What should I bring with me on my first day in LTC?

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Tomorrow is my first day at my new job as an LPN and I was wondering what are some of your daily items that you bring to work with you other than a stethoscope, pen, mini note pad, pen light, bandage scissors, first aid kit, pulse ox, b/p cuff, etc. I am just trying to get an idea so I am not over/under prepared. Thanks again for all of your help

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a good attitude!!

and yes, Kattycakes, def more than one pen...maybe some Roller-blades as well? or wheelie shoes? i kid (sort of)

Good luck!

Congratulations! I'll reiterate what others said: just bring some pens and maybe a notebook. In fact, I'd create a "secret stash" of pens somewhere that only you know about....

keep a few ziplock bags of almonds or sunflower seeds in your car or locker in case you end up low on fuel.

go on Amazon and buy some mini-sharpie pens for labeling med cups & dressings. the mini ones save space and are handy, they are also clearly yours since facilities dont have those.

My scrubs have tool loops in the pockets, to which I clip a little zip spool for my med drawer keys to make sure they don't leave my person or get left on a countertop. Those mini sharpies have a keyring clip that goes right on there with the keys. Very handy rig that can keep stuff from flopping out of pockets onto the floor. The scrub tops I found with tool loops sewn inside the pockets and little pockets for alcohol pads are from Dove but you can probably sew your own in with a visit to the fabric store- I found some elastic stuff that would work really well.

I take a metal clip from a plastic nametag holder and snap its loop around the ring of bandage scissors and clip it in my pocket. keeps the scissors from ending up in dubious places like the floor or in a pt's bed.

The bottoms I wear are actually a sort of EMT/military pants (mine are 5.11 taclite lightweight) because they have an iphone pocket, cargo pockets for my little extras kit of stuff I don't always use or which they run out of frequently (penlight, pulse ox, an extra IV tubing and flush, a couple Mepilex), and belt loops- I use a wide 5.11 military belt which gives me some back support for lifting & keeps my pants up & comfy without being too bulky like a lift belt.

I always wear basketball high tops in nursing. Good ankle support and good lateral support since the motion of nurses feet is alot like basketball with lots of lateral movement and odd angles. Also the padding protects your malleoli from bed & cart wheels, equipment, wall edges, etc.

What I carry on me everyday: small notebook (or a few pieces of paper), pens, a sharpie, gloves and my bandage scissors.

What I sometimes have in my pockets: tape and gum.

What I keep in my locker: my stethoscope (our facility has them everywhere so I rarely have to carry one), tampons, deodorant, a few granola bars, drug guide, a pathophys book, Med-Surg Nursing demystified book, a clean pair of underwear (don't ask), extra pens and a manicure set (I tend to snag my fingernails at the absolute worst times).

I hate carrying a lot of stuff on me and I find I don't need to. Most facilities have their own equipment readily available. You will quickly get a feel for what you need and what you don't. I took a clipboard with me the first few days but found it to be too cumbersome.

Good luck to you!

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What does 5.11 mean in terms of your pants and belt?

I bought an electric bp cuff because my old facility had like 2 manual cuffs that were not calibrated and way off. The pulse oximeters were not very good but I never invested in my own. I carried a min of 2pens at all times and a highlighter. I used the facility stethoscopes because I didnt want my littman stolen.

I bought an electric bp cuff because my old facility had like 2 manual cuffs that were not calibrated and way off.

Make sure to check your facility's policy. Ours won't let us use electric cuffs (that are brought in) because they don't feel they are as accurate. (No, I don't agree).

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First keep an open mind keep your mouth shut and before you go to work...READ and re-read the best self-help book given to us.. PROVERBS in the Bible. You will not be able to handle every situation at first. Expect you are not PERFECT...but according to that afforementioned book...we are forgiven. &-D.

Tommorow is my first day on orientation after Nursing School. Im very nervous. I graduated at the end of April and its Oct 1. Ive been out of clinicals for 5 months!! On Friday I went in to do the necessary paperwork and got the tour of the facility, during our meeting someone asked about bringing a notebook and we were told No, we could not take notes. Does that make sense? We are not just new to the facility but brand new Nurses.

I forgot to add, we were also told to leave our cell phones in the car, they are not allowed on us or even in our lockers. Im not attached to my phone by any means, but how common is this because I was surprised.

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I can understand the rule about no cell phones since somehow they travel from locker to pocket, but I don't understand why you would be forbidden to take notes. If they give you a rationale for this, please share.Best of luck on your first day!

Tomorrow (oct 2) is my first day of orientation. I graduated early May of this year and I completely understand where you are coming from. I'm really nervous that I might have forgotten some of the basics, but I'm hoping it will all come back to me once I get on the floor. I thing that sounds unreasonable about not taking any notes. Let me know how things go! Good luck this week!

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