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  1. Chapis

    Staff Self-scheduling

    We have had different schedules to cover a lot of time that otherwise would be Call. We have more staff now and this is how my OR does it. There are a good number of staff doing 7-3:30, there are others doing 11am-7p, then we have night crew. One RN works sun, mom, and Tuesday nights along with a tech, and another RN with another tech works wed, thurs, and Friday night. Then we have am coverage for sat and Sunday day with an RN and a tech, so pretty much Sunday through Saturday day there is only call 2 and the only true call 1 there is is for Saturday night as here is only a tech scheduled to word sat nights. And we the trauma RNs fill out our call schedule and the heart team fill out theirs.
  2. Chapis

    Need MORE help with a decision! :-)

    if you at least want 6 months experience by november you'll be a month short from meeting that goal. i would have him go first and you could stay for one more month? is that possible?
  3. i'm sorry your husband is not being supportive of you and i'm sorry he showed you the way to the door i would sacrifice now, because the time you are planning on taking off will pass, but the difference will be if you'll have a degree or not. my situation isn't easy right now. we are on a budget, strict budget, but if there's no pain there's no gain. i would do what cbsjmommy told you to do, take that jerk court, make him pay you for child support and apply for all grants available out there for single moms, you'll get the help necessary to pay for school. i have a friend in nursing school that is a single mom and has four kids. it's not easy, but you gotta do it for your self, and for your kids. i only have one son, and i couldn't imagine having more kids right now or doing school later. i wanna be in good standing financially if i want more kids. it would be irresponsible of me right now to get pregnant (willingly trying to conceive) knowing in the situation my husband and i are at this time. this must be hard for you, may god bless you and guide you through, but i definitely encourage you to finish school sooner rather than later, as you and your kids will be better off financially stable sooner. hugs, chapis
  4. Chapis

    Feels like a slap in the face...

    i'm going throught the same thing, for the only expection is that i'm still in ns and i've been applying to two hospitals as a nurse tech with no luck at all. i started applying this january. i've only had one interview to which it didn't progress to a second interview all together i've applied a total of 14 times and nothing. i call hr and ask them, i've talked to the hr hiring manager and have asked him for tips, help, things i can improve on. i have changed my resume, someone has looked at it and made it look more professional, i'm rehireable at my previous jobs, i don't know what else to do but to keep on applying. the last time i talked to the hr hiring manager i asked him what else i can be doing to land a job, and he said, "make sure that when you have clinicals that they (rn's) remember your name". it's come down to pretty much of who knows who. i have a few classmates that have jobs and all of them have a sibling or a spouse working for that facility. its frustating-very frustating, hang in there :)
  5. i like them, we all look clean and bright, i'm guessing it's because ours is white top and bottoms with a navy blue jacket. i don't mind it, but i think i would like it better if the pants were blue rather than white,
  6. Chapis

    Calling all Military nurses

    same here, hope you all have a happy & safe memorial holiday
  7. Chapis

    What did you want to be when you grew up?

    i wanted to be a movie star. i remember begging my mother to please take me to auditions because i wanted to make movies. i still regret not be given the chance to try it.
  8. Chapis


    congratulations mi vida loca, it's awesome to see people like you be an rn when two years ago when i became a member of an you were just a student, like me, and to see you be an rn already gives me more energy to keep on trucking. i graduate next may.
  9. Chapis

    St. Jude Summer Externship 2011

    wow that sounds like fun and alot of learning experience for you, when you get done come back and let us know how it went. i've always wanted to work in a children's hospital
  10. Chapis

    Profs who round down damper my day

    i would've have asked the instructor. i don't think he/she would've looked at you funny since you're standing at a 89.89, rather than a 69 and asking for help to pass the class. maybe he'she would've given you the .11 since they know how hard you've worked to be at a 89.89. i think it does look bad when someone is not passing and they ask for points, but for someone on your shoes, i think they would consider it since you have a good average.
  11. cool beans :)
  12. Chapis

    Not wanting to work at hospital?

    i want to start at a hospital, that's where all those nursing skills get strong and have that hospital experience. then later i think i would like to work in some sort of dr's office. but i do definitely do want that hospital experience.
  13. Chapis

    Help with Nursing School Application

    if you like reading books, exercise, bake, etc mention that in the application. let them know the things you're good at, and the things you do. the more you let them know, the more they'll know you!
  14. Chapis

    Help with Nursing School Application

    i would leave it blank, and explain them face to face the why's. and about the interests, hobby's, just say the truth! they want good honest people. if you're honest, they'll know. good luck
  15. i will review if not daily, every other day to be better prepared for the tests.
  16. Chapis

    I finished the BSN.

    good job! and yes, you can have your life back,:)