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  1. JenniferSews

    Applied for LTC position, haven't heard a word

    They might be slow. In our facility we would actually prefer a nurse with LTC experience over hospital experience. It can be hard for some people to adjust from having a smaller number of patients to 30+. I would call again and sell yourself a little. Good luck to you, 100 miles is a long commute!
  2. JenniferSews

    Spouses/Visitors In Patient's Beds

    Well I have broken the rule. I got Noro once and it wouldn't go away. Literally 3 weeks later I was still throwing up every single thing I put into my stomach. I felt awful and after multiple ER and PCP visits there was no relief in site. I ended up in the hospital. I felt okay until I ate, and then I felt AWFUL. Spiked a temp, BP went up, felt jittery and panicked. Then I would vomit, but the other symptoms didn't go away. I was finally admitted and did ask my husband to please get into bed and snuggle me for a few minutes. Nothing relieved the symtoms I did feel a bit better when he was there holding me. Now I walk into a pt and guest in bed often. Of course when they have been married 30+ years it is a bit more accepted. But I have also found siblings, adult children and good friends in patients beds. I never thought to be upset.
  3. JenniferSews

    Don't need a brain to be a School Nurse?

    When I was in school I was out sick so much that the school district tried to get my mother to pull me from school. Despite the passing grades I had missed much more than the maximum # of days for several years running. But the kids that are part of the general school population today are far sicker. And like PP said the role of advocate for a child is incredibly important. It may not be the glitz and glamor of ICU or ER. But it's a vital role that is sadly underappreciated.
  4. JenniferSews

    Calling a Patient 'Sugar': Abuse?

    I think they said it was my duty as an American to sue if I wasn't happy. Abuse is (or SHOULD BE) a strong word. Let's not water it down for those actually suffering at the hands of their caregivers by calling using terms like "sugar" abuse. It makes it easier to ignore elder abuse if the general public believes when the news says abuse they might mean calling a 95 yo woman sugar. Because "abuse" might really mean sexual or physical assault and that shouldn't be ignored or justified. When I worked the LTC unit I admit to being guilty of "honey" or "sweetie" on occasion. Now I tend to say "Ms. X" But when you have worked in a person's home for 10+ years (ie- LTC is their home) Ms. X feels overly formal.
  5. JenniferSews

    Pay difference Denver, CO Springs, Ft. Collins

    It depends on your specialty. I am paid pretty well for the Denver area, comparable to my cohorts from school when you add in their overnight and weekend differentials. However I work days and 2 Saturdays a month. A coworker just took a big pay cut to get their first hospital job. But even still I make far less than those out of state. CO is lower paid, and the market is heavily oversaturated. But if you have 3+ years experience in a specialty field that likely won't affect you.
  6. JenniferSews

    pregnant and on a clear liquid diet

    We can't give medical advice. But from a student perspective this is a good lesson. As a nurse you often care about your patients and their life choices. But the best you can do is educate them on their choice to the best of your ability and accept their decision. Often I wish an alcoholic patient would quit drinking or a seriously obese patient would at least try to make better food choices. But most of the time they dont, and I have to accept that I have tried my best.
  7. JenniferSews

    Drug seekers

    I have a news flash for you. Those drug seeking patients ALREADY HAVE FREE HEALTHCARE. Do you really think the drug addicts are working 9-5 jobs and pay for their health insurance? The reality is their lives center around getting their next fix. They don't work, or work minimally. They hit the ER anyway because they can't afford health insurance and they know the lingo to get what they want.
  8. I agree with a whole lot of this post. Except my view is a little more cynical. Hospitals see the reality of the economy and know they can choose between ADN and BSN without consequences to staffing like 5 years ago. As employers, why wouldn't they choose the more highly educated graduate? Even if there are no actual differences in their performance their is a perceived value in the patients mind. In the day and age of customer service and Press Ganey scores ruling nursing, their is a tangible value to the bsn nurse over adn. As an ADN nurse who put a lot on the line to finally be a nurse, it saddens me to think that the amazing ADN nurses I graduated might be a thing of the past. But it's not the fault of the bsn graduates or programs. On the flip side I think the prediction of higher wages is short sighted. Having a high starting pay has been a draw for the nursing profession. But that high starting pay was often for the ADN grads, with an even higher pay for bsn nurses. Nurses knew they could start at a good wage and have someone pay for their education with the promise of a nice wage increase at the end (much like my teacher friends planned. ) Take away the ADN grads and eventually that base pay will become the starting wage without the incentive for BSN. I think pay will be lower over time, not higher. But that depends on the future of the economy and the actual future of the proposed nursing shortage.
  9. JenniferSews

