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  1. Annual competencies for agency/system float staff

    We have slowly moved all our annual competencies online over the last few years. Covid has forced our hand to do it completely. Especially if you have staff all over the place, there's really no way you could do it in person. Rolling them in with ...
  2. EMU- Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

    Hi all, I am an educator for a unit based EMU. We do long term video monitoring. I'm wondering if anyone in and EMU is willing to share their staffing ratios? I'm also curious if anyone is using CNAs to monitor their patients via video. From what...
  3. RN wondering is it worth getting BSN

    A lot of the hospitals in my state are moving to BSN only. If you don't have one, fat chance of moving hospitals, or getting any job at all these days. The ones moving to BSN are requiring their ADNs to get one within a certain time frame. On a rel...
  4. Best one sentence handoff report

    They did taped reports in our LTC ward for a while and one morning a coworker came in to "Everyone's fine, crush everything." It's still an inside joke years later.
  5. You know it's gonna be a bad day at the home when

    Yup! And you know the staff hugged that patient with love 3 times a day in the last x amount of days they have lived with you. Maybe they were an awful parent but someone is caring for them and forgiving them now. So either lead, follow, or get out o...
  6. Male nurse crying!!!

    I think shedding a tear with a patient or family can be completely appropriate at times! If a caregiver sheds a tear with my mom when my nana finally passes, I would appreciate that the caregiver cared enough to share our sorrow.
  7. Do you work with any super nurses?

    I do work with a really amazing nurse. Someday I hope to grow up to be as good as her. She gets everything done, no matter how small, she never skips anything. Her charting is amazing and although we don't share patients I sometimes read her chart...
  8. Why doesn't the NCLEX include skills demos?

    Well I graduated as an ADN able to do most of the basic skills, thankfully. Because no one was going to teach me in the real world these days. But I guess if you'd have to choose, you might want a graduate nurse who had never done a foley insertion b...
  9. Starting in a CCU LTAC from a SNF wound unit

    Sounds like the path my coworkers and I are on, for better or worse. SNF or LTC is worse than new grad in my city! You learned lots of great time management skills in the SNF, and I bet you'll do fine. Hang in there, and best of luck!
  10. holiday pay this year-what??

    We get paid time and a half, but only if you are a full time employee. If you are part time or prn or were hired within the last 90 days you get regular pay. Needless to say if you have been with the company for a while you WILL be working holidays. ...
  11. I generally take 15 minutes to shove some food in my face while I read a chart, look at a lab, etc just after getting report. But "breakfast" is usually a cereal bar or a slice of toast. I'm not off the unit, but I just can't eat at 4:30am when I g...
  12. Is LTC really a kiss of death for new grads?

    I am going to go with- it depends. In my state the hospitals don't count nursing homes or SNFs as any experience. They state it right in their employment listings. 18 months into my career and I am still stuck in a SNF. However some places here i...
  13. Not a waitress or barista

    True, but when one decides they really want a frosty, I'm not above taking my yearly lunch break to go get it. They won't eat but a bite but it's worth the trip. I'm jealous of those who haven't experienced the overbearing and demanding family and or...
  14. I got fired today

    If you didn't even start orientation, I wouldn't even put the place on your application or address it at all.
  15. Not a waitress or barista

    In my personal nursing world (not necessarily reality, just my personal code) you can get anything you want if you are dying. All others are on their own. I like the idea of telling patients and families where THEY can get food and coffee. Maybe I...