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  1. heartNICU

    Student Nurse "What I think I do!"

    Found this on my classmate's facebook page! Enjoy!
  2. heartNICU

    SELU spring 2012

    Unfortunately, they are unorganized and do everything pretty last-minute. It sounds like every nursing school is like that though.
  3. heartNICU

    Wink Scrubs

    Has anyone tried this brand of scrubs before? I am petite (5'2, 105 lbs) and prefer my scrubs to be fitted. I really like the fit of the grey's anatomy scrubs, but have been unable to find another brand with a similar fit. (Grey's anatomy never has the "right" colors.) It's mostly the tops I have trouble with.. most other brands are too long/wide and swallow me. Any opinions on wink?
  4. heartNICU

    Summer Nurse Tech 2011

    For those of you on the Northshore.. Does anyone know anything about what the nurse techs at Lakeview do?
  5. heartNICU

    New job, accelerated nursing program, AHHHH!

    Sounds like it will be pretty hectic! Congrats on the job and getting in to nursing school! I have an interview tomorrow for an ER tech position, different hospital though. I'm also currently in my third semester of SELU's nursing program. Any idea about when you start your job? That's exciting!
  6. heartNICU

    What do you eat at 5am for breakfast?

    I'm having the same issue! I start clinicals next week, so I'm trying to get in the habit of eating breakfast. So far, it consists of coffee and a pop tart . I will be trying to work on this breakfast thing! I would suggest stashing granola bars in your school bag and car though.
  7. heartNICU

    Did you always know you wanted to be a nurse?

    No. Here is the list of professions I originally wanted to pursue, starting at the age of 6... Grocery Bagger Disney Character Pediatrician Veterinarian Flight Attendant Actress Meteorologist Marine Biologist Oceanographer Broadcast Journalist Registered Nurse! I always said that I wanted to be Barbie, because she gets to be everything, just by changing her outfit! Anyway, I started college as a comm. major, and after a year and a half, realized comm. was NOT the place for me. I decided I would change my major to something I was good at and enjoyed. I was good at science, and while I was slacking and pulling D's in my comm. classes, I was effortlessly making A's in my biology electives. For a week, biology was the winner. That is, until I flipped through the course catalog and looked at the nursing curriculum. A&P and micro looked reallyyy good! And clinicals? Oh, fun! Nursing it is! All silliness aside, I ultimately chose nursing because I've always had a certain fascination with the medical field, and I was more interested in learning about the human body, disease, pharm, and all the other nursing stuff that goes with it. I've completed the first semester of my school's BSN program, and I have no regrets with my choice!
  8. heartNICU

    SELU accelerated program?

    Hi! I think I'm the only SELU person that lurks these boards! I'm currently in the traditional BSN program, about to start the second semester. Last semester, there were 3 accelerated students in my lab group (you will have ALL of your classes with your lab group). They participate in the fall and spring semesters with the regular students, but they also do summer semesters, which obviously would be more intense. So they will be going Spring-Summer-Fall-Spring-Summer and out! I'm not sure what the cut-off was this past semester, but when I applied last fall to start Spring 2010, it was a 3.42 for traditional, and I believe accelerated is typically a bit lower. I got in with a 3.54. I think you should be fine as long as you get the grades you are expecting. I love the program so far... if you have any questions about anything specific, I would be more than happy to answer!
  9. heartNICU

    How much sleep did you survive on in NS

    semester one went like this.. 3-4 hours per night. wake up at 6:00 AM, get to school for 7 to study. lectures/labs started at 8.. times were different each day. go home and nap for 2-3 hours, run errands, watch tv, eat, then study until 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM. Kind of crazy, but it worked for me. I can't seem to go to bed like a normal human being, no matter how hard I try! lol
  10. heartNICU

    What grade is "passing" in your nursing school??

    at my school, we need a 79
  11. I have not started clinicals yet, but from what one of my teachers told me in class, smell is a very important factor in relation to disease. For example, she said if you have smelled Staph before (very bad, distinct smell), when you walk into a room and smell that odor, you will recognize it immediately and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself.
  12. heartNICU

    Nursing school starts Tuesday!!

    I start the first semester of my BSN program on Wednesday. We already have 8 chapters to read so far by the first day.. eek! I'm excited, but very nervous as well! Good luck, everyone!
  13. Sorry, I didn't realize you can only take the TEAS twice.. my school doesn't require an entrance exam so I had no idea. I think you should definitely retake it before applying to the LPN program just in case! Are there any other schools that you have considered? Any accelerated programs? If you apply to the LPN program, you could definitely try the LPN-RN route in the future.
  14. You should stop thinking negatively because it's not helping you. Don't ever give up on a dream or let anything stop you. If you failed the TEAS test, then take it again! If you fail it again, keep trying! Your life is what you make of it, if you fail it once then that doesn't mean you are not destined to become an RN. You need to keep pushing and do whatever it takes to reach your goal... don't give up! You are not alone, there are many others who have failed the TEAS before or have not had a high enough GPA (and whatever other obstacles) that keep trying (whether it be retaking entrance exams or classes) and eventually do make it in!
  15. heartNICU

    Physical Assessment or Medical Examination

    Do you mind me asking which clinic this is? I will be getting my physical assessment done for free at my school's student health clinic, but I am curious to know since I've heard about the price being anywhere between $100-$200.