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  1. lovingtheunloved

    Moving from LTC to the hospital

    I went from LTC to home health to acute care. It was a rough transition, not gonna lie. When you’ve spent 12 years out of the hospital it’s really hard to try to learn to think that way and to learn all the equipment and technology that you just didn’t have before. I was lucky to have a great team and manager who were patient with me and had my back. It honestly took me a solid year to feel confindent as a hospital nurse. Pretty much like a new grad I would say. I had good experience with certain things that were an asset, but the hospital was a whole new ball game for me.
  2. lovingtheunloved

    Save yourself; get out of medicine.

    Sorry, but your experience isn’t everyone’s experience. I love nursing. I love bedside nursing. If you need to get out, get out, but discouraging others from going into healthcare is not helpful.
  3. lovingtheunloved

    Why do you love your specialty so much?

    I currently work in a pulmonary step down unit and love it. I’m blessed to have good management, typically safe staffing, and a great team. I love seeing patients come in very sick, and leave breathing a lot better. I did LTACH for two years and that was by far my very favorite job. If the unit hadn’t closed I would still be doing that! I did home health for five years, and honestly didn’t love it. It was fine I guess, but it bored me. I enjoyed the one on one with patients, bu I loathed the constant noncompliance that ended up in hospitalization, which I was then expected to answer for. You can teach and teach till you’re blue in the face (and document!) but people are going to do what they want. At least in the hospital I have some degree of control. Or perceived control! My first seven years were in a SNF for Alzheimer’s patients. Poor management which is typical of those places, horrible staffing, but adored my residents. I learned a lot about myself and the world there, but will never do that again. Nursing can be so hard, but so amazing. Take care of yourself first. Keep yourself physically and emotionally healthy. Don’t take any crap from people. But give your all to the people in your care. Best job in the world!
  4. "My one day old baby can swallow, this trached and vented patient can swallow just fine. Aspiration pneumonia is nothing." Ooooookaaaayyyyy....I'm sure you've never bronched someone with aspiration pneumonia....
  5. lovingtheunloved

    Nursing Hostility and Other Nonsense

    One of the benefits of working in home health is you don't spend a great amount of time around your coworkers, so there's not too much opportunity to get on each others' nerves. I also happen to work with an awesome group of nurses, who are genuinely nice people. I've been in the hostile, back stabbing, petty nonsense infused working environment too, and it's miserable. You have to just put your head down and work, and try to avoid your coworkers at all costs. Not a fun place to be. I'm very blessed to work where I do now.
  6. lovingtheunloved

    Nursing Judgement Does Not Equate: A Nurse's Judgement

    Amen. Every human being deserves compassion and competant care, simply because they're human.
  7. lovingtheunloved

    Perspective: Depression from One Side of the Bed to the Other

    I've had six psychiatric hospitalizations for depression. I live in a small town, so it's never a secret when I go in. I'm pretty open about it, partly because everyone knows about it anyway, but partly because I want to help destigmatize the issue. Just like a patient with diabetes, you take your meds, you modify your lifestyle, but sometimes those things don't work and you end up in the hospital. Fortunately, I'm doing really well right now. I've had to overcome the fear of what others will think and ask for help when I need it, whether it's calling my psychiatrist or telling my boss I'm overwhelmed and need to back off on my workload a little bit. Mental illness, when treated, doesn't make someone incompetant. I'm a good nurse. Even depressed. But I'm a better nurse well.
  8. lovingtheunloved

    The Nightmare known as Psychiatric Care Part One

    I've been hospitalized six times. Most of the nurses I encountered were completely uninterested in their patients, and seemed irritated by HAVING to interact with their patients. There were a few jewels, however. It's still a crummy system.
  9. lovingtheunloved

    Is My Nursing License At Risk?

    I know a nurse who had sex with a patient and all she got was a Decree of Censure.
  10. lovingtheunloved

    The Purpose Of Pain Clinics

    Unfortunately, where I live, "pain clinic" equals "dilaudid clinic." It's all narcs, all the time.
  11. lovingtheunloved

    Managing Fungating (Malignant) Wounds

    I have a patient right now with this type of wound. A squamous cell carcinoma. Unfortunately, she's terribly noncompliant and will probably lose her leg because of it.
  12. lovingtheunloved

    "Don't get stuck in LTC"

    Honestly, as soon as I saw the title of this thread, the only thing I could think was "Bite me." Why people say such asinine things is beyond me. Your perspective is awesome, and LTC residents deserve good nurses who feel that way. You might be nuts, but that's a good thing!
  13. lovingtheunloved

    Drugs Not Given Together...

    Just to throw this in here, since one of our physicians LOVES calcium supplements...synthroid also needs to be given at least 2 hours before calcium.
  14. lovingtheunloved

    Do you think Patients would confuse me for a doctor if I'm South Asian and male?

    In my community, which is small, 50% of our physicians are from India/Pakistan/Jordan, etc. Here, you would absolutely be mistaken for a doctor. Especially by old people. You could have REGISTERED NURSE tattood on your forehead and they'd still think that.
  15. lovingtheunloved

    When do you cut off your family?

    Not a decent role to me. If my value to my sister is going to be my checkbook, she can bite me. And I promise you, that is exactly what she meant by that statement.