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  1. thinkertdm

    HIPAA - PHI infraction?

    In order for HIPAA to be in effect, doesn't there need to be two things? Like an identification of some sort (such as a name) matched to protected health information? Surely you aren't claiming that using a wheelchair is indicative of health information? That's pretty much the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
  2. thinkertdm

    Nurse's getting younger

    Maybe the nurses aren't younger, maybe you are just older. Don't mean to be snarky, but I'm sure when you started, an older nurse said the same exact thing about you. Also, you seem to equate ability with age. Not even age, but the appearance of age!
  3. thinkertdm

    One carpal spasm question-please guess

    Technically, it's not a "Babinski reflex". It's a plantar reflex, and it's a Babinski sign when the toes curl up. It can be a sign of a central nervous system lesion, or can be a normal variant in a small portion of people.
  4. thinkertdm

    Do you find this article insulting?

    Happy hospitalist is an ignorant SOB who believes that as a physician, all others are beneath him. He may have valid points, but his pomposity hides any point he tries to make. In his little world, he has all the answers, and no one else- and this includes nurses, PA's, NP's- has the ability to formulate an opinion. Personally, I find all his posts incredibly offensive, correct or not.
  5. thinkertdm

    Can you prick a diabetic too hard?

    Short of stabbing it into the bone, you can't really do it too hard. This person was just being a baby. Also, check the finger (or ask the patient) to find one that is least used. If I forget which finger I used, I usually default to my pointy finger, and if it gets stuck numerous times in a day, it can be a little sensitive.
  6. thinkertdm


    Here's a little story I heard a long time ago. There are several variations, so I'll just do the best sounding one. One day, there was a terrible hurricane. The river near this fellow's house starting rising, so he went onto the porch. While watching the waters continue to rise, some of his neighbors walked by in waders and offered to help him to safety. "No" he replied. "I'll leave it up to God". They left. The water continued to rise, so the man got on his roof. Moments later, a boat comes around, and offers to carry him to safety. He declines, stating "I am trusting in God". Eventually, the water rose so high, that the man was forced to stand on top of his chimney. When the water was up to his chin, a helicopter came by and lowered a rope. He ignores it, believing that God will help him through this situation. He soon drowns, and is able to ask God in person why he didn't help him. God tells him that he sent the mans neighbors, a boat, and a helicopter. So here's my point. It's fine and dandy to say that you left it up to God, and since you failed, then it must be God's will that you do something else. I find that to be a self serving and pitiful excuse. God gave you the tools to do it; it's up to you to use them to get the job done.
  7. thinkertdm

    Urine test

    I am not sure you understand what I am trying to say. The insurance company is the one setting the rules. They looked over their records, and found that they spend much more money on smokers. The insurance company raises their rates. The employer can either pay those rates, and go out of business, or try to negotiate a deal with them to get lower rates- in this case, not hiring smokers. Don't worry about fat people. The insurance company has them targeted too. In fact, I'm sure they have pretty advanced programs to look over their expenses and find ways to save money. I don't understand your use of the word "we". Many people in this thread seem to have generalized the roles of the players in this game- "them" vs "us", when in fact, there are many parties involved, and guess what? They are all looking out for themselves. Some people might argue that no one is looking out for the employee, when that is not true at all. The employee can do lots of things. They can work at a place that doesn't this. They can actually participate in political and policy discussion, rather than just taking it.
  8. thinkertdm

    Why Nurses Book Off Work

    What do you mean by "book off work"?
  9. thinkertdm

    Graduate program recommendation letters

    When I needed a LOR from a teacher I hadn't seen in a while, I contacted them to see if they could do it. They all said they remembered me (but who knows?) and that they would be happy to write one. I think one of them asked for a CV or something to refresh their memory, and they might have checked their records. It might be helpful (if possible) to ask them in person. That way you can start it off by putting them on the spot, if you will- "Hi, so-and-so! How are you? Remember me?" That way, they are kind of on the spot and will probably say sure. If there is someone you knew at least a little more than the others, they would be the best to ask, but any will probably be ok. You would be surprised at who remembers you. I wasn't an outstanding student, but I'm sure I could go back and they would remember me. Face to face is better than just an email, though. Good luck!
  10. thinkertdm

