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  1. Elladora

    Help Request

    Will an Administrator please contact me? Not a guide or a mod, thanks.
  2. Elladora

    Weight loss for nurses

    I lost 100 pounds a few years ago. (Since gained it all back). To do so was not really hard, just took dedication. I counted EVERY SINGLE CALORIE that went in my mouth. I used Spark People but any calorie counter will work. I personally liked their website because there was a lot of support and fun stuff to help along the way. I set my daily limit and when I hit it, I stopped. I worked out 3-5 days a week, a mix of weights and cardio. I drank a crap ton of water and gave up pop. Other than pop, I did not restrict ANYTHING from my diet, I just ate a lot less of it. That's honestly it. I lost anywhere from zero pounds (it happens) to 2-3 pounds a week. I was working full time as a nurse at the time, so it can be done. I gained my weight back because I had some heart issues and couldn't go to the gym for an extended period of time. I got lazy, then I got angry, then I got hungry. I'm currently working on it, but nowhere near as hard as I did before. Best of luck to you!
  3. Elladora

    Social Media Etiquette for Nursing Professionals

    Drug use I agree with, however alcohol is legal. If I have a drink (or ten) and I'm not on duty, that is my right. Now if I were to drink and drive, or drink at work, that would be a problem, but socially drinking is not illegal or unacceptable.
  4. As others have said I think you should take a good hard look at YOUR actions before you even consider reporting anyone. You were reading magazines, you disregarded the nurses orders, the patient ripped his IV out under your watch, etc. And I don't believe for one minute the report you claim you were given by the nurse. In my humble opinion you're lucky you still have a job, luckier still that they apologized to you. 1:1 means eyes on the patient, 1:1 does not mean leisure time for the sitter.
  5. Elladora

    Can you become an RN at age 19?

    I currently work with two that are RNs and are 19. They took college classes during high school and went straight through, no semesters off. As an aside, they both have a LOT to learn. They have the book knowledge down pat but their skills and their confidence are seriously lacking.
  6. I have a cheat sheet of sorts that I use every day. It has the basic tasks I need to get done that never change (assessments, blood glucose, ted hose, etc) and I add to it as needed. I use it to jot down notes as I work through my shift and cross things off as I go. I call it my brain. :) It really helps with time management and with eliminating errors because things are in black and white. The trick is finding a system that works for you. Deep breaths and a quick drink of water are also your friend.
  7. Elladora

    Two deaths in one shift

    I agree with mom. Go to work. If patient deaths are bothering you to the point you think you need a mental health day you may need to work on some coping skills. Taking the day off to fret over it will just make it worse. Best of luck to you.
  8. Elladora

    Being friends with residents on Facebook

    I'll be the odd man out here, it's allowed at our facility as long as the staff member is ok with it. We have some younger, long term residents, that are basically lonely. We form friendships with them and their families, Facebook isn't that much of a stretch.
  9. Elladora

    Go Fund Me for Co-workers?

    To me it's pretty simple, if it's something you support, donate. If not, don't. People will always try to take advantage, that doesn't mean you have to be involved. As for 20K for a funeral, that's not out of line, particularly if they have no insurance. I don't think anyone is trying to "cash in."
  10. Elladora

    What's In Your Staff Bathroom?

    Our official staff bathroom is teeny tiny. It will occasionally have a newsletter hanging on the wall but more often than not, there's nothing in there but a toilet, a sink, a paper towel dispenser, a soap dispenser, and a trash can. The other bathrooms are shared with the public. They are decorated a little nicer but still contain nothing interesting. Now my last job...psych facility with staff only bathrooms...you never knew what you find in there. Jokes, comics, books, magazines, funny pictures, anything to relieve the tension. It was great!
  11. I wake them up...once. After that, it's a write up. There's no excuse for falling asleep on any shift at work (unless you're on break, then as long as you set an alarm, it's fine).
  12. It's not your co-workers responsibility to wake you up. I would gladly write you up each and every single night you fell asleep. And yes, I'm a riot at parties. Work isn't a party.
  13. Elladora

    RN - Crushing medications

    I have multiple residents that are on tube feedings and NO meds are given like this. Per their doctor AND their pharmacist, the meds are mixed with 15 ml of water (30 ml if it's a large med pass) and flushed with a MAXIMUM of 30 ml of water. There is no "in between" because the meds are all given together. I have no one that gets anything separately at this time. 30 ml flush before, 30 ml flush after. Most simply would not tolerate the volume of flushing you are talking about.
  14. Elladora

    Taking expired OTC meds home from workplace

    Where I used to work the company set them out to take home. They paid for them, so it was their money, not the patients.
  15. Elladora

    IM injection gone subcutaneous?

    Sometimes they just get wonky. I highly doubt it has anything to do with your technique.