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Women's health & post-partum
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Jamesdotter has 38 years experience and specializes in Women's health & post-partum.

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  1. Jamesdotter

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Have I mentioned Rubbin? They pronounced it Reubin
  2. Retired nurse here. I never worked 12 hours (unless it was overtime). The last couple of years before retirement I would have welcomed 6 hours! 12 hours would have been wonderful when I had small children, but I had a very supportive husband whose job allowed him to be with the kids when I was at work and they weren't at school or at childcare. I realize everyone doesn't have that luxury.
  3. Jamesdotter

    Retire vs stay current

    I retired at 65. Then 9/11 happened. I had enough hours and CEs to renew when it came due, so I did, although I never needed to return to work. We weren't sure what was going to happen next and I wanted to be prepared.
  4. I posted "no" on this topic a while back, but discovered at my recent surgery that it irritated the heck out of me if the staff used euphemisms for body parts and didn't want to discuss my meds. I told them I was a retired nurse and could understand them even though I didn't necessarily know all the recent advances, especially outside my specialty of OB/GYN
  5. Jamesdotter

    My Colonoscopy

    I was instructed to dissolve an entire container (I've forgotten the size - 238 g maybe?) of polyethylene glycol in a sports drink. I think I also took a couple dulcolax tablets? Time has drawn a merciful veil. I have a history of polyps and a family history of bowel cancer, so I'm in the 5-year group, too. Fun.
  6. Jamesdotter

    What does your username mean?

    James' daughter
  7. Jamesdotter

    What happened to molar pregnancies before modern medicine?

    Years ago I remember a colleague and I read an article about a (15th or 16th century, I think) woman who had been delivered of a multiple pregnancy of "over 100 infants ". We decided that had to have been a molar pregnancy.
  8. Jamesdotter

    Did you contract anything from a patient?

    In nursing school one of my classmates converted to TB positive. She was treated rather aggressively.
  9. Jamesdotter

    Is it legal for your boss to dictate where you poop?

    We had a night nurse who used to use the unit toilet for his morning bm. That was ok, tho a little stinky. What we objected to was that it seemed to take him at least 20 minutes, while others were waiting. There was another bathroom off the unit, about 30 feet away, but he never went there. We did, tho, sometimes!
  10. Jamesdotter

    Nursing, Hurricanes, and Floods.

    My experience wasn't a weather emergency, just a badly designed early 20th century county hospital. How does 90 degrees at the nurses' station sound - at midnight? We coped with wet cloths around our necks and on our patients as well. I'm sure it will be difficult and those of us who are out of the area will be thinking and praying for you and yours.
  11. Jamesdotter

    Where did you start working right after getting your RN license?

    Med/surg/ortho women's unit (it was a county hospital, in the 1960's)
  12. Jamesdotter

    So I thought I would ask if you guys can share...

    I moved because of my husband's job to a small town The (less than 100-bed) hospital needed a night nurse in OB. They hired me when I showed up to apply for a job with my 4-month old son in tow!
  13. Jamesdotter

    More Strange Baby Names

    My dog's groomer is a very pleasant woman named Sunday. My favorite aunt's middle name was Euretta (she hated it "You might as well have named me Urine")
  14. Jamesdotter


    Are you crafty at all? You could knit, crochet, embroider...
  15. Did your NP check your Hb A1C? You might find that a support group such as TOPS or Weight Watchers can help you in your weight loss effort. There are chapters in most areas and both also offer on line support . I admit I'm partial to TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly at tops.org), probably because it's non-profit (and also less expensive!)
  16. Jamesdotter

    Hospice Nursing - Compassionate Care at the End of Life

    A Friend in Need: Randy Cassingham's Blog An interesting blog about a hospice patient in Colorado.