What do you all LOVE about night shift?

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Night shifts aren't that different from days in L&D, except for the fact that the staff on nights is way more fun....


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Not long after she joined us, our unit co-ordinater worked some night shifts with us. She was real cool about it. Now there is at least one suit that really understands. Night shift means never having to say " Of course I'll call ____ for you, Doctor"


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#1. You have time to do some decent charting

#2. Youn get to talk to the patients, hold their hands, give them some badly needed comfort.

#3. You get that tiny nursing desk ALL TO YOURSELF!

#4. You can dress prople slowly in the morning (something that they always find comforting.

#5. People who work permanent nights are so wacked out, they're always entertaining to be around.

#6. You're the first one who gets to read the paper.:p

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There is something to be said for the togetherness, cohesiveness, bond or whatever you call it between night people, and it doesn't just include the people you directly work with, it extends to the lab, the docs (usually) and other areas of the hospital. Everyone is on a first name basis and knows everyone else. You learn more and hurt more when something happens to one of your buddies, not only working with you or around the hospital. And yes, we are warped but it is way cool! AND, we can do about seven thousand different things about seven thousand different ways faster than anyone on days. And yes, yes yes, NO SUITS!


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What I love about nights: well I don't LOVE nights, but I do LIKE not having suits around to bug me....and I like that I can be home during the day with my 3 year old to care for her, and home when my 10 year old comes home from school. I LOVE my night shift coworkers and our teamwork approach that is not a philosophy shared by our dayshift in so many ways. I also like my nice little differential.......but seriously think it should be more, for all the sleep I lose and the inconvenience of being on nites......but hey, it pays the bills for now.

And if you asked what *I DO NOT LIKE?* (I know, you did not ,but I will share anyhow). One teeny tiny little thing: we are like red-headed step children in our hospital!!! All the goodies are reserved for dayshift; e.g. ice cream socials, barbecues, food in our cafeteria, (it is closed all nite), the latte kiosk, which never is open past 4 even tho I NEED caffeine to get thru, and the worst: ALL our DAM* staff meetings are held at 4 or 5 p.m. (how would they like them at say, 4 a.m.???) ....yada yada...you get my drift. SOMEDAY, it will be SAME DAY SURGERY or GI LAB or a comparable DAY job for me, baby! ...someday, sigh......


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PEACE AND QUIET. No excess people around getting in your way. I am able to take care of my patient without hassles. More laid back and you get shift differential too! :-)


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I like nights because of the "spooky" things that happen.


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The team work and support with the night shifters is the only thing that gets me through on a crazy night in the ED!!!



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I like working nights because, at my hospital, the night shift supervisors are the best of the bunch! One has been around forever and don't take no crap from the ER docs regarding bogus admits and the other one is just plain cool!

Plus, for all the reasons that everyone else already mentioned. No suits, no families/visitors,no ancillary staff, no doctors writing 2 pages of new orders. Not many people call to check up on Grandma at 3am. That is my biggest pet peeve. When I get three phone calls from three different family members asking how their loved one is doing and did their test results come back? I was always polite and told them what info they needed, if I had permission from the pt to do so. Don't wanna break confidentiality. Sometimes, I'd get Grandma's next door neighbor or friend from church calling and all I can legally tell them is that she is in good/fair/poor condition. I would actually have people get nasty with me on the phone! So then I'd have to explain to them the confidentiality rules, meanwhile Grandma is ringing her call light to get on the bedpan and all of the NA's are busy!

There were times when I would politely explain to them to call Grandma's daughter/son/brother/sister to get the info because Grandma needs my help right now and I am on the phone.

Anyhow, no day shift for me anytime soon!


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The absolute BEST aspect of working nocs....NO SUITS!! I love my coworkers, and we work really well together. Teamwork, autonomy, and the Shift Diff...these are the best...


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The best thing about night shift is team work. If you ever have a problem everybody is in your room to see what you need. I work in OB and when something is happening, all the hands available are very much welcome. I wlso like the fact you don't have to see all the administaration. Unfortunatly in OB we still see docs at night

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