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  1. VltSW34

    Things you learned the hard way and will never forget

    It was a premade syringe...so I was doing it right and I didn't even know it? :) They didn't teach us that way, but I'll be sure to ask my instructor next quarter! Learn something new every day! Thanks!
  2. VltSW34

    I need some therapeutic communication!!!

    Thanks guys!!! It's always nice to hear stuff from others who have been through it! Your posts made me feel SOOOO much better!!!
  3. VltSW34

    Things you learned the hard way and will never forget

    I learned to always set up my heparin injections outside the patient's room and I will ALWAYS remember to push out the air. My first shot after I was "cleared" to give on my own...I set it up while in the room with the patient and I could concentrate as well. I struggled with getting the stupid thing in the carpuject and it wasn't working. When I finally got it in I was so relieved I forgot to push the air out and I stuck the poor patient and started to inject the shot. I realized it was air and I pulled it out really fast. I tried to push the air out at that point only to have the heparin spray all over. I had to get a whole new shot, do the whole thing over, and stick the patient a second time. Needless to say, I will NEVER make that mistake again.
  4. I need to vent to people who understand my pain!!!!! I just finished my med surg course. I'm in an accelerated MSN program and we do 10 week quarters so it's fast, intense, and one of the hardest classes we take. I busted my BUTT the whole quarter studying all hours of the day/night, not doing anything, missed my cousin's wedding, and it came down to the final. I went into the final with a 90.90%. I just got my grade for the course... 89.42% :hdvwl: I get the big picture...at least I passed. But by 1/10 of a point!!!!!!!!!!! That was one question...one wrong answer...one stupid mistake! It's killing me and I'm trying to get over it...but it's just killing me. Any similar stories? Misery loves company...
  5. VltSW34


    Oh, Oh, Oh, to touch and feel virgin girls' vaginas and hymens - Cranial Nerves Some Lovers Try Positions That They Cannot Handle - Bones in Wrist (I had a perverted A&P teacher)
  6. VltSW34

    Accelerated Nursing Programs

    I agree with gnurse. Expect to do SOMETHING every single day. You can't be lax because it's so fast you'll be buried before you know it. I'm in a program that's on the quarter system which means we have 10 weeks only to cover all our material. It's super fast, but I'm enjoying it. It's only been 6 weeks and I can't believe how much I've learned already!!
  7. VltSW34

    the most stressful thing I've ever done

    Does your school have any workshops to help you? I know at my program, we're required to keep all of our info and skills that we've performed for a portfolio. We meet with our advisor 3 times throughout our 18 months and she helps us slowly update our info so that when we graduate we have our portfolio done and ready. They also offer workshops that help us update our resumes and stuff.
  8. I'm currently enrolled an accelerated nursing program where I will receive my second bachelor's degree (BSN) plus a generalized master's degree in nursing in only 18 months. This program was a better option for me because of financing. For a second bachelor's degree, you won't get much aid if any at all. This program, because it's a graduate program, opens up a whole new area of financing which I desperately needed. Plus, for just an extra 6 months, I'll receive my MSN. It's generalized, but it also shaves 6 months off if I go back to get a specialized master's degree later. For pre-reqs we needed: A bachelor's degree in anything, A&P I and II, inorganic and organic chem, microbiology, intro to psych, stats, child development, and nutrition.
  9. VltSW34

    What grade is "passing" in your nursing school??

    We have to have an 80. I got a 78 on my very first test in my Nursing Fundamentals class and I got an "Academic Improvement Form" e-mailed to me for "not meeting the passing standard set for this course." This was my first exam in my first quarter of my first year in an accelerated (18 months) Nursing program. I only cried for 20 minutes.
  10. Wow!!! Thanks so much for all the info DaytoNite!!! I really appreciate it and I looked some over and they were exactly what I was talking about!!! Thanks again!! And thanks Diane for your encouragement!! :)
  11. I just finished my first round of exams in my first quarter of nursing school. I studied by behind off and I thought I aced my Patho test. I got my grade and it was a low B. I took my Fundamentals exam and I couldn't believe how tough it was. I totally wasn't expecting that. I felt like I got blindsided. I ended up getting a C, but we need a B to go on in the program. They teachers keep saying that these test are different and the critical thinking process throws everyone off, but that we'll get it eventually. So, I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing "first exam shock" and for those that already went through it...is the second exam better? Do you really start to understand this "critical thinking" that instructors always talk about?