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  1. Utica College Online ABSN

    So how is the program in St Pete? The reviews are unsettling.
  2. Utica College Online ABSN

    Which program in FL? Miramar or St Pete?
  3. medical prep institute of tampa bay

    Any recent information on this school? Where do they do clinicals?
  4. Utica College Online ABSN

    I am.
  5. Hi,

    how did you clear up group one?

  6. College of Mount St Joseph MAGELIN- Direct Entry MSN.

    January 2014 you mean, right?
  7. College of Mount St Joseph MAGELIN- Direct Entry MSN.

    Any idea on how many student they accept for each cohort? I wont be able to get my completed application in until at least December and have all the pre-reqs save one. My last transcript is what will cause the delay. I have been eyeing the progam at ...
  8. Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati

    Is the August start date still a four semester program.? If you start in August 2013 you finish in December 2014?
  9. Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati

    Hi. I am applying to the MAGELIN program for 2013. I thought the program only had one start date in May? Is there an option of a start in August? Did things change? Thanks.
  10. Direct Entry MSN Programs 2013

    Hi. I'm looking at the Direct Entry MSN at the College of Mount Saint Joseph in Cincinnati.
  11. Hello, I was wondering if anyone here has recently done this program or thinking about attending. It is a 15 month program at the College of Mount St Joseph in Cincinnati. I applied and was set to go awhile back, but did not go for many reasons. Here...
  12. Remington College of Nursing - Orlando

    May I have the name of your real estate agent? Thank you.
  13. Drexel University ACE Spring 2011

    Yeah I don't undertand it either, but I sent Ms Englemann an e-mail asking her why. Well at least you will be all settled come Spring. I will be on the Semester at Sea program from August-Dec, so I really don't want to get a place until December, but...
  14. Drexel University ACE Spring 2011

    Are you moving up and taking the apartment now, then?
  15. Drexel University ACE Spring 2011

    So they are asking me to send a copy of my birth certificate. I don't understand why. Did they ask anyone else for a birth certificate?