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  1. Mom&Wifetoo

    Care Plan - All these Nursing Dx opposite of what I want

    Is the pt nauseous if they aren't on the med? If so then it is a legit Nursing Dx, and the med is one of your interventions.
  2. Mom&Wifetoo

    Profs who round down damper my day

    The last 2 semesters I have been 0.02 (which was 1 question in ALL the tests) away from an A (which is a 92% BTW, not a 90%) and I still get a B. The same grade that a person who gets a 83.0% gets. Sure it frustrates me, but that is part of nursing school. I was telling my husband about this and saying how sad it was that we had someone in our class fail out d/t 1 question, and his response was true and very humbling. He said they didn't miss by one point, they missed by all those other questions, plus one point. When you think about it, be happy you are one point from an A not one point from passing
  3. Mom&Wifetoo

    Is this nursing?

    To answer your question, yes, that is the very core and basics of nursing. It is pt care. Regardless of whether you are passing meds, or assisting to the restroom, you are nursing that person back to a healthy state. No you won't always get those wonderful moments when everything is exciting and goes perfect. You will have to change a bed pan of 20 because your assistant is busy with her 8 other pts, or you will have to wipe the bottom of a 50 year old man, because he can no longer do it for himself, and he has no one else that can do it for him. However, when one of your pts grabs your hand, as you are about to walk out the door for the night, and says "Thank you, you were so great to me" it makes the icky things worth it. Just remember, as a nurse you are taking care of someone in their most vulnerable point in life. It is your job not only to get them out of your care alive, but better off then you got them, both physically and mentally. Just a note...if you want lucrative maybe nursing isn't for you. Sure the hours are nice and so is the pay, but I wouldn't consider it a cash cow. It is however a job you can be proud to say you have .....just my 2 cents :)
  4. Mom&Wifetoo

    I need some therapeutic communication!!!

    Hope this makes you feel better....I got a 91.9% last semester, which is an A in ANY other degree course. However, since the nursing program likes to make everything harder I got a B, because a 92% is an A at our school. 1 question, on ANY test the whole semester that I would have gotten right instead of wrong, and it would be an A. Heck, even if I was an English major it would be an A. Alas, it is a B, not a B+, but a B. Ah well, just another one of the many "joys" of NS
  5. Mom&Wifetoo

    Anyone get away with a "questionable" hair shade?

    I think we must go to the same school LOL To the OP though, the above is all true of my school, AND we are in all white, must be perfectly laundered and pressed uniforms, with no athletic style shoes, only Danskos or the like, etc, etc. Plus, if you have fly aways, that is grounds for dismissal for the day. One of my dear friends attended one of the other local programs. They were MUCH less particular, to the point they were almost too lax on them. SOme look like they had just rolled out of bed. In the long run, I would just stick to whatever your school says is acceptable. As you can tell we are all required to do different things regarding our appearance. I feel you about wanting to do something a little different because you like it, not just for the attention, but the reality is that NS is filled with people looking to find what you have done wrong, don't give them an easy target!!! Good luck in school, and have fun!
  6. Mom&Wifetoo

    What Stethoscope do I purchase for nursing school?

    I purchased mine from the same place, and had mine engraved. Great price and great scope!!
  7. Mom&Wifetoo

    Saw a car accident; I wish I was already a nurse!

    Just an FYI, in Ca you are protected under the "Good Samaritan Law". You cannot be sued as long as you are practicing within your scope. My hubby is a FF/PM and I made that comment once, that I wouldn't want him to do anything because here in Ca people sue for anything (ie they order hot coffee, spill it on themselves, and then get $2M in pay out because it burned them.....IT WAS HOT COFFEE!!!! But I digress ) And that is when he was telling me about the law, then we learned about it in school. Just wanted to let you know :)
  8. Med/Surg I is first semester for us. I think it was pretty simple to be honest. A lot of the info was common sense, or so I think. Listen well in lecture and study like you have been and you should be fine! We start Med/Surg II in fall and already the reading as been pretty much like last semesters. Good luck! Hope you do well!!
  9. Mom&Wifetoo

    Riverside Community College or Citrus College ADN?

    I would go to RCC just based on what I have heard about their program vs Citrus. RCC has a much higher pass rate on the boards and has an established reputation. Either way, congrats! And as long as you do what you are supposed to, both programs will be great!
  10. Mom&Wifetoo

    Chaffey College in south cali

    The recent graduating class finished with 50% of the original class. A friend of mine went to Mt SAC a few years ago, and I asked her what the percentage of originals was, and she said 50%. SO here is my theory on this...you can go to Chaffey and have a 50/50 chance of passing, but if you do they have a 100% pass rate on the boards, or you can go elsewhere and have the same 50/50 chance and get more like an 87% pass rate. It's the same everywhere, you just do what they ask and look at this as one more obstacle in getting to your career. You would go insane if you looked at pass rates, and nice vs mean teachers. Everyone is going to have something to say, positive or negative, about their school, just consider who you are talking to and figure you would hear the same information about any other school out there. :)
  11. Mom&Wifetoo

    Nursing School Dilemma

    To the OP: First of all CONGRATS!! You are happy about it, and that is all that matters! At least you know this child is coming into the world with one person who is beyond thrilled about them!!!! And lets all be honest, if we all waited for the "perfect time" to have children, we would never have any! There is always a reason you could wait, but that doesn't change the fact that in 9 months you will have a bundle of sweetness :) Ok, on to your problem....is there any way you would be willing to take out a loan to hire an in house nanny? You could hire a nice little college girl (who is in school for child development or something :) ) and give here a little income while it helps you out tremendously! That way you will not "trouble" your in-laws with the kids, and you don't have to pay the insane price of both being in daycare. I know that no one wants to come out of school with huge amounts of loans, but if it can work for your family, then you should look into it. Also look into grants you are able to get. You may be able to get some money that way and then you won't have to take out so many loans. Not sure if it is something you would consider but just thought I would share my 2 cents
  12. Mom&Wifetoo

    how many uniforms to buy?

    We have clinicals once a week, and also have insanely pricey uniforms. Ours were $100/uniform (not including price of patch, or sewing the patch on), plus $50 for the coat, but it is just one of those hoops to jump through. :) That being said, I bought 2. One to wear and one "in case". I never had to use my backup, but better safe than sorry
  13. Mom&Wifetoo

    Fall 2010 Applicants in Southern California

    I just wanted to give a little heads up for you, while you are right about the cheaper, I am not so sure about the easier :) ADN programs are no joke, or at least where I go! Many of the people where I attend were working and have since quit. Good luck on either route you choose! You can't go wrong with either choice!!!! :)
  14. Mom&Wifetoo

    Ontario Nurse (to be hopefully)

    If you are really serious about going on I would talk to the nursing counselor at the colleges you plan to attend. I cannot say for Canada (heck not even for the rest of the US) but here is California a ADN or a BSN don't really matter at the entry level. Of course there are other opportunities that the BSN allows, but if you are looking to simply become a floor RN then an ADN will suffice. I also know that her your overall GPA is considered as well as your prereq GPA. Again I would definitely suggest talking with the counselors for the specific programs you hope to attend. When I was applying to programs last spring I learned that each and every school is different with different likes and wants. SOme don't care so much about GPA while others that is all that matters. One school I applied to would only accept bilingual students first and others didn't even ask. After 13 applications and all the crazy requirements for each program I learned that they all want something different and the trick is to give it to them Good luck on your goal!
  15. Mom&Wifetoo

    West Coast Univeristy Pre-reqs

    Chaffey College offers a Pathophys class in the summers.