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  1. A Beautiful Nightmare

    I hope this story would be enough to sustain a little more inspiration that you have..'put His faith in me'..that was something I realized after all that i've been through..yes,He still have the most beautiful surprises..and I guess,He is cooking som...
  2. A Beautiful Nightmare

    i'll be with you in praying for your own little're was very,very trying experience..and it wasn't just before the exams that I experienced it..almost all the time that I was in school,this was a constant problem..but hey,i surv...
  3. How I Fell in Love with Nursing

    you're welcome!i'm so glad you enjoyed it,and took something from's my pleasure..=)
  4. A Beautiful Nightmare

    thank you!i'm glad you enjoyed reading this article..well I enjoyed writing it too!hehe..ö
  5. A Beautiful Nightmare

    thank you so is now that i've realized that I have focused on the financial aspects of my personal tortures..yeah,it really gave me a hard time..but there were a lot of other instances that I have not mentioned..and it all piled up on me lik...
  6. How I Fell in Love with Nursing

    it is so flattering for you to say that you want to be like ME someday..thank you for seeing me as a good example..but I am no great person..i just had a story to tell and touching your life in this very little way is a the best you can ...
  7. How I Fell in Love with Nursing

    @hello-wannabe: which one?the article or the prayers?hehe..anyway,whatever it is,you're welcome..thanks for dropping by, too..ö
  8. How I Fell in Love with Nursing

    thank you so much..your appreciation is a priceless reward for me..yes,nursing really did find a way to enter my i'm praying for more future nurses to answer their calling so that we can see a lot more smiles in our patients..i hope my pray...
  9. A Beautiful Nightmare

    thank you all!=p
  10. How I Fell in Love with Nursing

    thanks to all of you guys..your comments moved me to tears..i never thought that I would get this much appreciation..thank you all.thank you,kudos to you!you are a venue where people can touch each others lives..kudos to all nurses and ...
  11. A Beautiful Nightmare

    "Tit-tit!Tit-tit!Tit-tit!" I woke up to the continuous beeping of my mobile phone. At first I thought that I was just dreaming. But there goes my phone again, wailing in the wee hours of the morning. I swear I could've thrown it out of my sight if on...
  12. How I Fell in Love with Nursing

    Thank you! My only fulfillment in writing this is that I have inspired and touched peoples' lives. Kudos to all nurses!
  13. Question for Nurses:)

    sweetie,the fact that you are asking this question already proves that what you feel is normal..:-) see,it's not only you who feels this way..and not only aspiring nurses like you have this doubts in mind..our best engineers have onced asked the...
  14. What inspired you to become a nurse?

    wanna hear my story?you can read it in the articles's entitled "how I fell inlove with nursing"..:-)
  15. Have you always known you wanted to be a nurse?

    haha!amazing..i just passed an article to this site answering this very the author: if you wanna know my side of the story,you can read it from the article below entitled:"How I Fell Inlove with Nursing".. :-D

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