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Got a call on the radio this morning...ambulance had 10 min ETA with a mom who had just delivered. She said she was only 2 months pregnant...but medics said baby was trying to breathe and had a HR of 200. Called the NRT down from OB etc...

Ambulance got to the ER and met them in the bay since we didn't know what to expect.

Baby was smaller than the length of my hand, about the width of 3-4 of my fingers...gasping for breath, HR slowing down...went for a couple minutes without a heartbeat, then it would come back slowly for a minute or so...very sad...nothing you can do so early on.

OB nurse estimated him (yep, him) to be ~ 18 weeks.

Mom is 16 y/o...this was her 3rd baby.

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That's horrible!

ummm...why is this in the humor section?

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Yikes! I have no idea...I thought it was in the general nursing discussion board! :eek:

Anyone know how to switch it over?

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Ok, that's definitely not a joke.

We had one woman come through on ambulance after she had delivered at home. Claimed she didn't know she was pregnant. This was her third child and she was a hospital employee (a CNA!).


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how sad...we in OB see things like this ALL TOO DAMN OFTEN. I can't SAY how many girls 15, 16 who have had multiple pregnancies and partners. I feel sick for them...were they my daughters, I would be even MORE heartbroken. I am old enuf to be their mother...and often feel VERY protective of them. WHAT A TRAGEDY for all involved......I don't know of one single solution that would cure this.....there are so many things wrong in these girls' lives....

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One single solution would be to keep their legs crossed, and/or stay out of places they have no business being! I'm so sick of parents letting their daughters get pregnant and then asking themselves, "Where did I go wrong????? "Love them, teach them, guide them, pay attention to them, praise them, hug them and most of all teach them to respect themselves then they wouldn't have to go do things such as this...and this was her third! I blame the parents who probably do not have two brain cells to rub together, and if they do, I still blame them for letting her get into this mess, AGAIN!


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Okay,,,,, Not going to rant,,,, pet peeve here,,, but,,,, there should be no unwanted,,,, teenage preganancies,,,, if for no other reason,,,,,,, PROTECTION,,,, from hiv/hep,,,,

Will save thier live and stop bringing and unwanted,,, unloved ones into world,,,,, cause they wouldn't be pregant,,,,,

They are going to have sex,,,, you can't be with them,,,, 24/7,,,, they being the ones who want to,,,,, so be open with them,,,, give them condoms,,,,, lots and lots,,,,, Nikita~~


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Not to rant, but let's not forget about the other person responsible for this: THE FATHER OF THE BABY!!! Or do we not even know who he is??? Freaks, all of them! Why a 16 year old is on her third pregnancy is beyond me.


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It sems like many of those teens were sexually active with a partner who was 25 or older--can anyone spell "statutory rape?" I'd like to see those bozos prosecuted, instead of fawned over because they fathered a baby on a baby!


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Just watch your TV, listen to the music, look at Britney Spears. Parents can try as hard as they can, but short of actually locking the kid in a closet, no one's going to keep a kid who's set on it from experimenting.

How many of these kids have been watching Friends (just to name one program) since they were 9 or 10? Lots of sexual innuendo and flat-out sexual talk that kids don't need to hear. Jokes about sex and sexuality pervade TV and movies aimed at teens. I stopped watching much TV 9 or 10 years ago...now I rarely watch anything except for old movies and the Simpsons.

When I taught middle school, the 13 and 14 year olds talked about sex constantly, from body comments, to what they'd like to do to each other, to what they saw on TV. And this was not an urban slum area, it was an upper-middle-class school (no, not in my classroom, but in the halls outside, at lunch, you name it).

When I was a kid, the Beverly Hillbillies were on prime time TV.

We sexualize our kids, send 'em the message that sex is fun and funny, and parents think they're not going to fool around?

Also, this isn't exactly a new problem; 30 years ago, my mom (a public health nurse) was visiting new moms who were 12 and 13 years old. It's just that it's not only on the "wrong side of the tracks" anymore, it's all around us.


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"Love them, teach them, guide them, pay attention to them, praise them, hug them and most of all teach them to respect themselves then they wouldn't have to go do things such as this

Night Owl, I couldn't agree with you more! I have a 12 yo daughter and I am her biggest fan, hoping and praying that I instill enough confidence and enough self esteem in her that she will think better of herself than to throw her future away with both hands.


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