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  1. Tinman1017

    Half of the class fails

    Nursing school is a meat grinder. It's not unusual at all for half a class to fail.
  2. Tinman1017

    "Male" nurse? Le sigh.

    When im called a Male Nurse I always reply " well I wanted to be a female nurse but I couldn't pass the physical"
  3. Tinman1017

    Pearson Vue Trick 2014

    That's the good Pop Up! Congrats!
  4. Tinman1017

    What are the best schools for LPN training

    Do yourself a favor and go strict for your RN. You'll appreciate it later!
  5. Tinman1017

    Really dumb question

    My school calls it a ADN. I was told it means "Associate Degree Nursing". Every college is a little different.
  6. Tinman1017

    waiting list at community colleges

    Community Colleges are notorious for high waitlist, everyone wants the cheap credits. The one im going to costs about 90 bucks a credit!
  7. Tinman1017

    Have anyone gotten into a nursing program with a 78 hesi score?

    Its the Community College of Beaver County. Near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I'm a big fan of how they get people into the program. You need to have a 2.5 GPA, and then they just go down the list of HESI scores. Top score is number one....and then t...
  8. Tinman1017

    waiting list at community colleges

    The community college I am at does not have a wait list. They just take the top 100 students.
  9. Tinman1017

    How many schools are you applying to?

    I only applied to one and was accepted.
  10. Tinman1017

    Have anyone gotten into a nursing program with a 78 hesi score?

    Thank you, and your welcome!
  11. Tinman1017

    Have anyone gotten into a nursing program with a 78 hesi score?

    I think youll be fine with a 84. The college that I was accepted to took the top 100 HESI scores. (no GPA, or anything else) They ended up taking everyone with a 76 and up! I had an 88% and was told my score was one of the better ones! Hang in t...
  12. Congrats! And trb....hang in there! I didnt think the odds were in my favor either. They had about 550 people go for 100 spots! So I know how you are feeling!
  13. Tinman1017

    Found a great anatomy and physiology site today

    thanks for sharing!
  14. Tinman1017

    ASN vs. BSN pros/cons and POLL

    ASN then start working....chances are you employer will pay for you online bsn!
  15. Tinman1017

    Retake A&P I?

    Sometimes a repeat on your transcript is worse then the original grade. Alot of schools look down on repeats. All depends on the school. Good luck