What do you all LOVE about night shift?

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I was just reading through the poll about night shift work load, and it started me thinking as to why everyone here works it and what they love about it? For me, it's a whole bunch of things. I like sleeping through the warmest part of the day, not having to be out in the sun. One of my favorite aspects is the comradery of night shifters and the team work taken to a level that I didn't know existed. We have people on nights that can smell trouble from across the unit and will be at that bedside with you before you even have a chance to exclaim "OH SH*T!" That and being able to party hardy on my nights off long after everyone else has gone to bed. It's nice taking advantage of the waking world, but it's more fun existing in the space where the strange and interesting come out in droves. :specs: So, how about everyone else?



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when I worked nights, I loved not having to answer the phone constantly.


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All of the above Indeed, not much of a bar hopper anymore though. And the best part of all- NO SUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Less visitors. Far fewer 9-5 people to trip over, far less doctors to deal with, more time to spend with the patients, definetly the team work. I also love walking on the beach from Sept to May just about everyday and few other people are there. It is peaceful. I can do what I need t do without having to worry about rushing around on a day off to get all that stuff done.

Only real downside for me is fatigue. Doubt I'll do days again. Tried it for 2 years and ended up going back to where the real work is done!!!! Just kidding all you day babes!!!!


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I like seeing my family when I'm rested, not when I'm just as exhausted after a long day. :)

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I love sleeping during the day, because I don't have to sleep as long to feel just as rested.

I work in ICU, and we only have visiting hours once during night shift. Don't get me wrong; I actually enjoy talking to the families and answering questions. I just don't like explaining the same thing three times during the day shift visits, when nothing has changed, and getting asked if the doctor has come yet, etc...

I like trying to sneak in and do an assessment without waking the patient (except for those I'm having to do neuro checks on). I enjoy the challenge of troubleshooting a vent or IV pump with only the light from the hall. :D

I like having to consider all my options and figuring out what I can do first before calling the doctor. On days, you hit one little snag and you pick up the phone.

I like not having to sit there and deal with the MDs on rounds. I like most of our doctors, but some of them won't write all their orders, they'll call out half and write half, so you have to be paying close attention to make sure you got everything. If they are writing anyway, why not write EVERYTHING?! :angryfire

I also like being able to get my notes open before 9. On days it's sometimes almost noon before I get the AM assessment charted. And I usually end up leaving something out because I have to keep stopping to jump up and talk to a doc or family.

There usually aren't as many meds to give, and the ones you do have to give are usually IVP or IVPBs, so you don't have to wake the patient (although you usually do).

You can also leave the TV on in a empty room or the room of a sedated/comatose patient and catch some really weird late night TV. Love those infomercials.

I enjoy bathing my patients; getting them clean and sweet smelling. The only drawback is that the family doesn't get to enjoy it as I never have time to do baths before visiting hour.

But the best part is my co-workers! They are so helpful and full of good ideas and advice, and they often help me figure out what to do when I'm in a quandry. On days they just say, call the MD.


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First and foremost, there are no suits.:p

The comradery you have with coworkers is great. I've never felt that on days or 3-11's.

There are no doctors getting in the way, no ward clerks to mess up orders, no patient relatives asking nonsensical questions (..."he ordered rye bread. Why did he get saltines? [real incident]), no vendors handing out cheap ballpoint pens that don't work:( , nobody being paged overhead. Nights rock!:cool:


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That I can be myself and not have to deal with mangement or whining coworkers stressed out about mangement?

I got to admit the teamwork is a big big plus to working nites, theirs a different feel to it then swing shift work.. I miss the interaction with certian clients, but all in all its doable right know.


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i like the teamwork...such a different atmosphere. however, in the er, 3p-aprx. 4a are the busiest hours. i have seen it busier at 3a than it was at 3p 12 hours earlier. most of the interesting stuff happens when the sun goes down. i've met superman and jesus christ, but not on the same night. we've had the secret service in many times, and one night our doc had to fend off a drunk with a 3-hole punch! less politics, less bs. on the negative side, we just don't get the staffing like days. last night we were a nurse short, no float, no transport services... and the start of a holiday weekend no less. go figure lr

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Everything everyone else said...and, of course,



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I love hearing, "Attention please, visiting hours are over" at 8:30pm. I know family members care greatly about their loved ones, but I can get a lot more done without them in my face all the time. Ambien and Restoril are also my friends during a long 12 hour shift.

First of all, Dito!

For some reason night shifters have a certain bond, it is hard to explain. And I have noticed that the night shift is infinetly more warped than day shifters! My last job but the day shift was full of past high school cheerleaders that never really left highschool (don't get me wrong, there were some nurses on day shift that were warped like me, but they were few and far between). I was on days then went back to where I really belong, oh glorious nights! Where you can talk about sh** over dinner and no one thinks you are weird! LOL



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yes night shift rocks i do the 11-7 shift at this time neuro floor so checks are done q2 to 4 hours but love the work and also at night when pt want somthing they enjoy a little humor and are amazed at what you can do with no lights on lol

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