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Does anyone know a successful diet? I have exercised and tried to eat right but when I get stressed I eat! And if I don't see results fast I give up! I have really been doing good walking and going to the gym for the past 3 - 4 months. Still I haven't lost nothing!! I'm very frustrated!!

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Diets just don't work for me. I had to change how I ate forever; first I kept a list of what I ate and why. That was an eye-opener for me. Then I made a list of things I could do besides munch. When I'm stressed, I find cleaning closets or something like that to do. And in 30 + years I've only gained back 10 pounds. good luck.

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Diets just don't work for me. I had to change how I ate forever; first I kept a list of what I ate and why. That was an eye-opener for me. Then I made a list of things I could do besides munch. When I'm stressed, I find cleaning closets or something like that to do. And in 30 + years I've only gained back 10 pounds. good luck.

what wonderful advice, husker!!

once anyone of us has one of those "eye-opener" moments, new insight is gained and we grow/learn.

so kcb, definitely what husker_rn said.

challenge yourself into making lists, preferably the types that will elicit insight.

it is at these times that the potential for astounding growth growth can occur.

as a result, this growth will impact your life in positively and mind-boggling ways.:balloons:

wishing you the very best.



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Hey OP; years ago when I actually went to the gym I felt the same way. Then I got a little notebook where I recorded calories (I was too lazy to do fat too) of what I ate each day. I found that I ate a lot of the same things so I made a cheat sheet in the inside cover so I could add stuff up. Although it didn't change my eating habits drastically; it made me see what a difference mayo vs mustard on a sandwich or an ice cream cone made. I also had my body fat measured at the gym I went to and for a few months when the scale wasn't moving I realized that it was really my fat turning into muscle and it kept me motivated! I fell off the gym bandwagon for a couple of years and I am gearing up to get back into it....good luck!


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This has worked for me........

1. keep calories most days in the 1,800 to 2,000 range

2. limit the simple carbs (sugar, corn syrup, and white flour). I have little of these except for my weekend pizza.

3. arrange things as best you can to avoid making food so central to you. Most days, food shouldn't be a way to entertain yourself or bust boredom

4. You need 45 to 75 grams of protein a day but not more than that unless you are a competitive bodybuilder

5. If you drink pop regularly, you are hosed.

6. If you eat some avocado regularly, you are the opposite of hosed.

7. Most days I have a smoothie in the blender with plain yogurt, frozen fruit, ground flax, torn up kale or collard greens, and enough milk or water to thin it.

You may be getting enough exercise as a nurse. But ideally you need to get your heart rate elevated a couple times a week (check w medical professional to make sure you are OK for this). Also do exercises that give you a strong core. Longer duration, less intensive exercise is best for fat loss (and you may get this just moving in your job). Shorter, more intensive exercise is good for keeping your heart strong.

Also, there have been times (as in periods of a few years) in my life when small kids and work schedules made the above impossible. Just muddle through as best you can during those times until things pass. If your life is ALWAYS in this mode, reexamine your priorities. Our culture makes high demands but you don't always have to go along if the end result of the demands isn't something you value.


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There are lots of little things you can do (I just lost 15 lbs).

1. Cut out non diet soda- all of it. Don't replace it with juice.

2. Same with snacks- chips, etc.

3. Take the stairs.

4. Watch your serving sizes.

5. Continue working out, if you can. You have to do it as long as you can, but try for an hour.

It will take about 2 weeks to notice any difference.

Also, it ain't gonna work if you overeat.


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My advice would be, cut out the soda, the sugar, most of the unrefined carbs (stick with whole grains), get enough protein (80gm), eat more veggies, measure your portions, keep a diet a diary and drink your water.

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I love the idea of listing what you ate and why as a starting point.

Be patient and compassionate with yourself.

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The only "diet" that has worked for me was Weight Watchers but I couldn't keep the weight off permanantly.. I've decided to get Realizeband surgery and I will be having that done next month. We'll see.


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I'm very excited about a book I just purchased and read from Amazon.com for less than $4 called, 'Metabolize' by Kenneth Baum. So far it made a lot of sense. It requires you take a 5 minute questionnaire and from there you can decide what metabolic type you are. It lists foods you should eat and avoid according to your type. It is worth looking into. I think metabolic typing/allergens are things well worth looking into as people have so many different types of metabolisms. This explains why some can eat heavier meals and feel fine whilst others like myself will feel so terribly drained after eating meat and starches.

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Actually there was an article in Times that said exercise will not make you lose weight. Its more about the foods you ate. And because to me its a convenient "truth", I do just that. DON'T RESEARCH IT OR TELL ME ITS WRONG! I don't care, I am using it as an excuse, people! If time said it, it must be true. :D

I cut out juice, (I don't drink soda anyways.) After 6pm I do not eat. No starches. If I start craving something I either drink water or do something. I just started listening to my body. If lunch came around and I wasn't hungry then I don't eat. I don't finish all my food. I eat off small plates so I feel like I ate alot. And in two weeks I lost all of my nursing school weight. Something I have been desperately trying to do for almost a year. It just kept coming back but now I've kept the weight off for almost 2 months now. And I am feeling so much better. More energy. I don't do anything with the energy but its a start.....


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Going to spark people dot com and adding up what calories I eat. If I stick to 1200 calories a day and work out I lose weight. Being overweight stresses me out, and it makes me more tired at work and I am sick of it. Going to the gym today!

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