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  1. Anyone applying to Catholic University next year or sometime in the near future? Has anyone gone to CU nursing program or know anything about it? I'm thinking about applying there. TIA
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  3. by   Ausculapius
    Im also looking for this information! Let me know if you find out anything :wink2:
  4. by   FutureNurseSaga
    I was thinking about it until I noticed the cost of tuition.
  5. by   RNNPICU
    I graduated from there, it is a tough program but you get a good education
  6. by   KFerg09
    I've known a few people who went through the program and they liked it a lot.
  7. by   anggelRN
    I currently go to Catholic. Do you have any specific questions you want me to answer about the school?
  8. by   mwk7m
    Just watch that now you need TWO chem courses! I was planning on applying there for next year, but had only taken one chem, so oops, Catholic was off my list! I have a good friend who just graduated and is already working at GW - she had great things to say, although she didn't pass her NCLEX the first time.

    Good luck!
  9. by   JunebugRN28
    I know this an old forum, but I'm just wondering about the quality of education at Catholic. I am new to the area, and thinking about applying for the pediatric NP program at Catholic. Any help/insight about the school would be appreciated.
  10. by   dlrosenRN
    I know this is an old forum but am really curious to know more about students experience in the program? Do you feel you get enough time in the simulation labs? What are your schedules like? Where do most students live? What are clinical experiences like? How supportive are the staff?

    Any information will be greatly appreciated... thank you!
  11. by   msdc2011
    Hey, so I realize that you last posted your questions in feb. but I just graduated from Catholic this May with my BSN. I was the first class to go through their new program, however they are constantly changing it and for the better I think. The staff is amazing, really supportive especially as you move through to your junior and senior years. You don't really get much control over your schedule tho, I remember sitting down in orientation, and getting handed my four year plan minus my four electives. The trouble with the electives is the nursing classes have only 1 section and meeting during that time only so you have to plan the electives around clinicals/class so sometimes you don't get the ones you want.
    I found it easier to live on campus for all four years because I didn't bring my car down at all, and we have a metro stop right on campus which made getting to clinical easier, and we had clinical sites in maryland and virginia as well as DC. Otherwise, our class got good with carpooling.
    Unfortunately I didn't get as much experience in the sim lab as I would have liked, however on the last day of one of our senior classes we got to sit down with the people who put the program together to talk about what we thought would be helpful for future nursing classes. One of things we told them was more time in the sim lab, and they have listened to our class about other advise about the program when our grade was the first to go through some other changes as well, so that will probably be integrated soon.
    I hope this helped, although not sure if this information is coming to late for what you need it for, goodluck!!!

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