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  1. janine3&5

    Renal calculi pain

    Caroline, Yes, the 4 ibuprofen (200 mg ea) is a safe dose. You can even take the ibuprofen along with some tylenol at the same time for really bad pain. DRINK lots and lots of water! Hope you'll feel better soon!
  2. janine3&5

    Question about Jackson Pratt Drains & retention sutures

    I also had the chance to remove one as a nursing student. I was in clinicals on a surgical floor, the nurse I was working with talked me through it. I was under the impression that this is a nursing skill.
  3. janine3&5

    Team Nursing with Paramedics........

    We have a few paramedics working in our ER; they function in the same position as nurses with their own pt assignments. However, they can't give any meds! I'm not sure of the rationale behind that. Our ER rooms are staffed by acuity levels, i.e. ...
  4. janine3&5

    state boards help

    hey gabby, I would practice with a book or two, use a CD with a lot of questions, and leave it at that! I just passed boards this past July. In addition to the above, I took a week long review course (because the hospital paid me to attend), w...
  5. janine3&5

    Length of stay in ED before admission

    I work in a very busy ER: 100,000 visits/year. Once a pt is seen by the doc, it takes another 1-3 hrs for labs and so forth to come back. They're usually admitted after 2-3 hrs. And that's when the real wait starts. Pts are usually with us AT LEA...
  6. janine3&5

    unit stud

    Made me think of this little old lady, 90's, I was taking care of. She was so sweet, completely with it. We were just chattiing, and then she asked me for something to eat, and I explained to her why she was NPO and couldn't have anything. She pau...
  7. janine3&5


    BP cuffs are a great tip, esp with the older pts. They never told us this in school, but if you get a good flashback, but can't advance the catheter, try floating it in with your saline. Sometimes the catheter will get stuck up against a valve, a...
  8. janine3&5

    White Nursing Dresses?

    You've looked at uniform stores? We had to wear white nursing dresses for our pinning ceremony, and while there wasn't much of a selection, all that I saw were very traditional and conservative. Another idea if you can't find one you like is to...
  9. janine3&5

    How much can a nurse do????

    In the ER, we do have protocols stating that certain things can be done before the pt is seen, i.e. EKGs, monitor for CP, extremity Xrays for injuries, very basic stuff. However, most nurses, including myself, do go a little further. For example,...
  10. janine3&5

    What hours do you work?

    I have to jump back in here and disagree- I'm a new nurse and working weekdays. I don't believe I need to pay my dues to anyone; if there are problems staffing certain shifts, then the manager needs to solve that problem with more hires, better ince...
  11. janine3&5

    What hours do you work?

    It depends on your hospital; each unit has different staffing needs. I'm a new grad, and found many openings for weekdays on med-surg floors, less to none in the more specialized units. My hospital has job postings on bulletin boards throughout...
  12. janine3&5

    I am beginning to lose my mind

    Definitely comes with practice! My first few, I would see the flashback and know I was in the vein, then get so excited that my hands would start shaking uncontrollably. I had quite a few pts ask me if it was my first time starting an IV! Then I g...
  13. janine3&5

    OB nursing

    I'd have to disagree; because there's such a shortage, you can pretty much go where you want as a new grad. (Of course, there may be differences af far as what part of the country you're in too?) I just graduated in May, and went right to ER. ...
  14. janine3&5

    fluid therapy with DKA?

    I was surprised too with the Dx with that BS. I asked another nurse about it, who said it was DKA because of the ketones and ABGs. The patient was oriented, but lethargic, sleeping most of the time and slow with responses. As far as the dehydratio...
  15. janine3&5

    fluid therapy with DKA?

    I'm so glad to hear these replies; I got the same response from a nurse at work today that I talked it over with. My understanding of the pathophys was a little off, but glad to hear I didn't screw up. The pt was a 36 yr old F, Hx of DM (admitted...
  16. janine3&5

    fluid therapy with DKA?

    Okay, long story short: Had a pt today with DKA in the ER, and our ER doc ordered a 2 L bolus of IV fluids (NS, then changed to d5ns after blood glucose was less than 250) along with insulin drip. Keep in mind that I'm a brand new nurse, but to me t...