Weekend/Night shifts only- how rare are these opportunities?


OK, so I am just beginning NS but am thinking ahead to scheduling and working around my family schedule. I am interested in the weekend/night shift option that I have heard about from some nurses. They typically work two weekend night shifts and get paid FT. Some have suggested that this is desirable for the hospitals because they have a more difficult time filling those shifts.

Does anyone have experiance with this schedule? Any major concerns? (Other than the obvious of not being around for family weekend stuff) How available are these types of arrangements? Forget about the two nights/FT, and say I worked Fri/Sat/Sun. Is that more available?

Thanks for any input. I'm just processing stuff.

It isn't available here. That 's typically called Baylor hours, or WOW, for work on weekends. One hospital 50 miles away offers it but the spots do NOT come up often.

You should be able to get scheduled for weekends, but as a per diem, without bennies.

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There are a few of these spots offered. Where I work, the weekend pay plan is 3 days a week, you pick the Friday or Monday.

Weekend programs are very popular and nurses tend to stay with them for years, so there are not many vacancies.

Unfortunately, when the economy goes bad, the special pay plans are one of the first things phased out.


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I work weekend special day shift as a new grad. I am required to work every Saturday and Sunday but I'm able to choose whatever other day I want during the week because we self schedule. We get paid 25% more.

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It's not rare in my neck of the woods. Granted, they stopped paying weekend differential a while ago. You can work all nights and all weekends. Since these are typically undesirable shifts it's easy to find an opening.


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Look out for ads in the papers & the internet.

In Australia, when a nursing job is advertised, they would add on additional details like " Night shift Registered Nurses needed on Part Time or Casual basis".

Hope there's something like this in your country


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Ours is weekend plus one. You work every Saturday, Sunday and pick a day during the week. It offers a very high differential.


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You should have NO problem being able to schedule yourself every F/Sa/Sun... Baylor or WOW positions are hard to come by. People don't usually leave those until they retire or drop dead.

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I work baylor--I work 2-12 hour weekend shifts EVERY weekend and get paid for 36 hours a week, so basically full time. My hosp is great as in there are many options for my 2-12s. I typically do Friday/Saturday nights in the winter. Summer I do Sat/Sun nights so I can attend the kids sporting events Friday nights and sat morning. I can also do a Friday night/Sunday day. or Friday night, Sunday night if i have a wedding or family function to attend on saturday...I can do a saturday day, Sunday night..many options so I still feel like I have some sort of a weekend life.

We have 25 staff who work the baylor shift--almost every unit has baylor employees---so that means are traditional M-F employees hardly ever have to work a weekend, maybe one weekend a month?? Ob and ER and ICU M-F staff NEVER have to work weekends. SO it is a win/win for everyone.

Also I can pick up during the week if I so chose...and anything over 40 physical hours is paid to me at time and a half. It really is the best sched to get the highest pay for time worked.


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I'm starting the weekend program next weekend.

Ours is work 36/paid 48. Its every Fri/Sat/Sun or Sat/Sun/Mon with a 6 month contract.

The positions are usually offered few and far between, and most nurses tend to keep them.

In my hospital new grads are not elligible for the position - you must be an nurse for a year or more.

But, as someone else pointed out - you will have no problem Scheduling yourself for weekend days as they are not desirable shifts and most people dont want to work them. You just wont get paid the extra for it.


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I work weekend option day shift as a new grad. First I started precepting during the week (my preceptor's schedule). When I was ready to go on my own I began working every Sat and Sun. I can also pick up an extra weekday shift if I want to. Also, I have to work two holidays a year.

The weekend differential is a little low as I don't get fulltime pay for 24 hours. I do get fulltime benefits though.

I love the schedule as it is a good fit in my life right now. I signed a year contract.


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Hmm I thought these shifts wouldn't be that hard to come by since so many people like to have their weekend nights free to spend with family or friends. I see I was wrong.

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