus.

I am also taking a 1 credit Drug Calc. course this summer before clinicals start. I just registered for it today. It is not a mandatory class for nursing students but by taking it in the summer and seperately from Nursing 101 I will not have to worry about studying the material in the fall and I also will not have to worry about taking the mandatory Drug Calc. exam that is given to all nursing students 3 weeks into the Fall semester.

I had interviewed for a CNA position thinking that it would be a good way to gain experience and make money while I am in nursing school but right now, with the money I make at my current position, it is better for me to stay where I am.

I do hope though, that after my first year of nursing school I can get a summer nurse intern position and possibly a part time PCT or intern job for my second year.

Right now though I am pretty busy trying to complete everything that I need so that I can start clinicals in the Fall. I am about half way through completing a laundry list of requisites like CPR training, Blood Draws for Titres, Vaccinations, Physicals, etc.

My school does not offer Nursing courses in the summer although, I do think a number of hospital Diploma programs in my area do.


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Our school (two year ADN program) here in GA has classes on Monday and Wed. The amount of hours each of those days depends on what year student you are.

Those two days of class turn into much more when you add in time for reading, homework, and clinical paperwork! :eek:

Clinicals are on Thurs and Fri from 6:30 to 3:15. The end of the second year, we precept with one nurse and must arrange all our own clinical hours around our class schedule. :rolleyes:

During the summer between the two years, many students take Microbiology, or other pre-reqs that need to be finished before starting the last semester of school.

Hope that helps!


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We go straight through--summer is just like spring or fall. There is no option to take summer off. The amount of time spent in clinical increases as you go through the curriculum. It starts with 2 3 hour lecture days, one 4 hour clinical day, then progresses to lecture days plus 12 hours of clinical, lecture days plus 16 hours of clinical, lecture days plus 24 hours of clinical.


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My program is definitely unique. We've got our "nursing science" courses (microbiology, pharmacology, anatomy & physiology, etc.), we have clinical (in first year, it's just in the lab, 2nd year- 8h/wk(1 day), 3rd year- 12h/wk(2 days), and 4th year- you have the same shifts as a regular RN.). We also have problem-based learning (which is what makes our program relatively unique), as well as electives (which are VERY hard to fit into a nursing schedule!!)

So everyone's schedule is totally different. You can take your electives in the summer, but no nursing stuff. A lot of us work in nursing homes for the summer, to keep up our clinical skills and learn about managing multiple patients at a time!

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I have all of my pre-reqs done except for one, so I am just taking my first nursing course at the moment. This semester my schedule is MT lecture 4-6p W lab 4-7p Th clinical 8a-2:30p. I am taking Nutrition over the summer (starts in July and I think is 6 weeks long) and in the Fall for my second nursing class it's looking like MT lecture 4-6p T lab 7-10p WTh clinical 8a-2:30p. As you progress through the program you pick up more clinical hours. I am in a 2-yr ADN program.

I spend a lot of extra time at school in the lab practicing skills to pass the practicums and watching videos that need to be seen before class. I spend a lot of time at home reading, reading, and did I mention reading? There are also homework assignments and clinical preps.

I stay busy. :)


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I have my ADN prereqs (A&P, Micro, math, Engl, other associate requirements) and most of my 4 year transfer requirements too (only a couple left to do like Chem and some humanities).

My Schedule as of this 1/2 of the semester

Pharmacology lecture & lab

T1-4---->then 5-6;20 dance class for 1 unit to apease my health & car insurance company

N101A (basic nursing)

W 9-12 after 12 we go to our hospitals and pick out clients wiht driving this usually takes 2-3 h____> Gym lab class -40 min again 1 extra unit to appease insurance co


6:45-3 pm



6;45-12 clinical

12:30-1:10--> gym to appease insurance (get stupid xtra units) & get my lazy booty to excercise


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Monday and Wednesday I have clinicals at a hospital and a community based nursing setting (like a school or homeless shelter). Then Tuesdays and Thursday we have theory and labs.

I also am taking A&P 2 and Organic/biological chemistry as co- requirements. I'm MORE than stressed. I would say take all your "co"requisites before you enter the program if that's in your curriculum.

Summers we have off. or can take "co" requisites in the summer sessions. I won't be going that route b/c I'm WAY burned out after this semester. I'll be working as a nurse extern just for experience.

Then next semester it's the same kind of schedule but with pathophysiology as a 3rd course. Longer clinical hours too.

I think every school has it's own crazy schedule, you just have to see which fits best with your life. :)


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My college has the Fall 2003 schedule up on it's website. If I get accepted into the program most of the classes are from 11:30 to 2:20...there are also a few that start at 8:30. The clinicals are either on Tuesday or Thursday from 8:30 to 2:20....this should be interesting...;) . So I just printed all the days/times and tried to maneuver the classes in every possible combination. The only thing with my college is that your schedule is chosen for you....the nursing courses that is. If you want to take other courses...you have to fit them in accordingly.



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I'm taking one pre-req this quarter (Chemistry) and one co-req (Intro to Health Care Delivery). Taking Chem Tues/Thurs nights from 7-8:40pm, chem lab is Tuesdays 5-6:40pm. The Health Care class I'm taking as a distance learning course...lectures are on videotape...so I will only have to go out to campus to take the midterm & final exams. Not so bad. Since it's been 8 1/2 years since I've been in college, I'm easing into it.

This summer I plan on starting my A&P series & maybe take one other co-req course in addition. I'm trying to get most of, if not all of, my co-reqs finished before starting nursing classes. Since there is a 4-5 quarter wait to get into the nursing courses, this shouldn't be much of a problem for me, I hope!

We're able to take classes year round...but some folks take off summer quarter & work an externship at one of the hospitals.


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Where I'm going, you have lecture & lab 2 days a week, and 2 days a week you are doing full clinicals for 7 hours each day. On the clinical days, you also have orientation on location along with stop and discuss on and off throughout the day. It is very hands on, I'm really looking forward to it. Heather

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