What should I do??? New grad with 2 job offers...


I have a job offer at a big city hospital on the Burn unit. I know I would be exposed to a million things here, especially since they are also considered an ICU. However, I'm sure it's extremely stressful. It pays the same as....

A job offer at a convent. Yes, that's right, a convent. It's suppose to be a WONDERFUL place to work. They only have an opening b/c a nurse that has been there for many years is moving away to be closer to her grandkids. I have a friend who is a CNA there, and she says I would be crazy not to take it. It pays the exact same as the hospital.

Being a new nurse and all, I know I should probably take the hosp job. However, I hear sooo much about hospital burnout. Ugggh. What to do, what to do.

My mom made a pretty good point. She wanted me to take the Convent job - "life's too short to be all stressed out", but then we realized that, this day & age, not too many are joining a convent - will I have a job in 15or 20 years down the road? Hmmmmm.

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When you interview or go into the job description part, stop and think of questions you wish to really know the answers too before signing on the dotted line!

There are many little loop holes in nursing...overtime that is mandated, 401K and insurance items, mandatory meetings, switches to other units without notice, bonuses that never come through (I was to get one and I didn't get it in writing..they canceled bonuses..I got NOTHING!), staffing ratios, CNA help or on your own, floats and floating schedules, unions or not, and so on. All facilities ask for flexiblity...please have them define that in writing...I found my facility found that flexiblity meant they call you come period or they can dismiss you...you really want to know that!

Vacations...how long before you get one and can you get one without too much trouble with seniority issues. Weekends? Shift differentials, Overtime pay, family or illness time off issues, maternity leave, and so on. BE SPECIFIC and get it in writing...the better employer will understand these questions and accomidate!

Also, if you have the chance ask to shadow a nurse before you choose. Only with a nurse that has worked there and see what they do will you see what is in store. Again, a good employer will accomidate for this..shows them you are smart, and if they don't want a smart nurse..well...to heck with them...a signal for trouble later on if you want to make suggestions or stand up for yourself! TRUST ME!

Good luck to you, and know yourself well and respect YOU! Find the position that seems to share in your ideals, your career, and your well being!


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I think it all depends on your situation. For example, if you want to be an NP or CRNA, then you would need the hospital experience. If you're not going for your MSN, then it's a matter of your convenience.


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Take the hospital job, it's the best place for a new grad.

(Now give me the info on the convent job, I'll take it off your hands. :))


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The hospital job will definitely give you more experience and has more opportunities for a new grad nurse... and may even provide more benefits than the convent. Check out what more the convent has to offer you before making a final decision.

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Take the hospital job, it's the best place for a new grad.

(Now give me the info on the convent job, I'll take it off your hands. :))

No no no . . .I want the convent job!!!

I think your mom makes a good point -

You should check out both jobs though - but think seriously about what kind of life you want to lead.

Hey, do you get weekends and holidays off at that convent job?



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ME ME ME.I want the convent job...Might not be the greatest nursing experience, but an experience all the same...A wonderful oppurtunity to work close with your patients and learn some valuable people skills!


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Those are both fabulous opportunities! During nursing school, I got to rotate to a convent for a few weeks, and I absolutely loved it! I do have to agree with the other posters that a hospital is the best place to get experience, but that really depends on what you want long-term for YOU. Go with your gut and your heart.

Best of luck!

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I agree that you should shadow for at least an entire shift at each place before deciding.

I also depends on what you want out of your nursing career. If you're more into the high tech, adrenaline, sicky type pts...go for the burn unit. If you're more into the personal relationships/long term care side of things, go for the convent.

Or, you could work at the convent, and try to work per diem in the hospital somewhere, to get the best of both worlds, so to speak.


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Shadow at both places. Go with the job that corresponds with your long-term goals...the hospital is the best place if you plan on becoming an NP. If not, the convent job may be great.


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Hi, the convent sounds cool... However if it is the Catholic Church.... They don't pay into unemployment........... I know someone who works for the chuch, (not as a nurse) and would get nothing if laid off. The Health ins for a religious organization can be strange too.. like the health ins. wont pay for birth control... GET ALL THE INFO.......... If the convent is in ITALY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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Or, you could work at the convent, and try to work per diem in the hospital somewhere, to get the best of both worlds, so to speak.

I like this idea... best of both worlds

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