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  1. Tinman1017

    Half of the class fails

    Nursing school is a meat grinder. It's not unusual at all for half a class to fail.
  2. Tinman1017

    "Male" nurse? Le sigh.

    When im called a Male Nurse I always reply " well I wanted to be a female nurse but I couldn't pass the physical"
  3. Tinman1017

    Pearson Vue Trick 2014

    That's the good Pop Up! Congrats!
  4. Tinman1017

    What are the best schools for LPN training

    Do yourself a favor and go strict for your RN. You'll appreciate it later!
  5. Tinman1017

    New pearson vue trick

    Whats the difference between the old and new pop up?
  6. Tinman1017

    New pearson vue trick

    I got the above messaged and passed. Your good congrats!
  7. Tinman1017

    New pearson vue trick

  8. Tinman1017

    Nursing book bag..help!

    If your doing your readings ahead of time you will find out your probably won't even need your text books unless it's for a project of some sorts. Lecture is a time where you should be listening to the teacher. Not flipping through numerous text books, you'll be doing that at home. 👍😊
  9. Tinman1017

    first time clinical

    Well said!
  10. Tinman1017

    Already got hw!!!

    Haha that's nursing school for you! Make sure you do read everything, but break it down so your only reading like 20 pages a night or so. You'll notice when you read before the lectures it makes it ALOT easier.
  11. Tinman1017

    Getting your ATT in PA

    I'm from PA as well. It took me about a week from graduation to ATT. Good luck!
  12. Short answer is maybe you can be a registered nurse. But you'll have one hell of a time trying to explain all this to a potential employer. They would just shoot you down once they do their background check and hire someone with a clean record. I know people who are RNs that can't get job because their employers won't hire them because of a DUI. There are FAR to many people they can pick without the baggage of a criminal record.
  13. Burglary, Grand Theft and drug charges? I'm sorry man but even if you were able to take the nclex and become licensed your not going to be able to explain all of that when an employer finds about all that on a background check. They will just hire someone who doesn't have a wrap sheet. Sorry
  14. Tinman1017

    I got the good pop up

    congrats! way to keep calm as the questions kept coming!
  15. Kaplan is the bomb . com
  16. Tinman1017

    taking nclex RN in two weeks

    Hahah yeah treat every question like they count. You won't be able to tell which ones are the test questions! 😊