What kind of PSYCH disorder does this sound like?

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I tried googling it but can't come up with anything or a way to describe this type of communication and what psychological disorder it commonly accompanies, if any. Maybe one of you knows!

1) Someone uses third person to describe things they did/think/feel.

Examples: "It was suggested to him to turn the volume on the TV down so others could talk." Instead of a more direct and appropriate way to say, "I suggested he turn the TV volume down so I could talk.".

"It could be considered a terrible time in one's life." Instead of a better way, "It was a terrible time in my life."

"The things that were said were very hurtful." Instead of, "The things you said to me hurt me."

Other characteristics accompany this person's communication style too.

2) She asks questions repeatedly, possibly worded very slightly differently when she gets a response she doesn't like, expect or agree with. It's as if she will not let go of a question until it is answered in the manner she needs.

3) She absolutely cannot accept or discuss the possibility of her being wrong or making a mistake. Being called out on this causes malicious retaliation against the "attacker" and turning the topic on the accusers faults and mistakes. If the "attacker" is not emotionally injured or insulted in return, she becomes livid and decides to have nothing to do with the person.

4) She rejects people who attempt to get close to her that she has not invited or approved, and controls those closest to her that she has chosen as her minions. If her minions manage to squeak out an opinion contrary to hers, that minion is subsequently threatened and verbally abused until put back in their place. She has the last word.

5) She uses frequent threats of suing, or involving law authorities to defend her opinion on a matter, because of course she is right and cannot be wrong and is completely justified by any means possible to right the situation, even if use of the justice system is inappropriate to the situation.

6) She obviously wears her feelings on a sleeve but thinks she is hiding it, and pretends to be unshakable. She cannot tolerate expressing her feelings and is very uncomfortable when others cry and are emotionally and physically expressive.

7) She is masterful at twisting words, implying meanings and manipulating and lying.

What kind of person is this!?!? I want to help her and make her better!

Sounds like one of the RNs on my unit, aka the co-worker from hell.

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I see nothing wrong with how the person words things, as you describe things in #1. That's just how some people talk. It's not indicative of a psych disorder.

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I'm going to guess personality disorder(s). Which ones? Borderline, narcissistic, histrionic and antisocial come to mind. She may have traits from one/some/all...it may very well be personality disorder NOS.

Also #5: she may very well be right about what she's getting upset over. Don't have enough details to tell you a definite Yay or Nay.

And #2 describes a common tactic used by most normal children :)

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With hundreds of DSM-IV psych (are we onto V yet?) diagnoses I'm in awe that even a psychiatrist can make an accurate diagnosis.

My personal favorite is "malingering". There's a code for that, lol.

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This sounds a bit personal and making on online diagnosis is not something I would recommend as well as goes against the Terms of Service of the site as approaching medical advice

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Perhaps someone with a social disorder affecting interpersonal relations? Maybe something on the autism spectrum or Asperger's. Doesn't seem like she can connect and work cooperatively with other people. She's too 'in her own head'.

Could be anything, from a UTI, to dementia to a psych d/o. to a co-worker.

Most notably a personality d/o theme to it. (google Borderline personaility disorder)

And hopefully this is your homework and not a person you know, and this is not meant as diagnostic or medical advice in any way shape or form. Could be me when I am PMS'ing...... (no, not really.....)

.....or a boatload of teenagers that I know......

Thanks for your responses. Not asking you all to diagnose or to advise me on what to do with this person, just point me in the right direction to get the information I need. Psych is not my strong point and I have no where to start. LOL to some of you, does sound like a teenager. I am most worried about early onset dementia as the behaviours are escalating and becoming more problematic. But, in most other ways it doesn't sound like dementia.

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