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What do you do for NCLEX eve?


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Hey everyone! I was just curious what you guys did/will do the day/days before the NCLEX? Did you continue to study? Refresh on labs values? Questions? Or just chilled (as best you can ;))?

I'm going to do a copy/paste here from another post I did on another thread. I think it's faster than re-typing it all! :)

The test is tomorrow. Get off the computer...NOW....and do something relaxing, something you enjoy:

Take a walk with the dog. Cuddle with the cat. Take a long hot shower or a bubble bath.

Put on your most favorite sleeping/lounging clothes, and be COMFORTABLE. Eat something you really like. Screw the diet tonight! Whatever makes you feel happy, THAT'S what you want right now.

Get a good night's rest. Sleep, I realize, is elusive the night before an exam like this. But rest, that's something you CAN do, regardless of when you actually nod off.

Read a book. Watch a favorite movie or TV show (Netflix!!). Eat the aforementioned goodie while the cat (or dog) stares at you jealously. Do not share.

Before bed, lay out everything you need for the morning; get clothes set out so you have NO decisions to make when you wake up. Even set out your favorite coffee mug (or travel mug) and put the filter in the pot. Seriously, get it all done so you have NO thinking to do tomorrow!

Allow yourself LOTS of time in the morning to get up without rushing. Do not rush. Did I mention to relax, and not rush?

Allow plenty of drive time. Sing to the radio or your CDs at the top of your lungs. Screech a little to blow off steam :D

And, after all that.....ROCK THE HELL out of that test!!


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I had a strict no-studying, unplug yourself policy the day before. By then, you either know it or you don't, and you need to CHILL. My family and I went to the beach and we had a yummy dinner and I went to bed early.

I downed some NyQuil at 9:00 pm so I would sleep through the night. Lol it worked! Passed in 75. NyQuil = RN


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Thanks everyone that is what I figured. I always planned on stopping a day or two before the test but as it gets closer I am getting nervous. ;)

@ Tinman1017: Funny you should say that I just picked some up the other day. Can't take too much though, I'm a light weight. ;) I also had to get some chocolate milk. It has been my good luck charm for my HESIs through school. I could never eat the morning of the tests. It has carbs, protein, and CHOCOLATE! Very well balanced! ;)

Unplug, chill, and do something you enjoy. And chocolate milk is the drink of champions ;)

Might I add that chocolate makes ANYTHING better? :)

Yeah dark chocolate is food for the brain too! :)

Tomorrow is my NCLEX eve. My plan is to wake up when the kids are hungry, hit the gym, and just relax most of the day. I have no intention of studying. I've completed and reviewed over 90% of the Kaplan qbank and done all 7 Q trainers. I feel as prepared as I'm gonna get. Wednesday morning I'm going to get up and do some stretching and meditation to keep myself calm then leave early and rock out in the car to the radio before I rock this exam.

Oh and someone mentioned chocolate.....yes chocolate will be involved there somewhere....or ice cream...😊

Awesome Sparrow! Lol Good luck! Let is know how you do!


Oh and someone mentioned chocolate.....yes chocolate will be involved there somewhere....or ice cream...

Or both :)

The evening before I took my NCLEX-PN, I ate a big healthy dinner and caught up on my favorite Netflix shows. Rest and relaxation the day/night before definitely contributed to my success. Good luck, you WILL knock this NCLEX beast outta the water :yes: