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Sparrow91 specializes in Acute Rehab, Neuro/Trauma, Dialysis.

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  1. Sparrow91

    Off the floor jobs?

    So I have been fighting increasingly worse back pain since before nursing school. It has built to a point now where its becoming difficult to do my job. The pain radiates down the back of my legs and gets to the point were my hands start to shake. I ...
  2. Sparrow91


    My best advice is to have a healthy balanced daily routine and a healthy perspective of the exam. By completing your nursing degree your are already prepared, now you just need to refresh yourself on some of the material and build your stamina for an...
  3. Sparrow91

    Anxious mommy here.. will take nclex soon.

    First take a deep breath and try to stay calm. You have made it through one of the toughest college degrees with success. You have what it takes to pass the exam, you just have to focus and stay calm. It's been a couple years since I took the exam bu...
  4. Sparrow91

    Price of Patient Satisfaction

    This was the video that was emphasized in my orientation... It drove me nuts the entire time of orientation that the patient was always referred to as the "customer". That really rubbed me the wrong way and gave me a sense of what I was to e...
  5. Sparrow91

    PPD Allergy?

    @ roser13: I told them that I would be more than willing to take an IGRA or Gold test but they said without documentation they were not willing. Thank you for help though! @ dishes: I spoke with the PA at the time and I tried talking to my doctor tod...
  6. Sparrow91

    PPD Allergy?

    Sine I have been 17 I have had PPDs done, at first I never had any reactions to it, but every year that I have had it I have gotten more and more of a reaction. Two years ago I had one done and I developed redness, itching, swelling and an itchy thro...
  7. Sparrow91

    Which is a better path?

    I would say look at your job listings for ICU. In all the ones I have looked at they say they want either previous ICU experience or several years of medical surgical experience.
  8. Sparrow91

    what to bring? besides my brain.

    Bring a drink A snack with both carbs and protein, I bucked the system and instead of bringing a healthy snack I brought my lucky chocolate milk! It has carbs, protein, and CHOCOLATE! Seriously how can you go wrong? Plus it got me through all 7 HESIs...
  9. Sparrow91

    Help! Assited living OR Urgent care??

    I think it all depends on what your long term goals are. If you want a job within the nursing capacity were you work closely with patients and gives you a structured routine, a regular schedule, and a job you may want for the long haul then go with L...
  10. Sparrow91

    Taking NCLEX Jan 7th

    Seriously the BEST advice! When I took mine I went the day before thinking it would be easy to find. I went around in circles for over an hour until I got a hold of a friend and found out it was on the second floor of another business with only a tee...
  11. Sparrow91

    Last 2 days before NCLEX-what to do

    I asked the same question when I took the exam a few months ago and the pretty much unanimous vote was to do NOTHING! Get out of the house and away from the computer/study materials! What I did was take a trip to where the testing center was so that ...
  12. Sparrow91

    All Online WOC course

    Hello All! I am a fairly new nurse looking to become a WOC nurse. I'm trying to look for a 100% online WOC course. Any recommendations on which programs I should look at? I have heard that Emery is good but it looks as though there are some things ...
  13. Sparrow91

    Attending Multiple Schools Simultaneously?

    I have attended more than one school at one time and I had no problems. I choose to take some courses at the community college online while taking core nursing classes at a University. The reason was because the community college had more choices for...
  14. Sparrow91

    How far do you travel?

    When I was going to a community college it was about 30 minutes away. My school now is 4.5 hours away so I had to live on campus. Because it was in a rural area most of our clinicals were an hour to 1.5 hours away. I actually enjoyed the commute. On ...
  15. Sparrow91

    Failing psych nursing course

    Psych questions are a whole other breed of nursing questions. Don't beat yourself up over it, most of us struggle with them. Our teacher required that we purchase the Mental Health Davis Success book. It does help to understand the squirreliness of t...