What inspired you to become a nurse?

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I'm heading off to college soon and I still can't decide on a career. I am very curious about becoming a nurse and was wondering anyone could give me advice or tell me their story of why they became a nurse. I'm not sure what type of nursing I am interested in yet ..

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I honestly can't tell you what inspired me to become a nurse. I got in because it was stable, and I always liked science.

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My mother was very sick my whole childhood. She had to have emergency stomach surgery at Loma Linda when I was about 8 years old. I stayed with my mom in her room; made a pallet in the floor next to her bed. The nurses there would take me to the cafeteria to eat and one even took me to the gift shop and bought me a stencil book. They not only took excellent care of my mother, but they took care of me as well. I knew that I wanted to impact someone's life like they impacted mine.

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A favorite line of mine from the movie "Wonder Boys", that is said by both the characters of Michael Douglas and Tobey McQuire, goes: "There's a story behind it. But it's not very interesting."

Actually, the story is very interesting. To me, only. And, as Dennis Hopper sid in another movie, "Just because it happened to you doesn't make it interesting" (to others).

Bottomline to what inspired me to become a nurse: Interest. Job Security. I've never regetted the decision.

Thanks for askin', iheart.


I'm not a nurse yet, but I'll tell you why I want to become one. When I was 15 i was hospitalized and having a difficult time coping with what happened to me. The two nurses I had were so great and truly cared. My mom even cried when we left and gave them both cards and a precious moments nurse thing. We were both so touched by them and it inspired me to want to be like them and help others! Nurses make the difference!

What inspired you to become a nurse?

Food and shelter.

wanna hear my story?you can read it in the articles section..it's entitled "how I fell inlove with nursing"..:-)

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When I was 18, I knew I was supposed to become a nurse, but I wasn't ready yet. I have always had a strong desire to help people and I was so inspired by what so many nurses do. They RUN the hospitals. Think about it, your doctor comes in for 5 mins, but the nurses are there with you the entire time. I had to go out, explore other avenues, and 10 years later it's still the right choice for me. I start my program in September and couldn't be more excited.

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My mother :) who is also a nurse and taugh me a great amount of knowledge and life values before I went into nursing. Long line of nurses and other healthcare professionals in my family.

This is my first post here on allnurses because all of the questions I have had so far have been easily answered by searching old posts. I did however want to reply to this question.

On December 19, 2008 my Aunt, cousin, niece and nephew were in a head on collision with a coal truck. My Aunt and nephew, JT 7 years old, were killed and my niece, Brianna 5 years old, suffered a diffuse axonal injury. My cousin, Tori 4 years old, walked away with a black eye which was a blessing but unfortunately she has a perfect recollection of her mother dying. We were in the hospital with Brianna for months, first in PICU and then on the Rehab floor. That is when I learned what nurses do, you all make the unbearable bearable. I was pregnant with my first at the time of the wreck so after he was born in June I went back to school and took the sciences I lacked for the nursing program and started the program 2 weeks ago. Our 2 favorite nurses from Brianna's hospital stay were the first ones I "facebooked" to tell I had gotten in to the program.

Don't ever think that what you do doesn't matter. And don't feel bad about complaining about the pay, it could never be enough for all that you do. To all the nurses out there, thank you! I can't wait to join all of you!

I as well became a nurse because of the economy and the stability of the career. I was not sure how i would like it, but i absolutley love being a nurse! It is enjoyable every day.:)

I'm not there yet, not even in the nursing program but I'll share why it seems fitting for me.

For the most part, you can decide your schedule, not totally but you are not working five days a week all day long. I love staying home with my boys and plan to homeschool but I would also like to move into a nicer house one day so to work I go.

My spiritual gift is mercy. What better way to put that to use. Nothing says mercy better than showing compassion and caring for those who need it.

And lastly, like many others have said, job security. A good friend of mine was an RN before she even had kids, worked for a bit after her first was born then decided to be a stay-at-home-mom for five years. She made two phone calls and got a job just like that (it DID help quite a bit that she used to work there!) she had a job again. Fast forward about six months she is not house nurse in the ER. I know it won't always work like that but it does give me hope!

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