2 weeks notice!!


I am officially putting in my 2 weeks notice tom. AM I just got off the phone with the DON and she instructed me to do so!!! Ill start my first job as a nurse in a few weeks I'm soooooooo excited!!! Lol purchasing right now!!!

Ahhh I'm sooo happy God is sooo good! I didn't even have to look for a job that long like literally I went out LAST Tuesday put my résumé into 2

places & the DON called me from the 2nd place I went that same exact day (she remembered me from when she was DON at a nursing home I worked at in HS & in college both the DON & aDON remembered me) I was so shocked the way it all worked out I'm soo thankful!!

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Yaaaay!! Congratulations!!! :D :D


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Yaaaay!! Congratulations!!! :D :D

Thank u!!!!


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Woo hoo! Congrats! I pray it's a wonderful job worth staying at for many years! My first LPN job stunk... literally... lol :(

Congrats! Hope it is everything you hope it to be!

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Huge congrats to you! :D


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Congratulations for you!


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I love to read positive experiences like this. Thanks for sharing and good luck in your new job!


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Hi, Congrats! I have a possibly silly question, is it pretty common for nurses to purchase ? Or is it something special you are buying for your field? I am applying to nursing schools and have never heard of this.




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Thank y'all!!! I'm so excited!!