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Sparrow91 specializes in Acute Rehab, Neuro/Trauma, Dialysis.

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  1. Sparrow91

    Price of Patient Satisfaction

    This was the video that was emphasized in my orientation... It drove me nuts the entire time of orientation that the patient was always referred to as the "customer". That really rubbed me the wrong way and gave me a sense of what I was to expect on the job. I do not feel like the professional I thought I was going to be. I feel more like a cruise director on a lido deck! The only difference is that instead of cocktails I bring dilaudid, and instead of warm towels I bring warm blankets, just replace my nurses cap with that of a sailors cap and we'll be all set.
  2. Sparrow91

    PPD Allergy?

    @ roser13: I told them that I would be more than willing to take an IGRA or Gold test but they said without documentation they were not willing. Thank you for help though! @ dishes: I spoke with the PA at the time and I tried talking to my doctor today but because the reaction was two years ago and was not documented when it happened there is nothing that she can do for me. Thanks for the advice! @ MunoRN: I have not had the vaccine, my reactions are not positive TB results they are allergic reactions. Thank you though!
  3. Sparrow91

    PPD Allergy?

    Sine I have been 17 I have had PPDs done, at first I never had any reactions to it, but every year that I have had it I have gotten more and more of a reaction. Two years ago I had one done and I developed redness, itching, swelling and an itchy throat. I took benadryl and the itchy throat went away. I told the PA when I went to have it read, but by then the swelling had gone down and there was just a little redness remaining. Apparently she never wrote any of it down. Fast forward to a year ago I was a new hire and when I was told I would need a PPD for the job I told them of my concerns with the last one and they had no problem sending me to the lab to have the IGRA drawn instead. Now I have begun a new job and at the employee health visit they told me that unless I can show documentation of my allergy I will be required to have a PPD. I called my doctor and that is when I found out there was no documentation of the allergic reaction. It just doesn't seem right to me that an employer would make an employee take something that they feel will cause them some sort of harm. If I were admitting one of my patients and they told me that they had an allergy to something it would be documented in their charts regardless of weather they had any paper work with them. I am not sure what I can do. I really don't feel comfortable taking the PPD again, but apparently I have nothing to prove my allergy. Any advice on how to handle this?
  4. Sparrow91

    Taking NCLEX Jan 7th

    Seriously the BEST advice! When I took mine I went the day before thinking it would be easy to find. I went around in circles for over an hour until I got a hold of a friend and found out it was on the second floor of another business with only a teeny tiny little sign on the side of the building. It was literally the last building I would have guessed it would be in within that business complex.
  5. Sparrow91

    Last 2 days before NCLEX-what to do

    I asked the same question when I took the exam a few months ago and the pretty much unanimous vote was to do NOTHING! Get out of the house and away from the computer/study materials! What I did was take a trip to where the testing center was so that way I wouldn't get lost the next day and then I met up with a good nursing school friend who had already taken (and passed) the exam. She kept me distracted and encouraged. I also did some shopping, got my lucky chocolate milk, and set like 3 alarms and went to bed early. Try and relax. At this point you either know it or you don't, anything that you try and review at this point is not going to be absorbed. Good luck, you will be in my prayers! :)
  6. Sparrow91

    All Online WOC course

    Hello All! I am a fairly new nurse looking to become a WOC nurse. I'm trying to look for a 100% online WOC course. Any recommendations on which programs I should look at? I have heard that Emery is good but it looks as though there are some things that would require me to go on campus. I really do not have the time or finances to be able to go to a program that would require me to go to campus. Any advice would be appreciated!
  7. Sparrow91

    Attending Multiple Schools Simultaneously?

    I have attended more than one school at one time and I had no problems. I choose to take some courses at the community college online while taking core nursing classes at a University. The reason was because the community college had more choices for classes to fulfill my general education credits, plus they had more classes that offered an online option. This made my schedule much simpler and more flexible. The community college was also 1/3 the price per credit hour than the University. Transcripts where not an issue, the transfers office was pretty good at getting them out quickly and it only cost me about $3 each time.
  8. Sparrow91

    How long was your orientation?

    1 week (5 8 hour shifts) and we got paid. If you are on the clock and have the responsibility of caring for residents, even if it is under supervision, you should be paid!
  9. Sparrow91


    I have a bracelet that my mother gave me that I always wear to my exams.
  10. Sparrow91

    Curving the stomach turning smells?

    The more you are around it the easier it will be, I have been working as a CNA for 5+ years and now smells don't really phase me. I would not recommend the vics rout myself. Quite honestly our hands are disgusting and despite our best efforts there are times when we forget to wash our hands effectively and so the little vics container becomes a breeding ground for everything! I would especially avoid ones left at nurses stations! Just because you may be religious about hand washing does not mean that everyone else is!
  11. Sparrow91

    LPN to BSN Program? Or should I get RN before moving to Maine?

    There are LPN to ADN programs though. You could get your ADN and then work on the BSN later.