What grade is "passing" in your nursing school??


At my school, we had to have an 80. All schools are different. I'm just curious :)


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Our school requires a C+ which I'm guessing is like a 77+

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The first time in school (ADN), it was 80.

The second time in school (BSN), it is 78.


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We needed a 77, and don't even think you can negotiate if your average was 76.4. :D Even with a hospitalization, there was no leeway.


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at my school, we need a 79


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we need a 70, your typical passing grade like in pre reqs.


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We had to have an 80. Many students found out the hard way that a 79.6 is NOT 'close enough' to an 80.

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We have to have an 80 but can pass with a 79.5


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We have to have an 80. I got a 78 on my very first test in my Nursing Fundamentals class and I got an "Academic Improvement Form" e-mailed to me for "not meeting the passing standard set for this course."

This was my first exam in my first quarter of my first year in an accelerated (18 months) Nursing program.

I only cried for 20 minutes. :(


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We also need an 80 to pass.


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I don't start until March, but I think ours is a 76.