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LindaGracie has 7 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in geriatric, home health.

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  1. LindaGracie

    Patient Died in ER lobby

    Many years ago before I even went to nursing school, my mother-in-law was sitting in the waiting room for migraine type symptoms. There was a gentleman there who had chest pains and N&V and had been waiting about 6 hours. That was an extremely bu...
  2. LindaGracie

    Unemployed 68 yr old NP told she is "too old" for job

    My first career was a counselor. I had worked at the SC department of Vocational Rehabilitation and would routinely get my clients who were nurses hired at the local technical school as instructors. I even got a disabled physician hired teaching. One...
  3. LindaGracie

    Nursing Judgement vs Physician Orders

    That agency sounds very unethical as far as the nursing staff goes. There are plenty of good home healthcare agencies out there. I think I would consider an assignment with one of the other agencies. When I was younger, I tended to be an outspoken ad...
  4. LindaGracie

    RN Jobs That Do Not Require Covid Vaccine

    Hi 10GaugeNeedles, I am glad you shared your concerns. I thought the spike proteins produced by the vaccine was free floating rather than attached to the cells. I know that research on Pfizer indicates immunity wanes considerably (drops to around 50%...
  5. LindaGracie

    RN Jobs That Do Not Require Covid Vaccine

    I know that Bayada doesn't have the vaccine mandate for everyone to be vaccinated. ( You may want to check with some other home health care and hospice agencies in your area. I just started working at a small home health care agency an...
  6. I've had similar experiences with a few people in authority over the decades and have learned that these people tend to have certain characteristics in common. They tend to be micromanagers, take offense if anyone questions them (insecure and misinte...
  7. LindaGracie

    Social Skills Should Be a Bigger Focus in Nursing School

    I agree with you Emergent, I was teased as a child (being a preemie, an identical twin, smallest girl in the class, being delayed in speech & a little slower academically) with the desire to be successful but was socially awkward. I still remembe...
  8. LindaGracie

    Davey Do Toon Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    No Way!!!
  9. LindaGracie

    Does the shot mess with your DNA?

    I was just trying to answer your questions. Since you referred to the vaccine as "poison" I took your comment that you considered the vaccine as "poison". Yes, there are a percentage of healthcare workers who have concerns about the mRNA vaccines. Th...
  10. LindaGracie

    Does the shot mess with your DNA?

    According to your credentials you "Specializes in Critical Care. Has 20 years experience." Do you still work in ICU? Have friends who work in ICU? Share from what you know and have learned about COVID-19. I read everything I get about COVID and the v...
  11. LindaGracie

    Does the shot mess with your DNA?

    I try to educate people on the vaccines but do tell people, "if you are afraid of getting COVID-19 and ending up in the hospital on a ventilator due to high risk medical conditions then you should go ahead and get the vaccine but if you don't want th...
  12. LindaGracie

    COVID Vaccine: False sense of security or green light?

    I can relate to how your parents are feeling a sense of relief after getting the vaccine. I personally have some risk factors and work in home health but one of my client's family doesn't always take the precautions which puts all of us at risk. Also...
  13. LindaGracie

    Depression. Despair. Suicide.

    That would be a HIPAA violation. A major law suit!!
  14. LindaGracie

    Suicidal thoughts every week before first shift

    Psychiatric nursing triggered a major depressive episode for me. It was a toxic work environment. (Yes, as a result I could understand emotionally what a suicidal person was feeling) I ended taking about 3-4 months off. I am coming out of the depress...
  15. I agree this would be the best solution. That way all nurses would be happy with their work hours. Thanks for sharing.