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  1. Can I still apply to new grad positions?

    Go for it, apply! Worse case is you don't get it :)
  2. Solutions Staffing/Travel Nurse

    Hi all, Considering something nursing! Has anyone ever worked for Solutions Staffing in Canada? How are they as an employer? How are the assignments? Are there orientation for each assignment? Any input is welcomed. Thanks in advance, y...
  3. Med Surg or ER for New Grad

    I've always been told, and believe, that your first year out of nursing school as a new grad is your "fifth year of nursing school" cause you learn so much in the first year no matter where you work! I was a new grad, did a year on a med surg unit a...
  4. Need help understanding an insulin drip

    I think sometimes you hang D10W with insulin drip so the pt won't go hypoglycemic. Not 100% sure but I think I heard something along those lines once lol.
  5. Thank you for that letter. I have only been in nursing for a year. After reading this letter it makes me want to be a better nurse :)
  6. Zeroing the!

    Thanks for the help!!! Really appreciate it!
  7. Zeroing the!

    Can someone please please please talk me through zeroing a line, such as an art line or cvp line? I'm new to critical care and go so intimidated with all these lines. My biggest issue is when I have to zero the line. I have so many silly questions: 1...
  8. All Nurses/Cna's in Ortho

    Ortho units are heavy watch your back! All patients (except for some of your rotator cuffs) will require assistance with almost everything they do and therefore it's a risky place to injure yourself so don't do any lifting, etc (in any uni...
  9. ER Nursing Texts for the New Grad

    I'd recommend the text they use for teaching TNCC (trauma ER course) as well as a handy reference book I take with me to work all the time. Here's the links:
  10. Heparin Flush for CVC

    We use saline for our PICCs and heparin flush for the triple lumen CVP lines (hospital)
  11. A real nurse

    I see it as I am a "real nurse" because I am the one with the client, helping them at the bedside every way I can, watching them suffer. That's what makes me a real nurse. The nurse who sits behind the desk with her degrees and writes about it all, t...
  12. ER?

    Just starting working in ER and ICU and have to say I LOVE ICU but can hardly stand ER...just not my thing. Too unorganized and you don't know you're patient, only the 10 minutes you spend with them finding out why they are here. Staff ratio is horri...
  13. A posterior wall MI could be a possibility if you saw reciprocal changes on the EKG (which I don't know what the EKG was). Giving NTG S/L would decreased their blood pressure due to decreased preload in the RV and therefore decreased CO. Therefore yo...
  14. Torn between Nursing and Medicine

    I've always believe that if you "care" about your patients...follow nursing. If you care about the science...medicine. lol.
  15. Job Prospects in Toronto for New Grad RN

    I find it really hard to understand how there is such a critical nursing shortage but no job offers. All the places I've applied to have given me many job opportunities right away, although I haven't applied to any major centres such as TO. Good luc...