What do you all LOVE about night shift?

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What i like about nights are the people no matter where you work we all seem to have some thing in common.

Excellant management skills, reliability, able to act in a crisis situation and not lose are cool.

And good assessment skills, how many of us have walked in and the 3-11 nurse, says all well no criticals.

So then on rounds you find a pt in respiratory distress, cyanotic!

Or in a coma due to hypogycemia, as they hadnt eaten dinner and the nurse still gave them their routine nph!!!!1

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Only problem I have with suits on nights, is that when they want to run fire drills, disaster codes etc., they always come at 6 AM (and are proud of themselves for coming in on the night shift). I have never ever had a drill run on nights for the last 17 years, at any other time. Does it matter that 6 A is when people start getting up, having the first round of AM meds, AM VS, and closing charts is all happening between 6 A and 7 A? Why no..........

On the other hand, suits have shown up on holidays at 1 or 2 to serve meals (no hot food any other time of the year though). Is the only 2 times I ever see them.:p

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