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  1. Food insecurity in America.......

    I agree, this is troubling for me to bear, but it's a fact and we must face it. Perhaps, we can divert some funds and create programs for these children as they are a priority. Maxs
  2. ATT (authorization to test)

    Hi guys, I was just wondering how long did you normally have to wait to receive your ATT letter after you registered with Pearson-vue. Are there ways they can expedite the process? I gave them my email and on their website it says "it could take up ...
  3. Did any of you go to these schools??

    thank you, this means so much to me.l
  4. Marriage and Nursing school ?

    It's hard, but it might be a good indicator of the potency of your love. Maybe one of the reason's why your getting a career change is because you probably don't love your lover as much. First thing to do is to examine your thoughts and mind. Evidenc...
  5. Male Nursing

    nursing is fun! Even OB/Gyn rotation, it all depends on your clinical instructor. I had the best clinical instructor therefore, I never had any problems. All the girls helped me out whenever I needed. There's a lot to a nursing career, so, I would re...
  6. Having hard time with Pre-Reqs

    HI I am currently a 23 old UIC (university of Illinois at Chicago-top 3 nursing school in the nation) nursing student. I AM A SENIOR AND I HAVE 2 MORE SEMESTERS TO GO. SO WRITE THIS DOWN OR BOOK MARK IT.
  7. Main Problem In The Nursing Field?

    -Shortage of males in the nursing field which makes it so different from any other career for one. -we can standardize the care, but how can you standardize compassion? So, in this society that we live in, BIG companies have managed to make people ...
  8. Man-hater in my clinical

    Vent! I am being sympathetic. Maxs
  9. should this girl pass nursing school?

    it sounds like a personal problem to me. Maxs
  10. A&P and basic Chemistry

    yeah it's possible
  11. Can I stomach nursing???

    Work as a CNA because it prepares you more than some of the prerequisites will prep you. Maxs
  12. Scholarships for men wanting to be nurses?

    Well, check with your financial aid advisors because they know more about this topic then anyone. I don't think community colleges, offer scholarships in general (because they already their system is different than those of universities) however, if ...
  13. What I am Taking This Summer (Is it too much?)

    On the positive side the math is not against you because my calculations predict that you will have to sleep 6 hrs a day, 1 hr for your baby, 3 hrs to eat, travel, bowel, showers, brush and etc. So, you will pretty much have 98 hrs to study in a week...
  14. Accused of Racism!

    Your work environment is good factor and since you honestly haven't said anything to offend her in anyway. I think you should get some people on your side and sue for character defamation. Maxs
  15. Accused of Racism!

    Well, now, be honest and tell us about your work environment (demographics of the people that work there, the area this place is located, the majority of the people that live in the area and etc). Is she the only African American employed at this fac...