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I need some therapeutic communication!!!

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I need to vent to people who understand my pain!!!!!

I just finished my med surg course. I'm in an accelerated MSN program and we do 10 week quarters so it's fast, intense, and one of the hardest classes we take. I busted my BUTT the whole quarter studying all hours of the day/night, not doing anything, missed my cousin's wedding, and it came down to the final. I went into the final with a 90.90%. I just got my grade for the course...


:madface: :hdvwl:

I get the big picture...at least I passed. But by 1/10 of a point!!!!!!!!!!! That was one question...one wrong answer...one stupid mistake! It's killing me and I'm trying to get over it...but it's just killing me.

Any similar stories? Misery loves company...

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that is Nursing school for you... so many people did not get their A's

and so many failed THE WHOLE COURSE for fraction of points... not fair, but real. You are not alone, "B" happy and ready for the next class! So you can aim even higher!

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I TOTALLY feel your pain!!!! Ask any one of my NS friends what grade I got on any test and they will ALL answer, "88." I swear, darn near every single test in the 1+ years I've been in school has been an 88. Even in my pre-req classes! Sheesh!

I cannot tell you how many times my final grade has been an 88.7 or an 89.3. My school doesn't recognize the +/- system either so I get stuck with a cruddy ol B like the students that got an 80. Yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn't be all bent about a B but I have been SO close SO many times!

Ok, that wasn't very therapeutic but at least you have someone that can commiserate with you.


I'm sorry you missed your "A" by 0.1 point. That really bites.

On the flip side, I have never had a patient ask me what my GPA was in nursing school.

Keep trying to reach for the stars. That way, you'll only be grieving a lost "A" and not a lost semester. Or worse yet, failing out of school.

This too shall pass.

I like to think that at some point I probably got a lucky guess here or there on a question and that that probably somehow evens out with the dumb mistakes that cost me a question here or there.

I found nursing school tests to be particularly frustrating. I think some instructors make sure that no one gets 100% on their tests. That is, they have at least a few questions that may be open to interpretation and with deliberate red herrings such that to get 100% correct probably means that the student had a few lucky guesses or flat out misread the question or didn't know enough on the topic to be misled by a trick question!

Hope this makes you feel better....I got a 91.9% last semester, which is an A in ANY other degree course. However, since the nursing program likes to make everything harder I got a B, because a 92% is an A at our school. 1 question, on ANY test the whole semester that I would have gotten right instead of wrong, and it would be an A. Heck, even if I was an English major it would be an A. Alas, it is a B, not a B+, but a B.

Ah well, just another one of the many "joys" of NS :rolleyes:

9livesRN specializes in SNU/SNF/MedSurg, SPCU Ortho/Neuro/Spine.

A girl made 100 once in class and we thought some one had died on her family, she was crying and screaming " oh Lawdy this can't be... I can't believe it! Oh Lawdy"... Of course we all laugh in the end, but during her "seizure" we were all scared

Thanks guys!!! It's always nice to hear stuff from others who have been through it! Your posts made me feel SOOOO much better!!!


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