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Hi all, I am an educator for a unit based EMU. We do long term video monitoring. I'm wondering if anyone in and EMU is willing to share their staffing ratios? I'm also curious if anyone is using CNAs to monitor their patients via video. From what I'm reading most places use EEG techs or nurses for this, not cnas. Any direction you can give me would be helpful! I'm about to start cold calling area hospitals because I can't find this info!

4:1 for nurses. We have monitor techs but they are not watching 24/7. Each patient or family member has a button they can push to mark the video and alert staff to "seizure" activity. 9 times out of 10 the patients are faking it, though. í ½í¸‘

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When I worked inpatient peds neuro, LTM was probably 7 rooms out of the 26 on the floor. There were EEG techs who watched the EEG monitors 24/7. The parents had a button to push when seizures happened- it just marked the tape as a lot of the time kids were admitted for "characterization of events" and then the doctor would go back and see if whatever they were doing at that time was seizure activity. There was also another button to hit if there was a big seizure that warranted immediate action from nurses/doctors. The EEG techs also had the ability to activate this alarm.

In general, these were the least acute patients on the floor since most of them were elective admits. They followed our standard ratios- 3:1 days and 4:1 nights.

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