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What did you give up to be in nursing school?


For me it's time and energy for a job, so I gotta live frugally for a few years. As a result, gave up independence and time as an adult in his mid 20s to make all this work. Small price to pay but hopefully worth it. Time is going by really fast anyway. :-)

What did you sacrifice to get where you are now as a student nurse?

Or didn't have to give up anything at all, which is cool too (lucky!)

Sometimes it's these things that i think about during tough times in the semester that gives me motivation, knowing that a lot has been sacrificed to get to where I am now!

My house and a lot of our possessions. My husband and I sold our home and moved into a much smaller apartment with our two kids, so that we can survive on only on his salary.

I gave up my job and am sacrificing my social life. But it is only temporary!


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Lots of money on school loans.


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I moved 300+ miles away from my family and friends to get into a program. It's been hard not seeing them.

I sold my nice Acura to eliminate a car payment and now drive a nice junker. I moved into a part of town where I only pay $200 flat per month for a private room, in order to allow me to be part time at work, to allow me to focus more on my school studies. I have chose to give up going on dates, so I'm not distracted, and only hang with friends when I can truly afford to take time away from study. I am halfway through my program and can start to breathe sweet relief as I see light again.

It's all a balancing act.

The way I look at it is- Close a few doors, only to open many more down the road.

KelRN215, BSN, RN

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Nothing. I didn't have anything to give up at the age of 18.

LadyFree28, BSN, RN

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Nothing; I couldn't give up a job; I had a mortgage to pay and grown up bills; so I found a program that was for working individuals where I didn't have to give up anything; it helped me save money in the process.


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Money and time, basically. I cut back from 38 hours a week at work to 24. I have school Tues-Friday and work 2 12-hour shifts on the weekends. I don't have much free time anymore & my relationships are suffering some because of it. But I know it'll be worth it when I'm done!

Conqueror+, BSN, RN

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My then boyfriend (he proposed after I was accepted and I just saw him ruining my future). No dates, no hanging out, very little sleep. I was 19 at the time and it was worth it.

late nights in hollywood and san diego :( , but it was all worth it just finished nursing school submitting my paper work to take my nclex tomorrow :D


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First was money for classes, books, and transportation. Time with my family. Of course I learned during the olden days. Have recently retired due to disability. You work holidays, long hours, weird hours, too. A lot of places work you 12 hr shifts. You do three of them. More tiring and it takes 4 more hours before you get to the OT pay. When it was 8 hr shifts, it was a lot easier to get the OT if wanted. But I enjoyed working no matter the aches,missing holidays, and the like. We moved a lot so it took longer to get my classes done and graduate. You will find that learning does not stop when you graduate. If you can work in the medical field it will help with your understanding what you learn. I have worked with medical students who did tech work in nursing homes. It helped them to learn and understand from a different prospective.

besaangel, ASN, BSN, MSN, CNA, RN, APRN, NP

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Sold my house! No biggie cuz the last year and half in nursing school didnt see me cleaning much. If we kept the house we would have to worry about mowing the lawn and cleaning the pool and all that other awesome stuff. Hubby and I are in last semester before graduation so it was honestly the best situation for us

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Delaying having kids. Reduced social life. My wife and I have been together 7 years, I'm 30 and she's 28. We're trying to wait on having kids until I'm done with nursing school, hopefully May next year.

In the process of selling my horse. Riding is a big part of my life, used to be my job, but it's time. Nursing school doesn't leave time to ride and it doesn't make sense to spend hundreds per month on something I don't have time for.

Delaying having kids. Got married in June and husband and I would really like to start now but will at least wait to time it in such a way so that at the earliest I would be pregnant during school and have the baby immediately after in the summer when we're both home. I do get jealous when yet another friend proclaims they're pregnant or just had a baby.

Other than that, just a clean house and money and free time!

I didn't have to give up anything. I'm in my late 40s, kids are grown, and hubby earns a fabulous salary. I retired from my former career (20 years) and went back to school a couple of years ago. Graduated in December. My biggest issue is going to be working full time! I haven't done that in over 20 years. I'm used to summers/holidays/weekends off.


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Nothing; I couldn't give up a job; I had a mortgage to pay and grown up bills; so I found a program that was for working individuals where I didn't have to give up anything; it helped me save money in the process.


I worked full-time through my ADN, BSN, and now my MSN. Grown-ups, at least us single ones with children, do not have the luxury of leaving our jobs.

ClaraRedheart, BSN, RN

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I gave up family... not intentionally, but a relationship was damaged beyond repair due to my response to the stresses of nursing school. Not happy with that. I also sold my alien bees to pay for the Nclex. My Paul C. Buff Alien Bees were my studio photography lights... I had a NICE set, that I PROMISED myself that I'd buy again as soon as I could afford it after nursing. Only on the job for 1 year now, but I still haven't bought new ones yet. I just photograph in natural light as I don't really have the room to set up a studio anyways.

I missed my youngest child's Kindergarten graduation because it fell on the same day as clinicals.

That was pretty much symbolic of a lot of missed time away from my kids/family because of nursing school. It was worth it, but still hard.

Now I'm doing my BSN and although it's on-line, I still spend a lot of my energy/time studying instead of being with the family.

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