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  1. Chapis

    Someone out there, please help!

    In my program, they ask if we're done, then if we say yes, then that's it, if we missed something then that's on us since we said we were already done. Or for the most part, we say, I"m done with assessment. then if I forgot to assess something the instructor tells me you forgot this, or at times they give us one chance by telling us, you forgot something if you can think of it fast you'll be okay.
  2. Chapis

    Someone out there, please help!

    i don't want to sound harsh, but if it has happen many times, why haven't you said to her that she needs to ask if you're done with your assessment, or wait until you tell her you're done to correctly give you your earned grade? of tell her, i was going for that next then you jumped in. . . have you said anything to her for jumping in like that and assuming you were done?
  3. Chapis

    Real Stories of the ER

    Love that show!!
  4. Chapis

    nursing school

  5. awesome story! thanks for sharing, you have a good-sweet heart! god bless you, chapis
  6. Chapis

    The waiting is killing me.....

    congrats on getting the job. i would email her your resignation as well as giving one to hr and another one to your nm (mail it in-or something) but make sure she gets it, but if hr has a copy they'll put that in your file and it will be in your record that you did give a two week notice. best wishes.
  7. Chapis

    Should I not become a nurse?

    you're still young, and if you're willing to do the hard work only time will tell if you can. but if you want it bad enough, go for it, at least if it doesn't work out you can always say, i gave it all! besh wishes.
  8. you'll be fine, there are quite a few ladies in my program your age and older. keep going and make them proud! wish you well
  9. Chapis

    I just lost my brother, hoping to get some feedback

    i haven't lost someone as close to you to suicide but i've lost a someone to suicide. all i can pray for is for god to help you and your family through this hard time and i'm not a believer of 'time heals all', i believe that 'is what we do with the time' that helps us heal. many-many hugs to you! you can always pm me if you need a friend here on an.
  10. Chapis

    Have to repeat a course, in a year!

    i haven't been in your shoes, however you're only a failure if you don't keep trying. go on and repeat the courses and it will just give you a stronger base to continue in your program. keep your head up high b'c you're still in the running!! best of wishes to you!
  11. Chapis

    Just want to share the news; I got a JOB

    i'm happy for you
  12. my studying habits for sure!! i need to study more often and know the information when tests come around instead of trying to learn and remember everything 3 days prior to test day.
  13. Chapis

    Who else is starting their 2nd semester tomorrow..

    i start next week and i'm excited but i'm also dreading all those long days, but it's only for 16 weeks!! i look at it that way and it seems easier for me, lol
  14. Chapis

    Anatomy harder than nursing school classes?

    to answer your question, no. in ns is applied knowledge to see what is the priority task.
  15. Chapis

    People in healthcare should speak Spanish, she said

    the pt's statement was wrong and out of place.