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  1. PhantomRN

    I give up

    I have seen this as well. When someone codes and they think there is little chance to bring them back the docs will try anything they can.
  2. PhantomRN

    Sick call policy

    i am not mngt but i dont think it is fair or even a good idea to have them come in and work to fill holes in the schedule. at my last place our manager would do that rarely, but it had been such a long time since she had worked the floor that she ...
  3. PhantomRN

    Sick call policy

    well, the solution is simple....tell all the patients they must pack their little bags and go home at 5:00 on friday and they can't come back until monday at 8:00 am. does that work for everyone? why do we insist on fighting about this? we are...
  4. PhantomRN

    RETENTION BONUSES & Would You Stay?

    SleepyEyes I am with you. I look at the salaries that I could make as agency and am very tempted. It is only a matter of time before I do it as well. Flo1216, I too am amazed at the amount of money CNAs can make. I just say an ad in the paper a fe...
  5. PhantomRN

    12 hour nights:Staff tired of them

    Now that I am done ranting, I will offer a few solutions from a night persons perspective. 1. If you have rotators or PT, Give NIGHTS their preferred schedule. 2. Have a night person do the scheduling she or he will know the staff better than a ...
  6. PhantomRN

    12 hour nights:Staff tired of them

    I agree with tnnurse2002, when I worked nights l liked them. They gave us a decent diff...2.75 for nights, that was okay. But I left nights because of two reasons: 1. the schedule....when the girl would make the schedule she would put me on for ...
  7. PhantomRN

    nursing shortage? Where?

    Not everywhere in the country is hiring. I know of a hospital that just laid of a couple hundred people, some where nurses, and now they have a hiring freeze. Natuarly they are trying to keep it very quiet. I am sure there are other hospitals ou...
  8. PhantomRN

    Thank God I didn't have a gun...

    Mngt is mngt, we really cant expect alot of help from them. Some , not all, of them took their jobs to get off of the floors and away from the chaos. Besides when they took that job their roles and functions changed. I would rather have the manager ...
  9. PhantomRN

    As Agency Nurses do you feel That "hired" nurses look down on you?

    I have worked agency and as a whole I was treated well. They always seemed to ask If I "worked a regular staff job as well"...and as it turned out I was working staff and supplementing my pay with agency.
  10. PhantomRN

    "Bad" Evaluation..I'm So Frustrated and ready to quit!!

    You just have to decide if its worth the aggravation. Many people have said to stick it out etc. I am of the vein.....If you try it and dont like it move on. It will be their loss. Just try to get in 6 months experience first.
  11. PhantomRN

    Is nursing really all that bad?

    Nursing is what you make of it. Yes, it can be difficult but so can other professions. I was talking to my spouse just the other day about changing careers and he asked what I would do if I did not work somewhere in the field of nursing. I sai...
  12. Yep the ones that drive me crazy: Can you fix my bed....as I stand here and not only watch but tell you how to do it. Can you fluff my pillow and tuck me in......while the family members are standing there telling the patient "that is what nurs...
  13. PhantomRN

    So...does anyone like it?

    I spent two yrs on a med/surg floor before doing specialty and I the amount of information I was able to imass in that time was immeasurable. The only reason I left was due to the incredible patient loads.
  14. PhantomRN

    mandatory overtime

    Stormy, So if your Part-timers want hours why dont they go full-time? Could it be that they want to work 24 hours and get time and half for anything over that...while at the same time we have many nurses doing 40---all on straight time.
  15. PhantomRN

    Good Grades=Bad Nurse?

    The stereotype is if you are book smart you cant be a good bedside nurse. How absurd. Have that instructor put her money where her mouth and produce this "research."
  16. PhantomRN

    Any LTC Quality Assurance Coordinators out there?

    I think the QA piece would be interesting to get into. How were you able to get into QA/QI?