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  1. Worst Case Scenarios and Emergency Situations

    epiglottitis :) Pedi emergency...big time...
  2. New grad RN wanting to relocate to Houston

    I used to live in Houston, and I dont think its the best time for a new grad to look for jobs.. Reason being, is that all new grad internships are in Jan and June. You just missed the June ones, (for the May graduates), as all interviews were done a ...
  3. $100,000 in student loan debt?

    Actually, where I went to school, the vast majority did NOT pay the full tuition price. Nor did anyone in the area. Financial aid was readily available to all of us. I dont know of one person who attended my school, or schools in the surrounding are...
  4. $100,000 in student loan debt?

    The school I attended was 25k a year, 100k total for my BSN. That was without student loans, scholarships, and financial aid. I owed about 30k in loans when i graduated, I think thats pretty good. Most people fail to realize that the vast majority d...
  5. Got fire because manager said I need some critical thinking

    OP: I just read this entire thread, and I am sorry you were fired, but I commend you on being able to speak 4 languages. With that being said, you do need to take a course to brush up your english, so that you can be more understood. For your assess...
  6. BEFORE you look into this, please realize something. The reason any hospital in the Valley (border of Mexico and texas), is willing to pay such huge sign on bonuses is b/c they are extremely desperate for nurses. The working conditions are terrible t...
  7. SNOTTY MA claiming to be a nurse!!!!

    What a very smart 4 year old!! I would have died laughing to have heard a child say those words.. Thank you for teaching her !!! And, that MA was completely uncalled for. And to say that if you were a great nurse you wouldnt be there?? Um, does she n...
  8. $125.00 for a nursing license???

    65$ every 2 years in Texas..
  9. Nurse Practioner schools around Houston, TX area???

    I have friends who graduated from TWU's NP program, and who have nothing but good things to say about it. The same goes for UT's NP program - nothing but good things to say about it. Good luck!
  10. Can a student in a BSN program get there LVN?

    Best way to get your answer is to contact your state BON. The ability to get ones LVN varies state to state. Curious, why dont you want to work as a CNA? You'll get more hospital experience and be more prepared to work in the hospital when you obtain...
  11. There are plenty of other students out there who would do anything to become a nurse and would be smart enough to not drink and show up for a physical. If you are dumb enough to show up to a physical drunk, you don't deserve to have one of those cove...
  12. Has anyone relocated as a GN to Texas?

    Lol.. Oh how I could echo your post.. I moved to Houston as a GN From PA as well, 3 1/2 years ago due to hubbys job transfer. My one recommendation : Get a job before you move down here!!! Have something lined up and accepted.. I came down in Sept, a...
  13. Houston RN pay?

    Methodist have a pedi section?? Know anything about it??
  14. Houston RN pay?

    Welcome to Houston! Methodist is apparently a great hospital system to work for, and receives rave reviews from everyone. I do not work there, but many people that do are very happy there. Also, if you come to the med center, take into acct that you...
  15. He doesn't realize my dreams

    I'm thinking its possible, but only on a VERY strict budget...and assuming you have no other bills (car/cell/cc's/etc) at 8$ an hour, thats 320$ a week working 40 hours/wk. 320$ x 4 weeks is 1280$ a month. Lets say less taxes you bring home 1000 a...