What should I bring with me on my first day in LTC?

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Tomorrow is my first day at my new job as an LPN and I was wondering what are some of your daily items that you bring to work with you other than a stethoscope, pen, mini note pad, pen light, bandage scissors, first aid kit, pulse ox, b/p cuff, etc. I am just trying to get an idea so I am not over/under prepared. Thanks again for all of your help

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If you're allowed to take your cell phone to the floor, one app I use every day I work is ColorNote for Android. With ColorNote, you can make checklists, which you can save and reuse. I use it to ensure that I complete every task that needs to be done every time I work. You know that moment when you're driving home and you suddenly realize "CRAP! I FORGOT TO X Y Z!" For me, this app keeps those moments to a minimum. :)

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Bahahahahaha ain't that the truth! ;)

An open mind, a boatload of patience and lots of pens. A bottle of water and snacks wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Also, a maxi pad or a poise pad ... lunch is sometimes "ify" depending on how many orders you have to pull...

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Lots of pens! As soon as I set on down, it tends to disappear. I also bring a Sharpie marker, a yellow highlighter (for "yellowing out" DC'd orders) and my own bandage scissors since there never seems to be any in the tx cart.

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