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What hours do you work?

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How difficult is it to find a position with daytime weekday hours?

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I work at a locate hospital that requires 12hr shifts. The 7A-7P days or 7P-7A nights.

It depends on your hospital; each unit has different staffing needs. I'm a new grad, and found many openings for weekdays on med-surg floors, less to none in the more specialized units.

My hospital has job postings on bulletin boards throughout the facility and also on its website; I don't know if most hospitals do this? But its an easy way to see what's available.

Then again, sometimes with the shortage, just ask and you shall receive. I knew I wanted to work ER, so I put in my application even though there were no weekday openings. I was offered a weekend position, which I turned down. A week later, the manager called me back and told me they were able to create a weekday position for me.

I do three 12 hour shifts a week, no weekends ever! I love my schedule.


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Hurt my back moving a patient....document! document !document!.....

Go to the doc if and when you get hurt....and don't wait a week...or an hour or a minute......Not IF but WHEN you get hurt.

I didn't and it took me 2 YEARS to get any help.....

Did work 12s 7a-7p with an occasional 7p-7a.

:( P


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I currently work 5 eight hour shifts a week--work 3pm to 1130pm.

hi, it's my second time to post a reply.... my work requires me to come to the office 7:45 am to 6 pm with 45 minutes break from mon-friday (compressed work) no weekends... by the way, i'm a company nurse at one company here in the phils.... i planned to go abroad, and if granted i will surely missed my working schedule...


nursing requires 24/7 care. if all the new nurses are allowed to go to days and no weekends does that mean that nurses who have been around awhile get to work all the weekends and holidays. there was a post on this board recently about new nurses coming out and only wanting to work days etc. you may want to read it to see how nurses feel.

I see phantom's point totally! I never minded working some weekends (been in home care for a while), and have been blessed with agencies that either have agency nurses do the weekend work or that allow staff to self schedule. Weekends, nights, holidays are part of the beast in nursing and if you aren't able to deal with it, perhaps you need to rethink your profession... Just my opinion.

I currently work as a supervisor of HHA's and PCA's in a corporate setting. My hours are 9-5 M-F, no weekends ever and no holidays. I'm lovin' it, esp after 8 years of working weekends and holidays. Ironically, I didn't change jobs because of weekend work or holidays, but because of overwhelming client load and no support. When I was a walking headache I decided to make a change!

I'm totally with Phantom. I worked 3p-11p, 11p-7A and 3p to 3A for 15 years. When I felt I was played out, I took my current job as an RN consultant, those hours (of my choosing) are M-R, 0600-1630.

Whenever new nurses tell me"yea, I want a job like yours" I am always explaining that the reason I was qualified for this job was all those years of floor nursing, Christmases worked and birthdays missed. That is nursing. People get sick 24/7. Personally I think that if you really need a M-F gig, no w/e, no holidays from the start, then nursing is not for you.

I think long term it is fine to set your cap for a M-F, day shift schedule. You may have to earn it ,though.

Depends on the dept. My OR schedule is Mon-Fri, 0645-1515. When I complete my orientation I will need to take call and a weekend every so often. Also, the holidays are rotated between employees. Basically, if the surgeons don't work-we don't work. (Unless there is an emergency.) :)

Of course I know that nursing is a 27/7 job, which is why I asked the question!

I don't mind working some weekends - I just don't want to work every weekend. And I would LOVE to work holidays (anything to get me out of going to my in-law's house)!

For people that work nights: What do you do on your nights off? Try to keep the same schedule? I worked at night for a few years, but I tried to keep normal hours on my days off so I could see my friends more. Switching back and forth like that was really hard and I never got enough sleep.

PhantomRN: I couldn't find the thread you mentioned, and I looked back 9 pages. Any idea what it was titled?

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I work 7p to 8 am and wouldn't trade if for anything except may 3p to 4 am but thats hard to come buy,

In our place 7-3 positions are hard to get, for some reason people like that shift the most, i would never work those hours.

If you want a monday thru friday day shift job don't go into nursing..... especially hospital nursing... I work 12 hour shifts 6 in a 2 week period..... out of them I do have to work weekends.... Nursing is not a 9 to 5 career... :p

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(I tried to post this morning but the server was having none of that....)

I know what the earlier poster means about new nurses not understanding about paying their dues. How can someone go through an entire nursing program not realizing that nurses have 24/7 to cover? A few years ago, I got a nursing education job, M-F, 8-3, and someone said, "Oh, you got that quick." No, it took me thirteen years of working 12-hour nights and weekends and holidays to *earn* those hours.

Now I work 8-ish to 4-ish as a unit manager, with every 4th weekend on call (last month I ended up working a 3 - 11 Sat and a eve-noc double on Sunday!).

We have a 7-3 charge RN position available and can't get any applicants. Go figure.


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Have a 9 AM-5:30 Pm position, last nurse to leave as an intake RN in Homecare, work I weekend a month and 2 of 7 holidays ( This Labor Day weekend will be my last holiday of the year).

I lucked into this after 10 yrs hospital & 13 years of home care...always having to see my own patients in evenings " cause your passing that way to go home anyway, I can't reach the on-call RN and AFTER ALL it's YOUR patient!"

Have lucked out to have had pat two Christmases with my family after always taking them since I had no kids or they were little and husband also was working that weekend.

Home care is usually DAYTME hours with starting/stopping time something you can arrange/control. Let's you attend kids school events and conferences, dr appts. etc. Did 12 hrs PM every ofther weekend and as infusion RN, I worked evening hrs for all the new TPN clients, PM antibiotic admits and Chemo disconnects when my kids were little and husband on dayshift. Before kids, when he worked all three shifts, 21 turn I worked 10 yrs night shift as I saw him the most on it. I've been lucky that nursing has afforded me this type of flexibility...much better than if I went to music school to teach organ lessons Full-time or playingat weddings and special events ( my former passion ,LOL).

I have to jump back in here and disagree- I'm a new nurse and working weekdays. I don't believe I need to pay my dues to anyone; if there are problems staffing certain shifts, then the manager needs to solve that problem with more hires, better incentives, agency, or whatever...I'm not saying that I wouldn't work a weekend if asked occasionally, but why shouldn't I be able to work the schedule that works best for me? I'm a single mom with two little ones, my daycare is only open weekdays.

As we all know, there is a shortage which I'm sure is felt even more on nights/weekends, but because I'm a new nurse I should work those hours that are not right for me? I don't think so!


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I am a clinical research coordinator and I love my hours: 7:30 to 4 Monday through Friday. No nights, no weekends, no call, and paid holidays (off of course). Works much better for me and my family. :D :D :) ;)


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I am a fairly new nurse also, and I agree wholeheartedly with Janine...if you see what you want and need you should go for it and jump at the opportunity! You only have one life...why spend it being miserable!!?

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