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  1. jj224

    University of MN CRNA 2019 interviews?

    When I interviewed and while I was in school, this is what the process was like 1) 20-30 min to sit with / meet current students. I found this to be nice when I interviewed so I volunteered to do this while I was an SRNA. You'd be able to bounce questions off the SRNAs that you might feel uncomfortable asking during the interview. You get to hear a student's prospective on the program, clinical sites, numbers, etc. 2) Interview with the faculty - when I interviewed there was no written test. They'll ask questions to get to know you and your experience. They'll ask about your typical patient, meds, etc. They'll ask standard CRNA school interview questions. This will be with the program director and some of the instructors. If you have any questionable grades or anything on your transcript, make sure you have a good reason for it.
  2. jj224


    If it's to make extra money, I make more working an overtime shift as a CRNA than I did working 3 shifts as an RN. I do know some CRNAs that still work as flight nurses every once in a while to keep their skills sharp.
  3. jj224

    Chicago RNs!!!

    Serious question - what's wrong with Loyola?
  4. jj224

    CRNA Doctorate vs. Master degree

    This has been asked and answered many times. Search and you'll find the answers you're looking for.
  5. jj224

    Considering CRNA School

    Dude. You don't need 6mos to prep for the GRE. Its like highschool level math.
  6. jj224

    University of MN CRNA 2019 interviews?

    I graduated from that program, feel free to contact me with any questions!
  7. Save your time & money. Whatever perceived shortcomings you have with your applications, make up for in critical care experience and if you feel you need to boost your GPA, do it with some sort of advanced science class at a local CC.
  8. jj224

    Lung Transplants

    No. There are plenty of surgeries, just comparatively not a lot of lung transplants.
  9. jj224

    Lung Transplants

    I did a few lung transplants during school. The surgeons don't really dictate whether or not students are able to participate on the anesthesia side of things, so it's not really prudent to use that as a metric in choosing a school. There's no school that is going to have a student do 10+ lung transplants during training because there simply aren't enough lungs to go around for all the people learning. The academic center I was at had anesthesiology residents, who trained to do these cases as well as SRNAs. The residents got precedence on these types of cases. CRNAs are able to do them (meaning, there's no restriction saying the can't participate in these cases), but as long as there are residents in training and there isn't a more interesting / complex case for them to do, the resident will be assigned to it. The CRNA would give breaks during the case and take over at 3 (or whenever the resident left for the day, which was 3 o clock at this hospital). Lung transplants take place at teaching facilities (usually), so there will likely be residents there. It depends on case volume to dictate how many you'll be involved in during your education. I read in a previous post that you want to specialize in lung transplant. There are specialized cardiac teams at some hospitals, but I haven't heard in someone specializing specifically in lungs just since there aren't 2-4 done per day (as is the case with hearts at a large facility). I'd guess one place that might have the lung transplant volume you're looking for for during education is Mayo - they have a 42 month program (barf) you could look into.
  10. jj224

    crna felony

    This background check is run by the FBI, I believe. They will see what you were charged and convicted with and it will be reported to your school. The fact that it was 20 years ago is good, but possession with intent to distribute is a huge red flag given our nearly unlimited access to narcotics. Has this conviction come up on other background checks for nursing school / job?
  11. jj224

    Lost Pre-Med Student: CRNA or AA?

    Accelerated BSN, 2 years ICU, and your strong science background will make you a shoe-in.. Don't become an assistant. Also, you mentioned that physicians make a common salary. I'm not going to convince you one way or another, but anesthesiologists make 350-400k per year, not common at all.
  12. jj224

    how hard is it to get into CRNA school?

    check out any one of the 100s of posts on this topic. not trying to be a d***, but you'll likely learn more and get a better idea by doing that.
  13. Sleep
  14. jj224

    shocking news about Kaiser's program

    Do you think it'll remain affordable? I thought tuitions increased at schools once they made the transition..?
  15. jj224

    Propofol in the ICU

    You're in the anesthesiology subreddit asking the same questions. Seriously, what's the deal?
  16. jj224

    shocking news about Kaiser's program

    I think the OP's point might be that this was only presented after he or she was admitted / paid a deposit. Maybe they turned down other schools they got into because Kaiser was a less expensive, master's option? Whatever the case, it sucks for those admitted thinking they'd be doing a shorter and cheaper master's program.

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