    Urine test

    They don't. You are free to not work there. Unfortunately, if you want to play their game, you have to follow their rules. If you don't, then apply elsewhere. It has nothing at all to do with your ability to do your job. Your employer pays a huge amount for your health insurance. Really. Since your employer wants to stay in business, so they have to reduce costs, and a big, big cost for them is health insurance. How to cut that down? Cut a deal with the insurance company that their group (as in group health insurance). I know fat people are unhealthy too. And believe me, that day is coming where fat people will pay more. But right now, smokers and their health problems are the issue. Smokers are probably the unhealthiest people on the planet. Oh- are you telling me a 10 minute smoke break every hour doesn't affect your ability to work? Non smokers don't take that time- so non-smokers work more.
  11. thinkertdm

    Urine test

    I'm not sure where you two have been the last few years, but insurance rates are skyrocketing. Many people may not realize exactly how much their insurance actually costs because your employer may cover some or most of the premium. When I was let go from my previous job, the cost for COBRA was $1200 a month. You are right, soon insurance companies will be looking at other things to charge people for- extra weight, lifestyle factors, everything. But yes, smoking is a huge insurance cost that raises rates for everyone. And the employer might have signed a deal with the insurance company to keep prices down by not hiring smokers. It's not against the law. And thanks to living in a capitalist society, that's how things work.
  12. thinkertdm

    the *right* humor

    I didn't know about trying to shut it down- but really, people have the right to free speech- and that includes speaking out against something, too. Are you saying I don't have a right to free speech, or do I? Because if I do, then I can talk about shutting down websites, or disagreeing with anything I want. That's what free speech is all about- you can say anything you want, but so can someone else, even if their opinion is contrary to yours. And guess what? I can say my opinion louder than yours. Now, I didn't say anything about telling jokes to patients. I'm talking about jokes between providers ABOUT their patients. I'm talking about when a professional says to another professional "the fatty in room 6 needs more insulin". I'm talking about in the charting room, or where ever nurses hang out, the "joking" that goes on. In general, (and this applies to everyone, not just nurses) you should have respect for people. And if that goes against your funky idea of free speech, then too @#$@ bad.
  13. thinkertdm

    the *right* humor

    Personally, I think when a culture of disrespect exists, it deprives a patient of objectivity that they deserve from their "so-called caregivers", even it's between two professionals. It's not about offending people- I don't care whether people get offended. If you see something that offends you, then ignore it. It's when people start seeing other people as fatties, *****, prostitutes, drug users, whatever- it takes away from them being treated as human. What did the nurse say to the doctor? Nothing, her mouth was full. Har, har, har. Doesn't matter if you thought it was funny or not, you probably got upset at reading it. Why? It perpetuates the notion that nurses are 1. female, and 2. stupid and bimbos. When we all know that they are not. Would you like to work in a hospital where this joke (and similar ones) are constantly spoken by doctors? So why is it acceptable to do the same to patients?
  14. thinkertdm

    the *right* humor

    I disagree 100%. Making inappropriate jokes about people and their misfortunes only breeds an atmosphere of disrespect that will eventually affect patient care. It has nothing to do with being offensive, it has to do with respect, both given and earned. You are reducing (or allowing it to be reduced) the value of humans, and it makes me question the integrity of anyone, especially a health care professional, who finds such material amusing. Additionally, the fact that you do nothing because it doesn't harm you personally, is disturbing.
  15. thinkertdm


    The funny thing is, not only do they not know how to spell it, but most people are woefully misinformed about the actual law, but they pretend they do.
  16. thinkertdm

    Biggest Misconception about nurses you've heard

    Well, maybe they should include some pics!