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  1. Genista

    Public health nurse mom

    Hi cc_RN- That's a tough situation. Is it possible for your husband/partner to stay home and care for the kids during the day while you are working? Since you are the breadwinner, can he change jobs and work alternate shift? Maybe you can overlap shifts, and hire a nanny? I understand the dilemma you are in. It's a difficult one. I hope you can find a comfortable solution!
  2. Very touching on many levels. Thanks for sharing. (I did get something in my eye).
  3. Genista

    How do you like your job?

    I love public health! I am a visiting PHN for pregnant moms and moms of small children. I am in the office some of the time, and some of the time at people's homes. I also go to many networking/education events to help coordinate care. I worked in the hospital for over 10 years, and I don't miss floor nursing at all ( I do have some good memories there, but the bad was far outweighing the good for me, which is why I had to leave). I always loved education and prevention, so public health is just a wonderful fit for me! As the previous post mentioned, there are lots of different roles in public health. In my local health dept, there are PHN that work with the elderly, some that case manage critically ill kids, some that manage foster care children, infectious disease PHN, and others.Maybe you could shadow a PHN if you want to see what it looks like. I Love it!! Good luck :-) PS- I did take a massive paycut for this job, but I am at a point where I was willing to do that for the payoff of a job that I love
  4. Genista

    Hoping for an Interview/Seeking any advice

    Hi Souapril- I think it took a couple weeks to get the letter in the mail saying my application was received, and maybe another 2 weeks before I was called to interview. It was a slooooow process, but worth the wait. Good luck to you!
  5. Genista

    Hoping for an Interview/Seeking any advice

    Hi sourapril. I did get the job & I love it! Thanks for asking.
  6. Genista

    Foster Care Public Health Nurse

    Mesa14- Congratulations! Have you started your job? How do you like it so far?
  7. Genista

    2 weeks notice!!

    Congrats! Hope it is everything you hope it to be!
  8. Genista

    Anyone work in MSSP?

    Hi I am interested in public health nurses who work visiting the elderly at home. How is the workload? Curious as to if the workload is very heavy, as I am considering a job in this area. I hear there are tight deadlines, and so am now wondering if it is a very stressful area to work in due to deadlines and workload/regulations. I'm very organized, but wonder if the workload is manageable or not? Caseload is 200ish. Any feedback on this area is appreciated.
  9. Genista

    Wish me luck!!

    Good luck! Fingers crossed for you.
  10. Genista

    Hoping for an Interview/Seeking any advice

    Hi everyone. Good news...I am in process of multiple interviews! I have a few questions about specialization in PH & wondering if my background will allow me to succeed in these areas of interest. If you apply for PHN I in an area for which you don't have professional experience, can you succeed in PH in the new area (by drawing on your transferable skills?) I interviewed for an area that interests me, and that I don't have much experience professionally, but want to make sure I would do well there. Many positions I am applying for are autonomous, and I would have to do self study to catch up to speed in the new area clinically. These are all PHN I positions, but in children's and maternal/child programs, and my background is strong for adult medicine. I am very interested in the new areas, but want to know if I would need a strong background in maternal/child or peds to do well, or if I could learn on the job having been an experienced acute care medicine RN for over a decade? What is your experience? I am very excited, but also want to do well if I am lucky enough to be offered a position. Should I stick with the adult PHN programs, or can I successfully move into the other areas? Thanks!
  11. I drive an hour to work. Sometimes it's longer depending on traffic. If it's a great job, then it might be worth the drive.
  12. Genista

    Two Interviews coming up! HELP.

    If you get an offer, I would say you are interested but have another interview pending the next day. Ask if you can get back to them by X date. Good luck!
  13. Genista

    Hoping for an Interview/Seeking any advice

    Thanks Tinderbox. Glad you got the job! I'm going to call and set up the interview this week.
  14. Genista

    After Nursing: Is There Life Out There?

    Sorry for the situation you are in, Viva. I hope it all works out for you. If not, I wanted to suggest Telephone Triage. You have to have solid clinical experience to do it well, and you have that. It's easy on the body , but still stressful mentally. Can work part part time to full time and decent pay. Also, you mentioned Hospice. One of the Hospices in my area has dayshift 8a-5p, rotating weekend position with no on-call. So, you never know...maybe this would work for you if you found the right position? Sending well wishes to you.