    Have you ever been insulted for what you do?

    I continually hear comments and see the eye rolling attitude. Especially from the local ER and the EMTs. Since we are "just LTC nurses." In reality I deal with 15 sub acute patients and some are very unstable, it's not ltc at all. The last time I personally sent someone out I took a lot of guff from the EMTs for calling 911. They ended up intubating the patient in the bus for the atypical abx reaction I told them I suspected. But a week later they are rolling their eyes at me again for sending someone else out. I also got an irate call once at 7am that the patient we sent out at 10pm was now soiled. Really? No chance that between 10pm and now the incontinent pt soiled themselves? It had to be that it was before they left the facility and we never bothered to clean them? If that is so, how are you just noticing it at 7am when they have been your patient for 9 hrs? It's frustrating, but I try and shrug it off. I know I am a smarter, more capable nurse than they would like to believe. For some reason they seem to prefer to believe we are less intelligent. I can't change their perception because they don't want to believe otherwise.
  10. JenniferSews

    Do you think younger generations have a sense of entitlement?

    Just the younger generation? Did no one say the same thing 10-20-30 years ago? Judging from my patients, it's not just the 20 something's who feel entitled. The (insert age group here) somethings just express it differently. They've become either more obstinate or more passive aggressive, but the sense that everyone owes them something is the same underlying theme.
  11. I agree with you about the other poster's search for nursing jobs was VERY misleading. Those of us working in Denver know it's just plain fact that there are very few actual jobs. Those for new grads are almost impossible to find with just an ADN. But as a local I also know that the CCD program had MULTIPLE internal problems. Although I agree the reasoning given is very sound and the decision is very timely and appropriate, the letter probably doesn't tell the whole story.
  12. JenniferSews

    Do you have any authority in your LTC facility?

    Yes and no. A cna could call the sup in my facility and get permission to go home. However once it came to light that she was leaving for a reason that was not an emergency and without handing off report to the oncoming aid, there would be repercussions. I am grateful to work in a facility which trusts the judgement of it's nurses. If a particular nurse was found to have called 911 inappropriately a few times, then that nurse would need to have a second nurse assess before sending out. That hasn't happened in the time I have been employed there. I am required to call the family with any status change and can definately write up a subordinate when necessary. I have a lot of autonomy and authority, and am very glad for it!
  13. All the ADN programs in the community college system here have the same pre reqs. Also the ADN program in all the community colleges here have had a 3+ year wait list for nearly a decade anyway. I have to applaud CCD. It's been getting tough to find clinical placement for a while. Preceptorships are nearly impossible for the ADN programs since there are so many new BSN students with the opening of Denver School of Nursing a few years back. Good for them for not continueing to churn out new students who then can't find jobs. My own community college still boasts their 100% pass rate for NCLEX, but never talks about the students who made it through that tough program to be unemployed. Two years of pre reqs, then 3 years on a wait list then 2 years of hell just to find no job is awful!
  14. JenniferSews

    Refusing Patients' Requests: Can it be done?

    Park of what I love about sub acute rehab is that it is completely appropriate to say "we encourage you to do as much as you can for yourself so we know you are can do it yourself at home." I do often give into the "can you move my water bottle 1/4" inch to the left?" I know they will be complaining in a day or so how much they want to leave and I will remind them how they need to be show their independence.
  15. JenniferSews

    doing the possible

    I failed one semester due to illness and work. Then I was readmitted and passed. I passed NCLEX on my first try, and was the first in my class to try.