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What kind of Nurse do you want to be?

Have you decided what your area of specialty is going to be. Once all this hard work and studying is over with?

I am thinking a CRNA what about you?

Thedreamer specializes in PCU/Hospice/Oncology.

OR and/or ER are the goals I have right now. I really enjoy them! Woot ^^

I really want to work in long term care. I volunteered for years at a nursing home, and I like caring for old people. That's my goal.

Thedreamer specializes in PCU/Hospice/Oncology.

The elderly really need people who care about them! Go go eldragon!

Long term I think I want to do critical care or maybe ER nursing.

When I get out of school I might work at a local hospital for a year before I start traveling and working for a travel agency. I had a cousin who did that for a few years and she said she really liked it and she made really good money, so I figure if I'm going to do that I better do it while I'm young and before I try to settle down and raise a family.

One of my long, long term goals is to get into nurse anesthesia. But that's really long term.

nightshifter415 specializes in The multi-faceted world of Med-Surg!.

CRNA was something I was thinking about as well. Right now I'm on a surgical unit and I really like it, but I guess that's why I'm so excited about finishing school because once we're nurses we have so many opportunities to try a little of everything.

RNDreamer specializes in acute care.

Areas I'd like to experience:med/surg, icu, er, home health.....then my long term goals: CRNA or practitioner

IrishIzCPNP specializes in Pediatrics, High-Risk L&D, Antepartum, L.

Peds or younger.

There is no doubt in my mind that I will be either in Peds or NICU. If I'm working with adults at first it's only an in between job.

I would really like to get an NP in neonatology but that is far into the future and I may change my mind.

I know people say keep your mind open and that's what I'm doing...

It's either peds, nicu or NP in either one...maybe OB. That's about as open as I get...there is no doubt in my mind that my place in the field is in the hospital doing one of the above.

I cringe when I hear LTC. I don't know how people can do it. More power to you because it's one less person I have to fight a peds or NICU spot for ;)

I bet you'll never guess.

Actually, I want to work in L&D for a few years and then get my masters to be a CNM. :)

I am checking out each area as it comes up in school. If you asked me five years ago, it would have been Labor and Delivery, but I haven't had that clinical rotation yet, so who knows? I really liked the PACU, I don't know exactly why, but I did. The whole experience of getting into nursing school and passing Level I has been great, and I feel like a lot of things that have happened felt like FATE. For example, choosing the better of the two classes, I just really love my classmates, and stumbling upon someone that needed a ride to the same hospital for clinicals and becoming great friends. Its all up to FATE and hard work, so I reserving judgement on where i belong until I have seen everything our nursing program has to offer. I still like that PACU though...and I have heard many stories of people that thought they would LOVE one area, like Peds, and then hate it during clinical. Or people that stumbled into LTC and wouldn't work anywhere else. I think it comes down to two things, you gotta like your patients, and have a good work environment, and then its all good...

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