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heartNICU has 2 years experience and specializes in NICU.

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  1. heartNICU

    Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

    Has anyone here worked in the NICU at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children? I have an interview with them coming up, and I'm wondering what the work environment in the NICU is like? I have two years of Level III/IV experience and am going to be relocating to Denver very soon!
  2. heartNICU

    Out of these 4 drug handbooks, which one should I get?

    Davis by far! A friend had recommended Pearson, but when I went to B&N and flipped through Davis, it was the clear winner. The CD-ROM was also great for copying/pasting drug info onto my care-plans.. saved a lot of time!
  3. heartNICU

    Possible transfer to NICU

    Congrats!! :)
  4. heartNICU

    New Graduate Nurse in the NICU :)

    Congrats! I'm also starting as a new grad on August 6th :) I'm so excited to get started.. my orientation will be 5 months. We really need to revive the new grad support thread since there's quite a few of us who have either started this summer or will be starting soon!
  5. heartNICU

    Red Cross Student Nurse Volunteer

    My senior capstone project actually involved recruiting student nurses to volunteer with our local chapter of the American Red Cross. I did the Disaster Health Services training, but I haven't been able to do any volunteer work aside from recruitment during the semester. The beauty of ARC is that you can volunteer whenever you have time to, for as little or long as you want. I would definitely consider getting involved-- it's easy to do with school, and it will also help boost your resume!
  6. heartNICU

    Any new grad RNs in NICU?

    I heard back two days after my interview that I got the job. If the nurse manager said she would make a decision after July 4, I would think that you should hear back within the next week. I think it would be okay to contact HR on Monday to follow up. Good luck!
  7. heartNICU

    Any new grad RNs in NICU?

    I am also a new grad (May 2012) and will start my NICU position in August. Can't wait! Good luck to you! I really hope you get it!
  8. heartNICU

    Nursing school getting expensive

    Aww this was my clinical group! We took turns each week driving.. some of our best times were spent in the car!
  9. heartNICU

    Passed NCLEX RN!

    I took NCLEX for the first time yesterday (80 questions, 17 SATL, 1 dosage problem) and got the good pop-up with PVT. My license number was posted this morning, so PVT really worked!! I'm so happy and relieved to have this behind me!! Time to pop a little champagne!
  10. heartNICU

    How long does it take to have your license issued?

    Which state are you in? It depends on your state I believe. I'm in Louisiana, and my license number was posted this morning!
  11. heartNICU

    Took nclex-rn yesterday freaking out!!!!!!!!

    Thanks!! I passed too! LSBN posted my license number this morning! Congrats!!
  12. heartNICU

    Took nclex-rn yesterday freaking out!!!!!!!!

    Not sure.. I took it today (June 20) in New Orleans and got the good pop-up as well. One of my classmates took it last week, and she said it took 5 days for LSBN to post her license number. Hope it doesn't take that long for me! :-/ Have you gotten yours yet?
  13. heartNICU

    Nclex tomorrow!!

    Good luck! I'm taking mine tomorrow too.. can't wait to see what all the fuss is about! lol
  14. heartNICU

    Book for new grad in NICU

    Just want to pop in and say congrats!!!
  15. heartNICU

    Waiting on a call after interview!

    Congrats!!! I'm excited for you! I forgot to update, but I did hear back from those last two interviews within just a couple of days-- both gave me offers! I am so excited to say I will be starting out in NICU! (My dream specialty!!) On a side note, I still haven't heard back from that first interview and it's been a whole month! Glad I'm not still waiting next to the phone for that one...!
  16. heartNICU

    Critique these Interviews for me please

    CONGRATS!!! That is awesome. I'm so happy for you!!

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