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I'm a mom of two kids, one with raging hormonal surges, and the other with ADD! (I DO LOVE THEM THO!) Wifey of one, he's a teacher. I'm in third semester! Yay! One year to go, whoo hoo! Come on December 2008!

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  1. How do we do what we do?

    I've been a hospice nurse for five years, and what I often tell them when they ask, is, it is a privilege, to be part of such a sacred time. I cannot imagine anything more meaningful then easing someone's passing. To remove pain and fear. I often ...
  2. Extreme anxiety

    Seroquel helped with two of mine :redpinkhe
  3. just got an offer as a hospice nurse

    congrats! I'm a fairly new grad, and I LOVE the job. I agree with rose... compassion. Some nights you come home so drained, but you almost NEVER go home feeling that you didn't help someone in a very daunting part of their life. I did hospital nu...
  4. What is your Hospice paying for mileage

    that's what we're getting too. I've often thought with all the gas jumps that it should go up to .65.
  5. Life as a New Grad Sucks

    I LOVE this! Don't apologize! You even said you were venting. I am right there with you! One year after graduating and no work. Unless I want to do home health which my back is not up to. And quite frankly, it's a little too isolated. (yes I d...
  6. Are nursing grads still having a hard time finding jobs?

    I completely agree!
  7. Are nursing grads still having a hard time finding jobs?

    in California, YUP. Bigtime, yup.
  8. Living in total poverty I need a job

    I am so dang happy for you!!! :hug:
  9. Ad says 1yr experience. Can a new grad apply anyway?

    I always apply to RN I (zero to one yr exp) and RN II (one-two yrs exper). If they ask for 3 or more years I won't. The job I did have, briefly, was an RN II job listing.
  10. Job helps for us new grads!

    Well that is darned good to hear! Did you get a job offer too?? Would you mind sharing your cover letter, bc I think mine is lousy! (Of course you can blur or leave out vital info) thanks! Heather
  11. Job helps for us new grads!

    It's a long story, but to put it briefly, I just wasn't up to their standards. This particular hospital is known for firing for that reason. It's just tougher there. I don't think you generally have to worry about it bc hospitals don't want to p...
  12. Job helps for us new grads!

    yeah, if you are applying out of state, you can't do much. You can send a personal letter. That helped me in particular with the job I did get. And don't you upload your resume? The resume I upload has the watermark. If you are copy/pasting then...
  13. Job helps for us new grads!

    YEAH! Like a watermark! I didn't know how to explain it!
  14. Job helps for us new grads!

    not invisible, ALMOST invisible! when I "inserted" on to my resume, I lightened it until it was just barely visible. Do you get it now? :)
  15. May 2009 OLD grad, called 17 hospitals today...

    hi honey, i know, i'm right there with you. read my helps on the other thread labled "job helps for us new grads" here for a little encouragement. hang in there, we are not alone!