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  1. Out of 33 students, 11 graduated in my LPN class. Yes, the credits do transfer to a bridge program, but many of them require you you to have at least 2-3 years working experience first. I have to say, dollar for dollar it was the best nursing education I ever received. I recently finished my BSN and I'm starting a masters program in the fall. Best of luck to you.
  2. GoodtimeRN

    Chamberlain online RN to BSN review

    I switched over from UT Arlington to Chamberlain and so far I LOVE IT!!! It's so much less work than Arlington. I'm currently in the algebra class and nurse 351, I have 98% in both classes. Did I mention I work full time and have a 4 month old baby? The classes are 8 weeks each. The harder course, economics, they recently changed and you don't have to take it! You only need to complete 30 credits at Chamberlain. I needed 31! Just made it. I have 9 classes and I'll be done Dec. 18. Best decision I ever made! More expensive but way easier than UTA and so far I like it a lot better. My sister only has 4 classes left and she said it's minimal papers (she claims she hasn't written any). In Nurs 351 you have to write a short paper (500-600 words! it's like a page and a half) and they GIVE YOU the article to use and a template that you literally type your paper onto. I'd highly suggest switching over. I LOVE IT!
  3. GoodtimeRN

    Professional Nursing1300

    Or is the first nursing course supposed to be intro to professional nursing N3345? So confused.
  4. GoodtimeRN

    Professional Nursing1300

    I am getting ready take Math 1301 (I withdrew math1302 halfway through because it was ridiculous and I didn't feel I could pass). Would it be possible to take Professional Nursing 1300 along with Math 1301? I am off work or now (on maternity leave until April) and I have a 2 month old but I'll have childcare 2x a week for 5 hours for studying and I'm always up a few hours at night. Think I can swing the two classes? Thanks in advance for your input.
  5. GoodtimeRN

    Do you like being a LPN? :)

    I found the RN to be much easier than the LPN because most of it is material that is reinforced, not new. The last semester it really got more in depth as far as understanding and interpreting labs and cause and effect. Overall it is just time consuming, there are a lot of papers to write and busy work, but it's doable especially if the information is still fresh in your mind. Keep this in mind: do not underestimate LPN school. I always did well in school and I just tested out of my RN school with a very high grade, but LPN program was the most difficult year of hell I ever had to go through. There is so much information stuffed into a small time frame. You literally have 2-3 EXAMS a week. I studied every single night and I'd wake up at 430am to study the day of exams and quizzes. Oh, plus clinicals 4 days a week. My class started with 32 and only 11 graduated. For the RN clinicals are only 2 days a week. If you can survive the LPN the RN will be a breeze.
  6. GoodtimeRN

    Do you like being a LPN? :)

    Although I have only been a LPN for 2 years and I just finished my RN, I'll give you my observations: I work in a subacute rehab center, we also have LTC and a vent unit. Two of the three unit managers are LPNs (vent unit manager has BSN). In addition, our weekend supervisor and 3-11 supervisors are LPNs. But keep in mind all of these nurses have 10+ years experience. It's not necessarily the letters behind their names, but their knowledge, insight and experience. Most hospitals require a BSN because the upper division courses focus more on management & leadership. If you want a management position I would suggest to continue on in your education. If you can get through a LPN program, the RN will be a piece of cake. Hope that helps to answer your questions.
  7. I believe it is because once you are licensed, your scope of practice is greater than a CNA. Say you are an RN working as a CNA and you have an emergency (your patient codes, has an MI, etc). As CNA it is in your scope to alert the nurse, you can't administer any meds or take any matters into your own hands. As the nurse, you have to initiate CPR, give nitro or aspirin, etc. It becomes a conflict because you are licensed to act but your job title limits what you can do. So if the person dies, the family can say "well you are a NURSE why didn't you do anything??" ...because you are working as a CNA, NOT the nurse.
  8. GoodtimeRN

    What is your current LPN salary

    Central NJ at the beach, high cost of living, new grad hired at sub-acute facility for $28/hr.
  9. GoodtimeRN

    Do new grads find jobs as LVN?

    I graduated in July, got licensed in September, and just got hired on a sub-acute unit!!! I start an 8-week orientation in about a month. I had applied to about 20 facilities before things finally fell into place. The best advice I could give any nursing student would be to get a job in a facility you want to work at after you graduate. Whether it's CNA, unit secretary, etc, it will boost your chances of getting hired and you will already be familiar with the unit and the people in charge. Best of luck to you!!!
  10. GoodtimeRN

    Questions to ask an lvn that i have to interview

    Maybe ask her what her daily routine is like, how she manages her time, things like that.
  11. GoodtimeRN

    NJ Licensure after passing NCLEX

    I sent in my application on July 25, got the ATT (Authorization to test) August 10, tested August 19, fingerprinted September 1, got my license September 19. And now, about 5 weeks later, I got a job!
  12. GoodtimeRN


    Becoming a LPN is an extremely overwhelming process. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time adjusting, but I promise that soon you'll get used to it. And just when you think you can't take anymore, you'll be off for Thanksgiving or Christmas break. It is extremely exhausting, but eventually everything just clicks and it all fits together. Don't get discouraged now, you've already sacrificed so much to do this! It must be really difficult not having your son there with you. Once you get into the groove of school maybe you could work out times/days to spend with him, and you could always skype on the off days. Trust me, at first it's all so overwhelming, but it DOES get better. And it FLIES BY! And then all of a sudden, you're graduating! Hang in there!
  13. GoodtimeRN

    CNA or Med Aide while in LVN school??

    I would just stay a CNA. Once you are in school, you are not going to have the time to work too many hours anyway. I had my CNA certification but I never worked as one during LPN school and now I'm kicking myself for it. The people who are CNA's are almost guaranteed jobs after graduation, while the rest of us are searching and praying to get hired! Just stay doing what you're doing and you'll be fine!
  14. GoodtimeRN

    One quick question...

    In my program you were allowed to miss one clinical day per specialty (about 5 total) but at the end they definitely count every minute! They told us in the beginning that if you miss more, you have to pay to make them up after everyone else has graduated. So you could still go on, but your graduation would just be held up. Hopefully the missing days won't hold you back! Good luck!
  15. GoodtimeRN

    NCLEX on Thursday...... I feel absolutely horrified

    I'm taking mine on Friday, too!!! I'm so anxious and nervous, I'm just trying to study my Exam Cram and do as many practice (and SATA) questions as possible and focus on the areas I need the most review (like pedi and maternity). GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
  16. In addition to the tuition, you have to pay for books (you can buy them as you go, you won't need them all at once, look on half.com), uniforms (about $50 each, you'll only need 1 for phase one, then about 3-4 total for phases two and three), all white nursing shoes, and that's about it until graduation, which you'll need $50 for pin & flower, about $40 for dress/hat, and $400 to board of nursing & nclex.