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  1. Hi,

    how did you clear up group one?

  2. January 2014 you mean, right?
  3. Any idea on how many student they accept for each cohort? I wont be able to get my completed application in until at least December and have all the pre-reqs save one. My last transcript is what will cause the delay. I have been eyeing the progam at MSJ sine it was a MN program in 2007 and I am thrilled that it is now an MSN. I really think this is the direction I am being lead. I am so ready to get on to nursing school and get going with things as I have put this off for so long.
  4. sunnyjohn

    Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati

    Is the August start date still a four semester program.? If you start in August 2013 you finish in December 2014?
  5. sunnyjohn

    Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati

    Hi. I am applying to the MAGELIN program for 2013. I thought the program only had one start date in May? Is there an option of a start in August? Did things change? Thanks.
  6. sunnyjohn

    Direct Entry MSN Programs 2013

    Hi. I'm looking at the Direct Entry MSN at the College of Mount Saint Joseph in Cincinnati.
  7. Hello, I was wondering if anyone here has recently done this program or thinking about attending. It is a 15 month program at the College of Mount St Joseph in Cincinnati. I applied and was set to go awhile back, but did not go for many reasons. Here again I am interested. If anyone else is thinking about MSJ or at MSJ, let's talk.
  8. sunnyjohn

    Remington College of Nursing - Orlando

    May I have the name of your real estate agent? Thank you.
  9. sunnyjohn

    Drexel University ACE Spring 2011

    Yeah I don't undertand it either, but I sent Ms Englemann an e-mail asking her why. Well at least you will be all settled come Spring. I will be on the Semester at Sea program from August-Dec, so I really don't want to get a place until December, but I would sign a lease now so I could have everything settled. Is your place a high rise? Near school? Pet friendly?
  10. sunnyjohn

    Drexel University ACE Spring 2011

    Are you moving up and taking the apartment now, then?
  11. sunnyjohn

    Drexel University ACE Spring 2011

    So they are asking me to send a copy of my birth certificate. I don't understand why. Did they ask anyone else for a birth certificate?
  12. sunnyjohn

    Drexel University ACE Spring 2011

    I think I would prefer living close to school to, even though I know we'll have to move around for clinicals, it will give me some security that first quarter. 2 puppies, a ferret and a boyfriend? Wow. I just have to wrangle my two cats, but they are good travellers.
  13. sunnyjohn

    Drexel University ACE Spring 2011

    Kanhosa, SoAnxious, have you guys settled on apartments yet? Are you trying to live near to school?
  14. sunnyjohn

    Drexel ACE--- Where to live? Apartments and such

    So many of us are moving long distances to go to Drexel, I thought we should have a thread about living arrangements. Roomates, neighborhoods, apartment buildings, transportation, all of it. Of course, you should not list personal email addresses, but we can still share.
  15. sunnyjohn

    Drexel University ACE Spring 2011

    Anyone started looking for places to live yet? I want to move up to Philly in January to take a Biology classes (to finish up some other work I was doing) and to get acclimated to my surroundings. I want to find a place this summer as apartment hunting is so much easier in summer than it is in Jan. Since I will be travelling Aug-Dec, I've really want this squared away by the end of July. Even if I don't move in until Dec or Jan I would at least like to put in my application and sign a lease. I have two cats who are well trained, so I have to know I have to look early. Anyone fins anything?
  16. sunnyjohn

    Drexel ACE Fall 2010

    Hey Cheesetoe, Do you mind PM'ing me info on your apartment? I'l be starting Drexel in the Spring of 2011, but I want to get my apartment at least squared away now as I will be travelling August-December and moving up to Philly in Jan. Thanks. If anyone knows and would like to share other buildings they have found, let me know.