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  1. bhenry2010

    A Staff Nurse's Fantasy

    hahaha!! amazing! ^^ it would be a perfect world if that actually happend!:)
  2. bhenry2010

    Charting... tips

    Accurate charting is VERY important. i was the same way throughout nursing school, i didnt realize how to chart or what was needed along with it. You will learn so much when you get our there and start working as a nurse.
  3. bhenry2010

    My friends won't be in my study group!

    very well said ^!!
  4. bhenry2010

    Nursing Opportunities Expected To Increase

    I sure hope there is going to be a nursing shortage there is a TON of new nurses graduating every 6 months... lets just hope it doesnt get too saturated...
  5. dont get involved in the politics!!!
  6. bhenry2010

    What does "36-hour night shift" mean?

    yes it usually means (3) 12-hour shifts usually 7p-7a
  7. bhenry2010

    Nursing school sucks!

    Youll be done before you know it!! keep your eye on the end of the tunnel!! its worth it....
  8. bhenry2010

    I just ROCKED my final! :)

  9. bhenry2010

    New LPN students??

    LPN school is an awsome experience!!! My recommendation is to continue to RN when your done!!:)
  10. bhenry2010

    How did you get your LTC job?

    I just went to the DNS (directer of nursing services) and asked if they were hiring at the moment. LTC facilities are always looking for nurses.
  11. bhenry2010

    How many set of scrubs do you own?

    I own around 10 pairs of scrubs. the colors do not seem to fade quickly at all.
  12. bhenry2010

    What inspired you to become a nurse?

    I as well became a nurse because of the economy and the stability of the career. I was not sure how i would like it, but i absolutley love being a nurse! It is enjoyable every day.:)