Getting a travel jobs as a manager/educator


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I'm not looking to travel now, but in 3 years when my kids are done with high school.  I'll be in my mid 50s by then and my back/body is not okay with floor work anymore.  I have extensive experience in education and a masters in education plus about a year in education management.  I've looked a bit but it doesn't seem like management/education jobs are in demand for travel.  What can I do in the next few years to make myself more marketable?  I don't necessarily need travel assignments, just a job that takes me away from home as much as possible that pays pretty well.  I don't care if I'm in unpopular locations.  

I won't get much in social security and have no pension so I will have to work at least another 20 years and live off what I save.  I have some retirement but not enough.  I need something that pays well so I can save once I've finished paying for my 3 kids college.


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I haven't met any nurse educators that are travelers but a ton of managers and directors. There are some specialty agencies (sorry, don't remember names), but big agencies like American Mobile and Cross Country should have such jobs. Like any other traveler, you need relevant experience, and a successfully completed management assignment will open the floodgates. Getting that first assignment could be difficult - I'd suggest taking your first assignment well inside your comfort zone. 

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Why not take an educator position (hospital, community college, state, etc.)?